It can get a little cool in our house in winter. I’d been noticing that after bath time E was shivering up a storm. It was time to whip up this double-layered fleece bathrobe for him:
of course that’s a paper towel tube… (!?)

The pattern here is KwikSew 3509 for toddlers and it comes in sizes 1T-4T. I’ve used KwikSew patterns quite a few times before and I think they do a nice job making simple, basic patterns. No frills, just easy, basic sewing. This bathrobe is a cinch to make. Honestly there’s not much to say here because it’s was kindof a no-brainer, but sometimes those are the best, y’know?

One reason I like Kwiksew in general is that they actually use what I consider to be “normal” sizing for kids; none of this S/M/L/XL stuff for toddlers and babies like Butterick and McCalls. What does that even mean? Am I the only person who finds this completely confounding? What is an XL baby, I’d like to know?

I also really like that the pattern pages are made of heavy paper so they’re easy to trace and are single-sided so I can cut out the largest size and use it multiple times. I think the instructions are easier to follow than most commercial patterns (but I’m actually not sure if that’s just how I perceive it because the overall quality of the packaging is so much higher than your standard tissue issue that I’m just biased off the bat).

It took me about an hour to cut out all the pieces and a few more hours to assemble it. The topstitching on the fleece adds a nice finish.

you get a little peek at those owl and pussycat PJs in this picture

I procured this fleece in person at Field’s, a chain of fabric stores located in West Michigan. Fleece is something that I personally will probably never purchase online; you just can’t really tell what you’re getting unless you’re there in person. After a few bad quality issues with JoAnn fleece, I also now avoid  craft superstore fleece at all costs. This leaves me with few options, so I was lucky that Mr Rae looked the other way when we had to stack so much fleece between the carseats that it was higher than the children after visiting relatives in West Michigan for Christmas. I figured it would add extra padding in case of a crash. Now I’m stocked until next year.

I noticed that Soulemama made a couple of bathrobes for her sons recently too, so it seems I’m not the only one with bathrobes on the brain. Has anyone else out there been making bathrobes? I think it’s a great sewing project for boys!

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23 Responses to Kwiksew Fleece Bathrobe!

  1. Jodi says:

    I made fleece bathrobes for my boys (and girl) for Christmas with cheapie fleece and a mccalls pattern. They were such a fun and easy project.

    I love how lush your fleece looks and that pattern is really lovely. I'll have to check it out when the kids need to move up in sizes.

  2. Kathy says:

    The robe is adorable! I used to shop at Fields when I lived in Michigan. I sure miss it b/c now I only have the big chain stores like JoAnn, etc. I just found your blog . . love it as I have 4 boys . . it's nice to see what you can sew for boys (although mine are bigger!)

  3. eatmoresmores says:

    Great idea! I'm bookmarking this.

  4. Holly says:

    I love your striped fleece. I made my son a bathrobe last year, also after noticing the post-bath shivering, but we almost never remember to go get it from upstairs. I did make my husband a modifed bathrobe recently that we call the "Shruggie." It looks ridiculous, but it does the trick.

  5. lizajane says:

    So cute! I made the tiniest bathrobe ever for a friend's new baby. It's flannel lined with the softest micro fleece. It was so much fun making a mini version. I want to make one in my size now.

  6. Emily says:

    What a great robe! Love the stripes. I'll have to look into kwiksew patterns, despite the fact that I don't like how they spell their name.

  7. Jill says:

    YES! I make fleece robes for the whole family. The only change – I make them zippered fronts. Why? Because every year we crash at gma and gpa's beach condo in the winter time. The 'indoor' pool requires that we trek outside!! BRRR. The zipper keeps everything closed while trying to handle all the pool necessities for 3 kids… I just modify a robe similar to yours. And Wonder tape is a MUST for zippers on fleece!

  8. Cinnamon says:

    Any chance someone could tell me what quality fleece is like? All I have is a Joann's where I live so I have nothing to compare to.

  9. Anshu says:

    Hey, I just finished making bathrobe for myself, and I come and see this post of yours.

  10. Meg says:

    I have actually been meaning to get on making a robe for my son. I really need to since he hates clothes and has outgrown his robe he can run around in the robe with a diaper! Thanks for the inspiratioN!

  11. Nikkee says:

    I actually have a tutorial for making a bathrobe for a baby out of an old towel on my blog =)

    bathrobes are fun and easy to make! <3

  12. Max California says:

    Sooo cute! I love the random prop!

    I had no idea there was a bathrobe pattern for tots! I ended up making my own! ahahha

    It is black and has eyeballs on it, cause that's how I roll… hahaha

  13. kendascrafts says:

    I used the same pattern for a robe for my son for Christmas. I love it! I used the Eric Carle brown bear flannel for the outside and a solid for the lining.

  14. erinairout says:

    I literally live within walking distance from one of the Field's Fabrics stores – and this is dangerous!! I love this fabric store. Such a nice small local place to find great fabric!

  15. Livia says:

    That robe is too cute!

  16. Danielle says:

    SO Adorable! What type of needle/stitch length do you use with fleece? I had a difficult time trying to sew fleece recently, thread breaking, etc.

    Thanks for any suggestions…

  17. Cristin says:

    LOVE that bath robe! Very cool!

  18. chole says:

    Hi Rae! I just love your blog, so full of great ideas, just add this bathrobe to the list!

    Also, my boys LOVE paper towel tubes. and growing up, it was a "toy" worth fighting over according to my husband. They called them "doot-da-doos". For realsies. And um, he's in his 30s so, yeah, no, not a depression baby or anything. :D

  19. small + friendly says:

    So cool! I recently made a bathrobe for my son, and he loves it!
    But now I really wish it had a hood – oh well next time!

  20. ghislaine says:

    I have been looking for bathrobe patterns for a while and haven't found anything good. Thanks for sharing the pattern source! My 3 year old likes wearing his bathrobe too and I really wanted to make one for him.

  21. Rachael says:

    I’m in Austin area (Taylor) and I was just about to go to JoAnn’s to get fleece for robes! :/ Is there any other local place you’d recommend for fleece?

    • Rae says:

      Hi Rachael:
      Unfortunately I really do not have any other sources for good fleece! I wish i had something I could recommend, sorry!! :)

  22. stephanie says:

    I also love Field’s fabrics! Sometimes you can even find Malden Mills fleece which is the best you can buy!!! (If you’re a diaper makin’ momma) I need a robe by the weekend and this is not a good time of year to find one so I guess I’ll just make one! Love your projects and blogs!!

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