Shop handmade for the holidays with Made By Rae sellers!

It’s not too late to shop online for the holidays (or heck, for yourself)! I’ve been working on updating my Made By Rae sellers lists (they’re listed below) so I thought I’d showcase a few of the great items available from the talented group of indie crafters who are licensed to sell things with my patterns! From time to time I get requests for ready-made items from one of my patterns, and since I don’t have time to sew them up myself, I always send people over to the sellers lists. Supporting these shops is a great way to give handmade, especially if you don’t have time to sew it yourself!


1. Toddler Airplane Backpack by Zaaberry 2. Tutti Frutti Big Butt Baby Pants by Wee See Three 3. Winter Buttercup Bag by Handmade Therapy  4. Baby Boy Charlie Tunic by Honey Baby 5. Tropic of Aqua Buttercup Bag by CitricSugar Handmade 6. The Showoff Bag by hollyberrydesigns 7. Linen Big Butt Baby Pants by beatmckinley 8. OOAK Itty Bitty Baby Dress by The House of Random


1. Handmade Buttercup Bag by Anna in Chautauqua 2. Train Toddler Backpack by Josh & Teo 3. Woodland Tunic Dress by Mira & Westie 4. Adorable Baby Pants by Mister Prickle Pants 5. Urban Whales Big Butt Set by Lavender Bird Creations 6. Isabel Buttercup Bag by A Stone’s Throw  7. Juicy Jungle Backpack by teacher mom 8. The Compliment Lickety Split Mini by Handbag Chronicles

Want to see more? Here are all the Made By Rae Sellers Lists:
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Happy shopping!

PS. For more information on the Seller’s Program, click here for more information than you could ever need!

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