On the Sixth Day of Christmas [NOW CLOSED]

Thanks for entering! This giveaway is now closed, but you can come back tomorrow morning for another lovely giveaway!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….six geese a-laying, five golden rings, four colly birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree!

….and Rae gave to me a Flashback Skinny Tee Pattern!  Today’s giveaway is for the 12 month – 5T size (You can probably guess without thinking too hard what tomorrow’s giveaway will be!).


This is a go-to pattern on so many levels.  Not only is it a great way to practice sewing with knit fabrics; it’s proven to be even more versatile than what I imagined.  You’ve made it into pj’s, costumes, dresses, cardigans… the list goes on. You can practice your embroidery and applique skills on it, and it’s a great pattern to upcycle adult shirts into little person shirts and dresses!  Here’s a little inspiration:


1. magic trick , 2. t-shirt reconstruction, 3. gathered, 4. shirt dress

(All photos are from the Flashback Photo Pool on Flickr)

Remember to leave one comment on this post before 9 pm EST tonight for your chance to win the pdf of this awesome tee pattern. We’ll randomly select and contact the winner who will receive a PDF copy of the Flashback Skinny Tee Sewing Pattern in sizes 12mo-5T by email; all winners will be posted at the end of this series. Void where prohibited by law.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Six more days of Christmas pattern giveaways left…so see you tomorrow!!

273 thoughts on “On the Sixth Day of Christmas [NOW CLOSED]

  1. Oh how I love these days of The Giveaway! :) Thanks for doing that! And of course I would love to win this pattern, I have three girls who go through shirts like crazy.

  2. That is the perfect chance to recycle all those huge old jumpers and sew some really flashy shirts for my 4-year old son! Thanks for your this great inspiration.

  3. I really love those pippi and rainbow bright shirts you have pictured! And I’d love a copy of this pattern!!

  4. My kids always need more tees. And I need to make a dent in the pile of adult tees sitting in the fabric cupboard.

  5. I would love to make these for my children! It’d be perfect as they are 5,4,2, and 1 years old… the pattern could be used for all of them!

    Pick me!!!

  6. I just finished going through clothes to give away and I have a few tshirts I just can’t part with, but are still way too big for my daughter. This would be a great idea of what to do with them!

  7. I love this pattern and I just received a serger and some knits for xmas – perfect to try out together! And thank you for showing my Washi Showoff Bag in your post yesterday!

  8. I would love to win this pattern! I have 2 slim little boys who swim in the store bought shirts that I think this pattern would be perfect for! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Such a fab pattern…. got two girlies who so need me to do some sewing first them and this would be great :-)

  10. This is an awesome pattern- It’s been on my list…. been wavering between this size set (for my 2yo) or the larger one (for my 4yo).

  11. Have been a big admirer-er of this pattern from afar for a long time! I was waiting for my baby to get big enough to sew it for her and she’s just about there now! Hope I win!!! :)

  12. Sewing on knits is on my list of things to do, I’ve even bought knits but have chickened out. This is what I need to begin. Thanks for you generosity.

  13. Wow this would be a lot of fun to try for my son, because he’s getting to the age where his arms are too long for 4T clothes, but he swims in 5T. I’d really like to make some custom fitting stuff for him.

  14. Thank you for a great giveaway! This pattern would get lots of use in my home with my soon to be 4 children! I’ve been stocking up on old tshirts…. Just need the pattern now!

  15. I’ve been holding off on buying this pattern until I have time to use it right away. If I win, I’ll just have to make time!

  16. Lovely! I have enjoyed seeing how other people interpret this pattern. And one of my NYR is to learn to sew knits.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I will say this is probably my favorite pattern of yours – although your latest – the mini washi – is definitely giving it a run for it’s money!

  18. Would love this! I’ve been making some PJs for my little guy and just winging the shirt, but haven’t been happy with how it has turned out.

  19. Ooo I know you said they’ll just keep coming, but really – they.just.keep.coming! Loving all these patterns and *loving* that you are so generous with the give-aways :)


  20. I LOVE working with knits! This was the one I’ve been waiting for! Among few others… Again, thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  21. I would love to win this one! I’m not super comfortable with knits yet, so I think this would be a great place to practice. :)

  22. I love your patterns! I would love to make these for all my grandchildren.
    Thanks for that giveaway – would love to win!

  23. I just cut out my first project out of knit fabric. Can’t wait to tackle it and add another one to my list!

  24. love this one and would love to make it for my children and others. Your fabric choices etc always make me smile!

  25. Oh wow! I totally want one of these! I just found some knit that’s aching to be upcycled into a flashback tee. :-)

  26. I’d love to win this pattern! Thanks for doing this giveaway. I made a geranium dress for my niece. It’s perfect. I’m so in love with the pattern.

  27. Oh this one would be fabulous! I am making all of our youngest daughter’s pj’s, since I found out that flame retardant {found in most store bought PJs} can affect the endocrine system, and she is having problems growing {which is an endocrine problem}. This pattern would be a great help!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for my first foray into sewing knits – would be great to win it.

  29. Oh, I would love to win this. I have been meaning to pick this up anyways. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  30. AHA! The pattern I have been waiting for! So much better than 6 geese! Unless you are really into geese….
    Thanks for the fun give-away idea, Happy New Year!

  31. Wow!! Really want to start playing with knits and would love this pattern for my two little girls :-) xx

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