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My friend Beth (of Sew Mama Sew) is running Summer Camp Adventure Club, an online club for roughly preschool to 3rd grade-aged kids (though that’s not a strict range…certainly kids of all ages would enjoy the fun activities) that looked so fun I just signed up for the entire summer. I should have posted about this earlier so you guys would have more time to check it out. BUT. it’s not too late to sign up. There are three separate sessions over the course of the summer (June, July, August) so you can sign up for later in the summer if your schedule is more open…but access to the first one starts June 1. Activities are posted daily starting this coming week, and of course you can do the activities whenever you want. I love the flexibility. I am also amazed at Beth. What a cool “curriculum” (can you tell she’s a former teacher?)!

Sure we run around alot in the summer, but there are plenty of days where I don’t have the energy to do anything and we putter around the house. I’m looking forward to having a bundle of awesome easy activities at my fingertips to keep the kids busy and happy.

Check out the Summer Camp Adventure Club website for more information. Hope you’ll be joining me!

PS. The only thing I received in return for writing this post was an email from Beth informing me about the camp and asking for help promoting it. I think it’s a great idea. I bought all three sessions as a bundle, which gave me a little discount (yay!) and I thought some of you might like to know about it too.

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  1. We just signed up for June. I hope she keeps the registration open and if we like it as much as I think we will, we’ll sign up for the other months as well.

  2. Thanks for the tip — I just signed up for the whole summer! I work full-time, but I need ideas and activities for my mother-in-law to do with my 1-year-old and 3-year-old during the day. By the time I get home, I’m too fried (not to mention lacking in experience) to dream them up. Nothing like an educator with a master’s in elementary ed to do it for me!

  3. I signed up after hearing about it earlier this week – I am pumped! I just signed up for June so far, but if my kids are into it, I’ll definitely get the other months. Seems like a great idea.

  4. I was looking at this yesterday. I really want to try it, but I’m not sure since we’re Australian and we’re totally on the flip side haha. Vince is three, and we do a lot of activities, but I wasn’t sure if some of these would be too advanced for him {He’s pretty smart though} or if they really are like SUMMER activities, it’s getting pretty darn cold here now.

  5. Thank you-both!! Now we won’t aimlessly wander thru the summer and wonder where the time went. I’m also hoping having a clear direction and plan will help with the fighting that comes from boredom. I had already planned to have more of a schedule for this summer but this gives us something to do during those times and some variety. Just buying workbooks is not enough because I do not have the creativity to put it together with crafts or books, etc. Now I will look like an awesome mom that knows how to engage her kids. THank you!!!

  6. Hi Rae,

    This looks fabulous for my youngest! Thanks for sharing – I just registered for June.

    We are headed up to Glen Arbor tomorrow for 9+ weeks. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! Look us up if you ever wander NW:)

    • Take good care of our Berry, Rae! I think it’s awfully generous of me to loan her to you for the WHOLE SUMMER, since we’ll miss her horribly. Will hope for photos of all the things people do in the Mitten State when it’s sunny and warm out!

      We signed up for the whole summer of Adventure Camp–seemed like too good a deal to pass up. And with vacation starting today with a vengeance (but plenty of deadlines left on my plate), I think I’m about to be REALLY glad we did. :)

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