Charlie Tunic Winners!

Here are the three four winners of the Charlie Tunic Giveaway:

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Sisterino said…
I would make some sweet short sleeved ones for a couple of darling little girls in my life!

oops counted wrong! So Misty gets one too!!

Misty said…
I would love to win this pattern! I could make one for my one year old son and a girly one for my 2 yr old daughter. So many possibilites! I love the long sleeves, but the short sleeves would be great for summer. I can’t decide! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!!

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LisaReub said…
Oh yes please! Pretty please with cute whales on top! πŸ˜‰
I’d start with a short sleeved version for my adorable little cousin. I think I’d go with some cool linen for the main fabric and some lovely small scale print for the collar.
Thanks for the nice giveaway and another week of boy goodness!

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Britt said…
I have a 19 month old I think i would go with a long sleeve tunic with the some crazy boy fabric for the trim and a solid center. maybe make some shorts that match that could be fun. I hope i get to make it.

Winners, please look for your pattern download link via email. Enjoy your Charlie Tunics and be sure to add them to the Rae Made Me Do it pool so we can enjoy them along with all of the other great versions of Charlie that have been popping up in the pool:

1. Charlie Tunic Julius, 2. Charlie Tunic Sinne, 3. charlie tunic, 4. Charlie Tunic, 5. 5-28-2011 001, 6. Charlie Tunic

On a totally random tangent (har har), I finally figured out how to get the little box images into a post. I’m not sure this is the easiest way but everyone else seems to include them in their giveaway winner announcement post and I was feeling really daft as I couldn’t figure it out. On a Mac it turns out to be three one (thanks Ashley!!!) really easy step :

SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 gives you a cursor that you drag across the part of the screen you want to save; click to save it.

And on a non-Mac (thanks Sascha!!! I love how everyone pitches in and helps around here!!):
start menu > programs > folder accessories > snipping tool

1. SHIFT + COMMAND + 3 takes a picture of your screen. Open that picture using Finder.
2. Use your cursor to select the box, then press COMMAND + K to crop.
3. Then save by pressing SHIFT + COMMAND + S

That also works by the way, it’s just not as fast.

Anyway. Have a great weekend everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Charlie Tunic Winners!

  1. Hey Rae! Also, you can use shift+command+4 and you can select what you want to take a picture of (saves having to crop it later!)

  2. I'm laughing about including the thingy because I wondered how to also when I had a giveaway and my husband said "just use your snipping tool, duh"

    I'm all, huh? Duh? What is a snip it tool? For us non Mac losers, I mean users (sorry, can you tell I want a Mac pretty badly?), you go to start menu > programs > folder accessories > snipping tool.

  3. Yay! I won! Thank you so much!!!! I downloaded the pattern and I can't wait to make one! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh yay! Thanks for posting my little pic of Alice enjoying her new tunic (and a bicycle pump) – feel like a celebrity! xx

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