I’m never going to get any sewing done ever again since I seem to be wasting all my free time looking at the photo pool.  Mr Rae says I’m spending too much time on the computer.  And working with computers is his chosen profession.

Oh man I can’t believe this.  I spent all this time selecting these awesome pictures from the Celebrate the Boy! Photo Pool and then the mosaic maker deleted my link list.  OK, well if one of these is your picture, claim it in the comments!

If you’ve made a 90 minute shirt (I HAVE! but it’s February and I live in Michigan so pictures might have to wait awhile…) or anything else from MADE put it in Dana’s you MADE it pool!

Over at MADE today is Dana’s most excellent tutorial on easy fabric dyeing, and there’s still time to enter LieR’s awesome silhouette tote giveaway over at ikatbag (giveaway closes Sunday night at 12 PM EST)!

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11 Responses to ooh la la

  1. saganaga says:

    nice collection of photos, thanks for adding mine :)

    the red & yellow knit octopus was made by me :)

  2. Walter's mom says:

    Thanks for including my photo! The story dice were made my me, blogged here: http://wbtalltales.blogspot.com/2009/12/story-dice.html

  3. Lettie says:

    Hey – that's my little boy! :)

    (green and white striped hat with matching shorts)

  4. Sylvia says:

    yay!! that's my bright red 90 minute shirt up there! thanks for adding. awesome awesome stuff!!
    (i spend way too much time BROWSING stuff instead of making stuff…. :( ( )

  5. Mirre says:

    I'm really enjoying Celebrate the Boy!
    The woolly hat was made by my mother for my son :)

  6. Liam's Mummy says:

    I recognise the Downtown Boy Jacket (bottom, second from the right) from Make It Perfect


  7. KID, MD says:

    My guy is in there, too – well, his pants anyway. Thanks for including us! We are the red pants on the bottom row. More info here – http://katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com/2010/02/stash-question-and-ottobre-012009-21.html

  8. kleiosbelly says:

    Thanks for featuring my pics!

    Instructions to make your own playmat (top, left) can be found here: http://kleiosbelly.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/christmas-prezzies-7-finale/

    And the "What's for dinner, Frost?" soft book is here:

    A great theme for the month! How about crafting for *men* next? So far, it's been easy to think of presents for my little nephew, but the men in my life are tough!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Would love to know who make the red and white striped jumper with matching hat. It's ADORABLE! Is there a tutorial out there for this??

  10. rb says:

    Great collection! Thanks for adding my red and white striped preemie outfit. I love making preemie clothing, especially for tiny boys!


  11. make it perfect says:

    Cute pics!

    Mine is the checked jacket on the bottom row – thanks for including me Rae!


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