And another project just for me, this red gathered skirt with covered buttons and pockets.



Made with a very breezy-flowy Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in the color called Persimmon. It’s pretty lightweight but with a slip and black tights I think I’ll be able to make it work through at least October.


If you click on the picture above you can really see the two colors of thread in the weave. I love the visual textures that shot cottons have just from those two different colors.



Covered buttons make me happy. Not when I’m making them. Just when I’m looking at them later.

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I feel that sewing apparel for myself in solids tends to be more rewarding; the items are more likely to find something in my wardrobe to coordinate with (like the top I’m wearing in the pictures above from Anthro). BUT it’s always really hard to buy solid fabrics online, since you can’t feel the drape or thickness. So I try to stick with fabrics I can predict, and I’m always happy with the KF shots (the fabric here was purchased from Pink Castle, a quick check shows a few more here at Charmstitch). They are almost sheer and have a really nice drape and are really soft. I also love this men’s shirt Novita at very purple person made for her husband out of the same fabric!


Pattern is a bunch of rectangles with pockets thrown in. Took my waist measurement, did a little Maths (you’re welcome for that link), and POOF! *OK not really*


How does she always manage to do that? It’s hard to keep the toddlers out of the pictures around here.

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24 Responses to Persimmon Skirt with covered buttons

  1. cate says:

    I love those pockets and would love to know how you did them. I’ve been eyeing that shot cotton for a while so thanks for describing it so well. It sounds great for apparel sewing.

  2. SAmantha Spaulding says:

    Super cute!

  3. Melanie says:

    I love shot cottons too. So drapy and I think they behave a little more like apparel fabrics than quilting.

  4. Elli says:

    Love the skirt, love the creepy hand shirt, love the hair too! Hoping you’ll bring this outfit when you visit in October so I can steal it out of your suitcase :D

  5. Sascha says:

    Oh there is that top! I so resisted buying it at Anthro. Looke like it matches the green skinny jeans you have too. Love the feel of the fabric. Such a nice drape. The skirt rocks too. Love it. Lately I have been determined to start sewing for myself. We’ll see how that turns out. At least I’ve committed to buying adult patterns. That’s a start.

    Oh, adult patterns sounds kind of sleezy. Patterns for misses.

  6. LauraD says:

    Any advice for covered buttons? I’ve been having no end of difficulties lately! The last dress I made with them, two buttons had the shank pop off before the dress was ever worn!

    • Rae says:

      Hmmm, Laura, unfortunately I won’t be much help. I find them confounding as well, although I’ve never had any trouble making them stay together…my problem is more getting the fabric to stay hooked on those little teeth. That makes me totally crazy. :)

  7. Oh how I love thee skirt!
    It looks just like something I would wear! Love the whole outfit!!!
    You are very clever Rae ;o)

  8. Patty says:

    LOVE IT and I espeically love the button details!

  9. Max says:

    Oh I love this skirt Rae! I love skirts with pockets and you’re right, solid coloured basics are really important. But making myself plain black or white singlets to go with all my pretty skirts and shorts is such a drag!

  10. Roslyn says:

    Really pretty! Great colour!

  11. Pam Pike says:

    Very cute. I love the pockets and the top stitching.

  12. Heather Gimenez says:

    Love it!! Such a cute little fabulous skirt.

  13. anna says:

    you’re killing me, i love this. Just loaded up on some shot cottons a couple weeks ago at my lqs, I feel really lucky they have so many choices. :)

  14. Aubrey M. says:

    This skirt is SUPER cute. Love it! And love to know that the fabric is awesome. I may have to make one of these. Oh, and thanks for the “Look Around You” video. Being a former Maths teacher myself, I really enjoyed it. And promptly solved all three problems. I hope I win the computerized toast system!

  15. Emilie says:

    And did you sew 40 skirts during the night before the ball? hahaha what a crazy video!
    Great skirt and the fabric is really exquisite.

  16. Kelly says:

    SO super cute!!! I love it, and your yellow voile top also. I need to make more clothes in solids, I am definitely going to check out the shot cottons :)

  17. Kelly says:

    Oh, and could we talk you into a tutorial for the skirt? (In your spare time, ha)

  18. Dacia says:

    super super cute! i love that anthro top–had my eye on it but I really have to limit the amount of animal print in my wardrobe. i have a hard time not buying it. same thing with animal-inspired artwork on my walls. i’m just drawn to it! looks great on you!

  19. Monica says:

    This skirt is amazing, I wish I could tell how you put it together!

  20. Chandelle says:

    I love this! Wishing there was a pattern for it :)

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