Rae’s pattern in a Book and other updates

Some randomness today to prove I’m still here, puttering away…

New Book Alert:
The folks responsible for “One Yard Wonders”, a compilation sewing book due out this October, finally released a cover shot and a peek at some projects on their FB page this week so you can hop over and have a look! I submitted a couple of patterns on a whim last fall, and it looks like at least one got in (the summer nighty, below). YAY! I’m extra pumped because it’s got 101 (!) projects in it. SO appealing to the Dutch girl in me. I’m very excited and proud to say I’m going to be “published!”

: : A new pattern by me! In a book! : :

(Image by One Yard Wonders, Storey Publishing)

Lickety Split Bag Pattern Update: I am SO close to being finished! All of the pattern pieces are finished, the instructions are almost done, and the cover sheet is ready to go. So…it should be available soon. And from the number of emails I’m getting asking me to send it (“Dear Rae, Please send the Lickety Split Pattern to myemail@pmail.com, thanks, Soandso.”), I feel the Pregger-Brain must have miscommunicated somehow. Did I give the impression that it was already available? Sometimes I feel like I’ve totally lost it. Now to be fair, most of the emails are more like “Dear Rae, when will it be available?” which is gads better. It’s so nice to have so many polite people here in Craftblogland; I do really appreciate all the inquiries and emails.

Paint: Thanks for all the Low/Zero VOC paint suggestions! I decided to go with both Aura from Benjamin Moore and Duration from Sherwin Williams (different colors from each). If I hadn’t been such a last-minute kind of person I would have tried out Mythic Paint; “Endless Summer” (row six, center) is so dreamy. I may have to find another room to transform just to try it out. So far I’ve only used the Aura in the nursery, but I have to say it’s totally amazing to only have to do one coat (plus a little extra brush touchup around edges). ONE COAT!

Rae goes blahdeeblahdeeblah about selling Buttercup Bags

So last post I hinted that I have decided to sell a license for others to sell Buttercup Bags. As a result, the Buttercup Bag Sewing Pattern will now be available as a PDF for instant download for $10. Most of you are aware that the original version has been free on my blog but is intended for personal use only. The idea there has always been that if you’re getting the pattern for free, you can use it to sew for yourself or gifts for others…a gift for gifts if you will…but not to make money.

It never really seemed fair to me for someone to profit from selling the bags when I had made a conscious decision NOT to sell the pattern in the first place. But enough of you have approached me now about selling the bags in your online shops, craft fairs and local boutique stores (and so on) that I decided I want to make that an option. Some folks offered to pay for the pattern somehow or even pay a per bag fee (although I think we can all agree that would be a major pain in the you-know-what), so I started talking to other pattern designers about their terms of use.

So starting today, if you purchase the Buttercup Bag pattern from my shop, you will also have permission to sell items made with the pattern (handmade by the purchaser of course, no mass-production please…). So in a sense you will be purchasing both the pattern and a license for use. As an extra perk, I will throw in an enlarged version of the pattern, as well as a link from my blog to your shop or website, if you like (be sure to email me if you would like to be listed as a licensed seller of Buttercup Bags on my blog). However, I still retain copyright on the pattern itself (which means that you still may not copy the pattern, email it to others, sell it, or distribute it in any other way without permission).

There are a few other details; first, when selling or listing the purses design credit must be given to Rae Hoekstra/MadeByRae. Also, one pattern/license must be purchased for each person who makes or sells the bags (although once you purchase you will not need to renew the license; it’s technically good for as many purses as you are physically capable of making by hand).

I am hoping that this will support those who make handmade purses for a living while still offering me some compensation for all of the many hours I have put into making/developing this pattern, maintaining it online, and responding to questions about it. I am also hoping that this will allow those who cannot sew the Buttercup Bag for themselves to purchase it from someone who can. I also think that selling patterns rather than giving them away for free helps support the small-scale pattern industry, although for now I do not have any plans to take down the free version.

Hey, maybe you’ll want to purchase the pattern just to get the enlarged version without having to spend a half hour swearing in front of a copy machine!

Finally, I’d like to say that I really appreciate the overwhelming support I’ve received for putting the Buttercup Bag out there for everyone to use. It’s immensely gratifying to receive such gracious emails from so many people who are using and enjoying it for themselves and others, and I hope that you’ll continue to do that.

You can get to the pattern listing by clicking here. or purchase it right here:

Thanks so much for supporting my leetle pattern business (that sounds so weird)!!!

Mother’s Day Buttercup Bag Remix

This week I’ve been messing around with the Buttercup Bag pattern for Mother’s Day presents. As many others have mentioned, I feel the original version is a bit on the small side (while I think it’s nice that it works from a fat quarter and is fab if you usually carry a small purse, it’s a wee bit small when your normal purse contents include a cloth diaper, a sippy cup, and a change of 2T clothing). So I tried out a couple different enlargements for Mom H (above) and Mom O (below) for Mother’s Day…I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

: : I like the shape here; I might try this again with a longer strap worn by the waist : :

Both were made with Amy Butler fabrics on both outside and inside and interfaced completely with flannel (I use a flannel sheet that accidentally got bleached in one corner and is no longer usable). I also interfaced the top parts of both purses with heavy-weight fusible interfacing.

: : Is there more belly here or more bag? : :

: : Hey check out that spring top! : :
I decided to try covered buttons for Mom H’s version (above); I love how they turned out all professional-like, and of course they match (finding two large buttons in my button box that match is rare and cause for celebration). I used some of the aqua dotted material left over from the Mendocino top I made last week. Covered button kits are sold for a couple bucks at my local chain fabric store and require no special tools, by the way (huge plus there).

For Mom O’s version I tried a recessed zipper. I found a tutorial Craftster where someone had made an enlarged Buttercup Bag with a recessed zipper, but it was so complicated I just gave up trying to understand the instructions and just winged it.

So some of you are wondering, “How big are they, Rae?” Well I will tell you: I enlarged the pattern by 129% for both versions (I had read a few places that people had tried a 30% increase and it worked out well. In fact, I noticed in the Featured Creativity Sew, Mama, Sew had up yesterday that one the projects was Kate’s Buttercup Bag which she had enlarged by 130). Additionally, on the longer version I added 2 inches of length (plus an extra 1/2″ on the lining for the zipper), and hacked off a little more than 1/2″ from each side of the top piece, so the pleats were also a bit bigger.

Here’s a few comparison pictures (the yellow version above is the original pattern) so you can see the size difference. I know it’s hard on the bottom two, but look at my hands for scale.
And below you can really see the size difference between Mom O’s bag and the original pattern piece, although you can see that it wasn’t that much wider after I trimmed the top pieces, but definitely alot longer:

So I’d say that’s a win for Mother’s Day prezzies this year. Yay! If you’re still scrambling for a present idea there’s still time to make one before Sunday!

: : A few announcements : :

I will soon be selling a license to sell the Buttercup Bag (online or at craft fairs, for example) in my Etsy shop. I’m almost ready to post on that, and I realize that some of you will find this confusing, so check back for more details soon!

Also, just a reminder that in a couple hours the Spring Top Week Final Round Vote will close (11 pm EDT). So make sure to vote before your chance is gone!!!

Buttercup Bag Flickr Pool

It’s so fun to see all the photos of “Buttercup Bags” that have been sent in over the last week! So I’ve put together a photo pool over at Flickr for you to put pictures of your Buttercup Bag creations. I would love it if you would add your pictures so we can all see them! [http://www.flickr.com/groups/buttercupbags/]

A number of you have already posted — very cool!
1. handmadebyalissa, 2. AFriend2, 3. summernightsmiles, 4. shastababee

(Free!) Buttercup Bag Sewing Pattern

This pattern uses a mere fat quarter of fabric for the outer + a little less of another fabric for lining.  If you’re using quilting cotton for the outer fabric, I recommend using a fusible interfacing to strengthen it. You’ll also need a magnetic snap and (optionally) a couple of buttons, although it looks pretty cute without the buttons too. I think this would also look great with some piping or ric-rac over the pleats…I can’t wait to see what y’all do with this one!

While I appreciate links to this post (but not directly to the pattern), please don’t “borrow” my pictures without permission. Thanks and enjoy!

TERMS OF USE: This pattern is offered for free with the understanding that my readers will use it for personal use only.  If you would like to sell Buttercup Bags, please purchase a copy of the pattern (which not only includes two sizes of the bag but comes with a commercial license to sell).  You may not sell or distribute copies of this pattern to others; instead, please refer others who are interested in this pattern to my blog so they can download it for themselves. Questions? Please feel free to email me. I have already happily made exceptions for charity, but please ask first.



After reading the Terms of Use (above),
Smaller Buttercup’s measurements:
12.5″ wide / 8″ tall / 9″ opening
Larger Buttercup’s measurements (note: larger size is ONLY available in the purchased version, see below):
16″ wide / 10″ tall / 12″ opening

Or, if you would prefer to purchase the Buttercup Bag Pattern (BOTH sizes) + License to Sell…

$10 – Buttercup Bag Pattern (Large/Small Size) + License to Sell