Overslept this morning, completely forgot to set my alarm. Missed Elliot’s bus and had to drive him to school, making him eat a banana in the car. He made it a few minutes after the bell rang, and then I had to bring Clementine to preschool. I was ten minutes late for yoga. Does the way your morning starts out influence your whole day? I hope not, but suspect so.

Why am I the only person who falls over and giggles in yoga class? Everyone is so serious. Also: It is never not funny how yoga makes people fart.

I mention yoga only because I am v. proud of self for finally signing up for a class that will (hopefully) get me back into shape this year (ahem this would be the same reason I instagram my running shoes every time I go running, once every two months), not because I want to give anyone else an inferiority complex. It’s been too long since I exercised regularly. Believe me when I say that my midsection has been a flabby mess for the past six years.

Today is one of those days that I feel completely overwhelmed by blogging and everything else I do here, probably because I spent the past hour looking at Alt Summit pictures and posts and comparing myself to everyone and everything and coming up short, every time (for those who don’t know, Alt Summit is an amazing blogger’s conference that I miss every year, mostly because I am not with-the-program enough to pay attention to when it is, much less register before it sells out every year. Also: everyone is so well-dressed and made up….ack…did I mention I’m falling short in my self-comparisons today?).

I think I made a breakthrough on bedtime-related-angst last night by allowing Clementine and Elliot to read for a half hour in their room before lights out instead of just doing the normal stories, song, prayers, lights-out routine. They are super cute lying side by side in Elliot’s bed while he reads Berenstein Bears’ “Spooky Old Tree” to her. ADORBS.

I have days where I feel like I have a bajillion things to blog about and some days where I feel like I have nothing. Today is a nothing day.

Today I am working on pants. Sewing pants, that is. I will focus on pants and nothing else. I will become the pants. But first I will go have lunch.

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77 Responses to Today’s stream of consciousness

  1. I think nothing days are sometimes the most interesting, I have a list of things in my head that I need to blog about, but never seem to get round to!

  2. Leah says:

    I have those days all the time…I do my best to cut myself some slack and focus on what feels right. Feed and love kids, take time for myself, let the rest go. Tomorrow usually feels so much better. Good luck, fellow Dutch girl!

  3. aprilshowers says:

    I have often thought that If I had a friend in yoga class with me and happened to catch that friend’s eye I would burst out laughing. So it is probably just as well that you and I are not in the same class!

  4. Shanda says:

    Love you for many reasons, but this blog post totally added to those.

  5. Alli says:

    Hee, the yoga farting thing is one of the reasons I’m too shy to try to sign up for a class. I’d totally do it every session! :D

  6. Aoife says:

    I have spent the last few days feeling not a good enough blogger. And been overwhelmed by life since the second week of January! Thank you for making me feel normal again, i.e. I totally relate :)

  7. Allie says:

    Rae! You are so way cooler than all those kids at Alt! It’s nice to hear that some of my favorite bloggers actually were not there. :) Your recaps on quilt market and other sewing events are more interesting than posts about Alt outfits and parties and business cards that other bloggers tend to post afterwards. Going through a lot of bedtime related angst here too, can’t wait til my oldest can read like that :) xo

  8. Kristi says:

    I love your yoga comments. My husband and I do a yoga DVD some evenings and totally crack up when they tell us to ‘look beyond infinity’ and ‘see a blinding flash of light’ (and especially when we do the aptly named ‘wind relieving pose’. But is is always fun! Good for you for going to your class even after your rough start.

  9. victoria says:

    I hear you about yoga farts and the seriousness of it. I spend the ENTIRE class comparing myself to everyone else there. Not helping my efforts to relax and let go. Too bad you don’t live in Vancouver. We could go together and shakes things up a bit. Enjoy your day! Namaste.

  10. Krissy says:

    Ha Ha! I’m still a faithful reader so you must be doing something right. I have those days too where I just don’t feel like I measure up. Good luck with the pants (and lunch) :) !!

  11. Jane says:

    Yes, unfortunately my morning does often influence the rest of my day. Also, YAY for you trying to get back into an exercise routine! I am doing that too…it is hard to fit in the time for it…but it makes you feel so much better! And, lastly, I feel the same way about ALT…not that I feel like I should be there, I am nowhere big enough for that but…I think it would be fun…but I too look at how amazingly everyone is all pulled together with clothes, jewelry, makeup…the whole shabang…how do they do that? Enjoy those pants that you are making…hope you had a yummy lunch…and that your day brightens a bit. Thanks for this post…it made me smile simply because it is a nice reminder that we are all human and sometimes just have one of those days…

  12. Jodi says:

    I waaaayyy… hear you about feeling not quite cool enough to go to ALT/

  13. Shannon says:

    Did you read my brain today? I’m in the same boat as you. So I will skip to the juicy stuff – what pants you making? I need to make myself pants. Any patterns you’ve loved or have made? xoxoxo wish we could laugh and do yoga together. I’d be soooo in.

    anytime you want to vent you ring me ya hear? <3

    • Rae says:

      hey girl!! Pants, well I’m working on my own pant pattern, I’m not happy with everything else out there (surprise surprise). So we’ll see what comes of that. Same basic pattern I used for the heart pants for Clem that I posted last week if you saw that post.

      You call me, sometime soon, promise??

  14. Deana says:

    ALT Summit crafters are definitely super talented. But, I read your blog every day. Loyal fans = you are super talented too :)

  15. Charlotte says:

    there is a reason why I will never go to yoga again. I am too British to fart in public.

  16. Erin says:

    Sometimes I think, ‘what if every person doing yoga at this exact second farted right now?’ And then I feel better about my day! Oh… And my yoga pants have never.been.to.yoga. :)

  17. Jenna says:

    It’s hard to imaging you falling short in your self-comparisons when you’re such a gorgeous rockstar! I really, really admire you : ) Take care of yourself!

  18. Claudia says:

    Thanks for posting this! You are amazing in all you do! I don’t follow you regularly but certainly am impressed with it ALL! :) I’ve been blogging for 8 years and have never been able to keep up or be “as good” as everyone else. Probably because I get so overwhelmed with it all but you are an inspiration. :) Really.

  19. Aimee Mikl says:

    Ahhh…. Rae you made my day! I am walking out of the house to put my girls on the bus today and the little one throws her self on the floor having a fit. I walked out of the house and yelled to her “you are going to miss the bus” as it pulls up to our driveway. Wow, did I ever see a three year old move like lightening.

  20. Raven says:

    Love you lots!! You silly mamma! Some days are just plain nuts!

  21. angelina says:

    That kind of day just makes you normal and real:)

  22. Rachel says:

    One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard is – “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And it truly is. It may sound weird, but I remind myself all the time that everyone I know is going through some sort of trial (not specifically – I don’t know what they’re going through). I just know that I’m struggling with one thing, and that everyone else is struggling with their own things. It helps me keep things in perspective – we all have trials most suited to us that are going to help us grow. It’s a constant learning curve – I’m always working on it.

    Haha and yes!! Why does yoga make you want to pass gas?! So not fun hahaha.

  23. vero says:

    you’re so cute!

  24. Connie says:

    Even though I have never met you in person, I thought I’d let you know YOU ARE AN AMAZING LADY! Your blog inspires me and your projects are phenomenal. Going to Alt would have been icing on the cake, but there is always next year!!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for your stream of consciousness post. It is good to know that you really are a human. I guess I imagine you as She-Rae (She-Ra). Just know that you are an inspiration and have challenged me to become a better seamstress. I’ve finished my second Washi and feel so empowered about sewing. You did that for me and you don’t even know me! I’m forever grateful.

  26. Leslie R. says:

    How would we know a good day if we didn’t have a few of the blah days sprinkled amongst them. Like you, I’m working on pants today. For me, a day sewing always lifts my spirits.

  27. Marilyn says:

    I enjoy reading your posts. I especially enjoyed reading today’s post. I haven’t been feeling so good these days and you definitely put a smile on my face today. Thanks!

  28. suz says:

    Go yoga. I don’t know why you would feel inferior – your blog is awesome you should be proud!! I have been having heaps of fun with your geranium pattern – made three already!! Have posted about one and will photograph the other two and post soon. I’m also making myself a washi tunic top for my Dad’s 65th birthday bash this weekend! Suz

  29. Heather L says:

    I love yoga! I think it’s great for moms…fitness and calming at the same time! I’ve had a good year at a local studio, but feeling cheap now, I’ve signed up for yogaglo.com. So nice to get a “real” class while still at home, whenever the time suits me. Great search options to for finding all kinds of awesome classes. And farting at home, totally ok. ;) . Look forward to hearing about your pants!

  30. LiEr says:

    Ah, friend. I’ve been having that kind of day this first half of the week. I need endorphins. I don’t have summit envy – but I confess to being irrationally envious of bloggy people who have bright homes that allow for decent winter pictures in January. The husband bought me daylight lamps and sent me links on how to make my own lightbox but I think I’m going to just shine those lamps on my face and try to be happy until summer comes.

    Good for you and the yoga! Go, girl! I am at war with my midsection, too, but my battlefield is the swimming pool. Trying. Trying.

  31. amanda says:

    I loved this post. You go, girlfrieaaaand. I remember taking a yoga class in college and the instructor encouraged us to, if we needed to fart, just let it out. That it was OKAY to fart, and possibly even encouraged. I never could get myself to believe her. I’ve ben on a Jillian Michaels kick myself lately. She’s kind of mean but her workouts are good.

    • Rae says:

      I’ve done JM’s 30 day shred off and on (meaning: one day on, one week off, lolz), but for some reason when i have to be the one to turn on the DVD, it’s less motivating for me. Always something more fun to do!! But yes, she is awesome and when I stick with it for more than one day, I can definitely tell that it makes a difference. Good for you!!!

  32. Hi Rae,
    I just caught on to your site and thought today was a great day to post! I think your work is amazing and can’t wait to look at all the things you have available. I can feel like I am falling short with all the amazing bloggers out there but its easy the “think” everyone is amazing when you don’t often get to see “behind the scenes”. Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes. It makes you that much more fabulous! hope your pants came out the way you wanted!

  33. Lisa Burger says:

    Just a reader, not a blogger, but your honesty is adorable! Makes me like you all the more ;)
    Much Love from SD, CA

  34. Deborah says:

    I could CRY, this is so exactly how I have felt today. Esp the part about not having “it” together & all the comparisons w the people who seem to. It’s been a really down week–reading about your farting yoga class seriously cheered me up. Thanks, Rae, for always helping me find my smile!

  35. KerryQ says:

    I can totally relate to the flab and exercise avoidance. I am so unmotivated! I’m starting my resolutions over for Feb 1! (It’s only 28 days, a good start.)

  36. Christie says:

    I love this post–I don’t love that you are having one of those days, but it’s nice to know people feel the same way sometimes. Totally laughed at the yoga stuff–because my sister and I got intense glaring from the serious yoga-goers, the one time we tried, because we couldn’t stop giggling. Hope your day got better and that you realize how great you are!

  37. My kids had me in tears within half an hour of waking up this morning – not looking forward to the rest of the day. Maybe a positive attitude will turn things around.

    I did a beginner yoga class, and I was the only person that farted in the whole 8 weeks (that I heard), and it was more than once (with stifled giggles). What was wrong with everyone else?

    I regularly compare myself to your wonderful-ness and feel like I don’t measure up (probably doesn’t help, but there you go!).

    Hope tomorrow is a brighter day!

  38. crafterhours says:

    Dude! Yoga farts! I’ve lived my entire life thinking I was the only one who thought of stuff like that! It’s been like a shameful secret. I had to leave a class one time because I imagined a fart during downward facing dog and got the giggles so bad I couldn’t control them. Oh thank you for bringing that topic out into the light! I’m like a prisoner set free. -A

  39. Whoa, I totally think the same thing about err, passing gas and yoga. It is just too funny! I also know what you mean about how the way to morning goes can totally set the tone for the day, I had one of those days monday, and I just wanted to go to bed that night, and wake up with a fresh start the next day! ugh! Love the stream of consciousness!

  40. Jane says:

    Oh, when the kids start to be able to read for themselves is a major breakthrough time! We have ‘quiet reading time’ (QRT) every night which means the kids are sent off at 7pm – story and bed for the smallest but sweet, sweet reading in bed for the bigger kids and even sweeter mama and dada reading/sewing/TV time… aaahhhh :)

  41. Melissa says:

    Can I just say your honesty is so refreshing! You are so “real”. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Monica says:

    Ha funny… I think the start of the day easily sets the tone. Most days. If it helps your inferiority complex, I referred to you as a rockstar today. And my kids played together sweetly just before bed, too. Rare these days, and so, so sweet.

  43. sascha says:

    Yoga farts! I love it when it happens. Not to me of course! Anyhoo… thanks for the post. I Instagram my running progress (or running injuries) mostly for the amazing support out there. Not to brag about my fit self ;) And I really love reading about the real life of fellow bloggers. For 2013 I’m also trying not to get down on myself for my lack of blogging and sewing. I do what is important. I think you do too. That’s why you have such a following. Keep it up.

  44. kristin says:

    due in part to this blog post, i went to yoga tonight for the first time in a year and a half. and though i’ve never actually noticed anyone farting in yoga before, tonight i heard not one but TWO farts. it’s your fault.

    and i know you know i admire and respect you a ton and think you have a great thing going here. keep up the good work, girl!

  45. KR says:

    Ha Ha….yoga doesn’t have to be serious, I came from England to the USA to study to be a yoga teacher and my lovely yoga teacher taught us to laugh in class and that it’s ok, so in my antenatal classes in England I tell the ladies it’s ok to laugh, we still get the work done, but with a grin on our faces :) Everyone thinks they can’t laugh!

  46. Emily says:

    Lol this post made me chuckle. I dont know why everyone is so serious as the gym, I thought exercise made you happy….

  47. Jana says:

    My favorite blog post yet. :) It’s just so real – not that your others are not real, but this one just resonates with me.

  48. tara says:

    I would love someday when I’m done destroying my body by having kids to be able to go to a yoga or pilates class! It wasn’t exactly my dream to have a mushy bag of a tummy at 27. “When you have kids early, your body just springs back much easier!”. Pffft. I cry foul. Lol. The first pregnancy when I was 21 somehow left me looking better than before, but the second one 9 months later just tore everything in my stomach apart and left me……sad. Now I’m pregnant again and wondering what other great things are in store for me at the end of this one. At least the kids are worth it!

    Sometimes we let our three year old stay in her bed with the light on for a little bit after the bedtime routine of stories and prayers etc. She sits there really well and “reads” some books to herself. She always feels like she’s getting an awesome treat when we let her do it.

  49. valeria says:

    Wow, that was nothing… Nothing is never nothing, love nothing…

  50. Mjet says:

    I threw coffee all over myself this morning. Never mind the huge dishes, laundry to fold, loos to clean. Took a long shower and made myself a new cup of coffee. :-)

    Love you Rae!

    Be the pants!

  51. rebecca says:

    Morning Rae, I have to say I read some other blogs but I find myself coming to yours more than anyone because it is so real, so honest and modern momish! You crack me up, I love your style and the fact that you don’t pretend to be perfect– but still manage to run a home, a business, and some truly beautiful art. You are inspiring!! xx Becky

  52. Laura says:

    It’s all a facade, everything we see. I too feel so much pressure to be able to do everything, and be good at it. But the fact is that if you saw me and my family on our evening walk all smiles and Norman Rockwell portrait style you would only be seeing a sliver of truth. You wouldn’t see the pain my marriage is suffering, you wouldn’t know that my house is a MESS, that I didn’t brush my teeth last night, that I yelled at my kids….

    I love reading blogs, but sometimes I have to remind myself that we only see a snapshot of someone. Don’t compare yourself to others, because your have no TRUE idea of whom you are comparing yourself to.

    And I will leave that poor grammar because no one is perfect!

    Thanks for being honest, the blog world needs more of that.

  53. jennifer says:

    if sewing didn’t work out as a main theme for your blog, maybe you could do humor. i loved the part about yoga and farting. never taken yoga, but completely laughing over that.

    • jennifer says:

      and obviously, sewing is working out just great as your blog’s main theme! please don’t take that to mean I don’t love your blog, because I do. I just also love your daily life/funny stories.

      • Rae says:

        haha, no worries Jennifer! I totally knew what you meant. You’re too kind, I’ll remember: comedy is always a backup plan.


  54. Wendy Lou says:

    Regarding yoga: Give status to flatus, and class to gas, and call it a Fart!
    As always I enjoy reading your blog Rae!

  55. Oh, Rae Iloved the Post! Nice to know we are Not alone!
    Keep spirits up!


    Michelle Pohl

  56. April Rhodes says:

    I adore you! thank you so much for this refreshing bit of share.. I so often do the same thing.. comparing, not measuring up.. ugh. Been in that funk too much lately! and haven’t blogged in far too long as well.. blah!
    Good for you for chugging through!!!

  57. liz says:

    you’re cute. love the post.

  58. Max says:

    Rae! Comparing yourself to others might make YOU think you’re coming up short, but you know there are so many of us out here who read your blog who think you are the bees knees? You never come up short for me! I’m like a Made By Rae fangirl. The patterns I own of yours are my favourites, I often think that one day I could go into making patterns, I mean i DID study pattern-making, but then I think about all the grading and digitalising and well, I’m glad that YOU are doing it for us :)

    you’re amazing Rae, and you are doing a bloody good job of this blog & those gorgeous kids of yours.

    You should write down everything you have accomplished since you started this blog, and that lovely long list will show you that you are your own worst enemy! ahha

    We love you Rae <3

  59. Tina says:

    Don’t put yourself down, girl :)

  60. meg says:

    wanna go to alt with me next year? whatthehell….

  61. Jodi says:

    so nice to read a post that sounds like my life. i never get done all the stuff i want or need to, i have sewing projects that the kids have grown out of before the cut pieces are sewn together. (toddlers grow fast)
    cuddles and nothing days are always more important than ….well anything
    too soon little ones will be big and then the dusting and closet organizing will get done

  62. Melissa Q. says:

    Oh!! Thank you for this post!! You are one of those people that I compare my own self to and it’s so refreshing to know you have those days, too. Ah, the human in all of us. I’ve had a MONTH of blah, nothing days and comparing myself and other icky stuff. And, I’m finally realizing that this is called ‘processing’ and I come out of it more creative and revived. The creative process is a b*tch sometimes.

  63. Laura J. says:

    I hope you know that there are very few bloggers (who I follow anyway) that post open, honest, REAL momma snippets like this, and it ALWAYS makes them my favorites. I love it when you’re just like the rest of us!

  64. Shannon LKG says:

    Your transparency is always so refreshing. Laughter is like medicine. (Falling over in yoga class is a hoot!)

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