Ice Cream Birthday Dress for Clementine

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Clementine has been obsessed with her birthday since March when the boys had their birthdays. I had to make a rule that she couldn’t ask me about her birthday until June 30, one month beforehand, because I thought she was going to drive me absolutely bonkers with the persistent questions and birthday plans. It was seriously unrelenting. But of course that’s what makes birthdays fun at this age, right? It’s that golden age when you finally understand what a birthday is but you haven’t yet realized that birthdays also can be emotionally overwhelming and ultimately disappointing. How’s that for dark?

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

She decided she wanted an Ice Cream theme for her birthday sometime around April, which was right around the time that my friend Dana announced her new line of fabrics for Art Gallery, Boardwalk Delight. Talk about perfect timing! The entire collection is bright and adorable and Dana’s awesome bold and modern aesthetic comes through so clearly in this collection. I love it.

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

I knew immediately that the “I scream, You scream” print was destined for Clementine’s birthday dress. I used the ever-popular Geranium Dress which is such a pattern chameleon; it seriously works for everything, I swear (I’m not biased, not in the least), and added a double-fold hem band to the bottom edge in the sprinkles print.

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

For the lining I used the twinkle lights print, which adds a pop of fun mango orange color to the inside of the dress.

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Clementine loves her dress! She wore it for her birthday party, which included a swim with a few friends at the city pool (in her ice cream cone swimsuit), ice cream sundaes, and an ice cream felt banner that we made together. She had a really wonderful time…as far as I could tell, no hint of Birthday Disappointment in this one yet.

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Also pictured here: the Clara doll we got her for her birthday, which she refuses to be separated from. It’s neat because Hilary Lang’s blog, Wee Wonderfuls, was one of the very first blogs I ever followed way back in the day, so I was excited to see that she was licensing her dolls with Land of Nod. All of her dolls are so cute.

Ice Cream Dress for Clementine

Fabric: Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard (Made Everyday) for Art Gallery Fabrics
Pattern: Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern (size 7)


Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern is now in print!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern is finally in print! I know there are many people out there who really prefer the printed pattern over the PDF patterns so we’re slowly working on moving a few more of the patterns over to print. The print thing started as a “let’s see what happens if we print this!” experiment with the Washi Dress sewing pattern, but it’s turned out to be a pretty good source of income. I’ve seen other pattern designers move away from print because of the high overhead but it seems to be working out for us pretty well. Turns out that having the Made By Rae brand in hundreds of shops around the world is good for business, even if we make a lot less on each pattern sale. And it allows those shops to make money off of our patterns, so it’s a double win.

print geranium bottom front

We decided to start out by printing the original size range (0-5T) because that’s been the most popular range, but if you need the pattern for 6-12 year-olds, you can get the digital pattern in my online shop. I love seeing Clementine and Phoebe smiling at me from the front of the pattern:

print geranium full front

There is a full-sized, one-sided pattern sheet, so you can either trace or GASP! cut your pieces out (I really do not recommend cutting into your pattern pages — see this post for an overview of my sewing process). Don’t the instructions look pretty all laid out on one sheet?

print geranium instructions

If you would like to own your very own copy of the Geranium Dress (sizes 0-5T) print pattern, CLICK HERE to see our list of stockists.

We also take wholesale orders from brick & mortar shops and webstores who are interested in carrying the pattern, so if you own or work at a shop, visit our wholesale page to sign up for an account.

print geranium full back

print geranium back

Kitty Geranium Dress with sleeves





One of the most common pattern-related questions I get over email is “is it possible to add a sleeve to the Geranium Dress?” The pattern has been such a huge hit so it’s only natural that people would want to add a sleeve when the weather gets cooler. I have made the dress with a sleeve a few times before (in fact, one of the earliest “Geraniums” I made featured a sleeve); usually I use the Charlie Tunic‘s sleeve and just gather the sleeve cap. This year I finally got around to fiddling around with a sleeve that is fitted; this takes a bit more work than a gathered sleeve because the sleeve cap has to be drafted to fit the armhole and you have to play around to get the right amount of ease, whereas a gathered sleeve just gets gathered to fit (super easy). Anyway, this is the result of our fitted experiment. I love it. The kitty fabric is part of Lizzy House’s recent Catnap line.





I’ll be completely honest, this sleeve isn’t ready to distribute in any meaningful way; it’s not even graded yet, and I’m not sure how to put it out there once it is. I really dislike multi-sized stuff being given away for free online; I think it devalues the work it takes to make something multi-sized, so my current thinking is that we could maybe make an expansion pack for Geranium, something like the Washi XP. Maybe some collar and sleeve options, and I have another idea for the pattern that I think would be really fun that I’m testing out right now. Anyway, I’ve got plenty of other projects on my plate right now (the Moon Pants Pattern is currently being tested, and the pattern pieces are ready for this new women’s pattern in the works), so my guess is that there probably wouldn’t be anything concrete until next fall at the earliest.



Please don’t pin or reuse photos of Clementine where she’s looking into the camera; I’ve put a bunch of cropped and side shots in this post that you can feel free to pin. Too complicated? Check out the ones I’ve already pinned right here on Pinterest. THANKS!

Mochi Geranium Dress for Stylo

Mochi geranium dress

This is the third in a series of posts detailing the outfits I made using Cotton and Steel fabrics for Stylo Magazine last fall (see the previous posts here and here). This outfit features a Geranium Dress made with a cotton from Rashida Coleman-Hale’s new Mochi line, the Moon Pants made with Bespoke double gauze (previously seen in this post), and a gold pom-pom headband. Both Mochi and Bespoke are Cotton and Steel lines currently available in fabric shops.


For me to even consider doing such a large project within the first year of having a baby, I knew I would need to do a significant amount of planning. So I’d like to talk about what it takes to get a project like this off the ground. If I didn’t know anything about the project I might have guessed that the photoshoot itself probably took the most work, but I personally think the shoot is the easiest and most fun part. It’s the planning that can really kill ya, in my opinion.


Perhaps it will surprise you to know that this project began last summer (or maybe not?). Here’s a brief timeline for the project:

June: Discuss with Stylo possible contribution to Fall issue
July: Correspond with Cotton and Steel to ask about possible collaboration
August: Cotton and Steel sends Fall 2014 samples, select and photograph samples, plan fabric/garment combinations
September: Fabric arrives, commence actual SEWING (six garments, three headbands), photo shoot, Edit photos, deliver photos to Stylo
November 3: Stylo Issue 3 release


I decided to do the spread because I knew it would be a great way to promote my children’s sewing patterns in a highly visual way, while at the same time producing a cohesive set of clothing samples that could then be used later to promote the patterns in other ways. I love the way that a magazine, digital or print, can really produce a stunning visual presentation, and Jess and Celina do it really well with Stylo. The next question was: which fabrics? Initially I thought I might use Lotus Pond, but as the magazine was set to release in late fall, the summery cotton prints would have been amazing but a bit out of season. My next thought was Cotton and Steel, because they’ve made an attempt to create cohesive collections that are printed not just on quilting fabrics, but on other garment-friendly fabrics as well, making it easy to create outfits for children that coordinate (a pair of canvas pants worn with a cotton gauze shirt, for instance). That is something I’m pretty sure is unique to Cotton and Steel, by the way; no other company that I know of does that, though most fabric companies do offer unique lines on their various substrates.

Mochi Geranium Dress

I initially asked Melody Miller, the founding designer of Cotton and Steel, about using their Spring 2014 fabrics, but at that point they already had samples for their Fall fabrics so she suggested that I might like to try those instead, which were to include one of my very favorite fabrics, DOUBLE GAUZE (EEK!). It was definitely hard to keep the whole thing on the hush-hush until the fabrics debuted at Fall Quilt Market. Another bonus: because the deadline for the magazine was nearly a month before Quilt Market, the samples could also be used for the Cotton and Steel booth.


One more thing: I did very little of the sewing for this project. Karen and my assistant Tashina did most of it. I did some of the cutting (that double gauze can be tricky!) and I did some of the sewing and all of the hand-stitching for the Charlie Tunic (see this post), but mostly I just hovered at the studio with a baby on my hip.


Anyway, the dress is Clementine’s favorite of all of the things we made for this project; she even wore it for school picture day (and it would have shown up in the photo if she had taken off the sweater she wore over it *facepalm*). I also want to highlight a couple of the other accessories because she really enjoyed those as well: the gold tattoos were designed by Rifle Paper company for Tattly, and the sparkly TOMS I found at Bivouac in downtown Ann Arbor by my studio. Both were instant hits with my girl who is pretty fond of sparkly things.

Pink Dotted Geranium for Clementine

pink and gold dot Geranium

Other people might be fooled by your doll-like appearance, your proclivity towards pink. But I know the truth, Clementine: you are a tough little nut and every ounce as stubborn as your mother. Delicate would not be a word I would use to describe you. Strong, silly, fierce, smart, mischievious. Then also: adorable, affectionate, and sweet. An interesting combination that keeps us on our toes.

Pink and Gold Geranium

You draw ninjas instead of princesses. Another recent drawing that comes to mind featured a bomb. And a person cut in half on the ground.

Pink and Gold Geranium

You have a spider-sense for locating lost objects, which comes in handy given the fact that I am a complete space cadet. When something’s missing, we ask “Hey Clementine! Where’s Hugo’s pacifier??”

pink and gold dot dress - 07

You have the most hilarious expressions and faces. Cross-eyes, silly smiles, teeth over the bottom lip. The fact that you can’t say your “R’s” yet makes it even cuter.

pink and gold Geranium

Despite your many tantrums and screaming fits (what IS it about this age??), you also know how to snuggle like nobody’s business. You can’t stop giving Hugo cuddles and kisses. And when you crawl in bed with us in the middle of the night after a bad dream and fall asleep next to Daddy, you look like an absolute angel. You know, as long as you’re asleep.

pink and gold dot dress - 08

Dress: Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern, with a velvet ribbon added at the bottom of the bodice
Fabric: Michael Miller Pearlized Dots, purchased at Pink Castle

pink and gold Geranium

pink and gold dot dress - 06

Made By Rae Geranium Dress

Geranium Dresses!

Every time I look at the Geranium Dress flickr pool, I can’t help but emit little squeaks, ooohs, and awws at all the beauties in there. The Geranium pattern has proven to be so versatile — as a dress or a tunic with different styles (sleeves/no sleeves/ruffle sleeves/pockets/no pockets), and it’s popping up as anything from totally casual play dresses all the way on up to fancy flower girl dresses!

I must also commend you on the fine photography in the photo pool.  You’re capturing the little girls in your lives at such candid moments.  Here are a few of my favorites from this summer:


Rachel blogged about her daughter’s dress here.

I love the Briar Rose prints she selected for this dress, and she certainly got some great photos!


Via Flickr


Via Flickr

Geranium Mosaic 1

Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Peachy Geranium, 2. P7271888, 3. Geranium Dress

BOTTOM Left to Right: 4. IMG_2738, 5. a bunch of geranium dresses, 6. Surfing Space Robots!

Playing with fabric combinations for this dress has been really fun.  Sometimes you just get a tiny peek of the lining, but those details are delightful! Jessica blogged about this one here (love love love that Lizard print):

lizards geranium

Via Flickr

And some more fun fabric combos:
Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Geranium dress with modifications 3T, 2. Tsuru Geranium
Bottom Left to Right: 3. LAUNCHED!!!, 4. Maggie Geranium top.

These ladies all made their own Geranium Tunics plus matching tunics for their babies:
Girls sewing day
via Flickr

TOO CUTE!! Here’s a first birthday dress:


Via Flickr

And another first birthday. This photo absolutely slays me:
Bronwyn's 1st birthdayVia Flickr

I’ve always figured Geranium could be a year-round staple in any little girl’s wardrobe.  Here are a few gearing up for cooler weather by layering with t-shirts and jeans or leggings. Geranium Fall Mosaic

Above TOP Left to Right: plaid with yellow shirt, pink tunic

BOTTOM Left to Right: red boots, pink with flowers

Kimmie copied a doll dress that her great grandmother had made ages ago. So cool.
My copycat dress
Via Flickr

More cuties (some with Peekaboo Bonnets!):


Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Geranium top, 2. Geranium Dress and Peekaboo Bonnet,
BOTTOM Left to Right: 3. Mads’ Washi Geranium Dress, 4. A summer geranium 2

Vintage Geranium Dress

Via Flickr, and groovily blogged here.


Via Flickr and Kelly blogged about it here.


Via Flickr, and Rachel blogged about it here.

You can see even more adorable Geranium Dresses in the Geranium Dress Flickr Pool:

IMG_1304IMG_1302Newborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressIMG_6670_2

Geranium Dress Pattern in sizes 6-12 is here!

I know many of you have been waiting and waiting for this, and I’m pleased to tell you that the Geranium Dress is now available in kids’ sizes 6-12! It’s just like the original version, but sized up to fit a bigger set. You can buy each size range separately, or combine the sizes by selecting the option you prefer in the listing (there’s a drop-down menu)!




The Geranium Dress is a sweet and incredibly versatile dress pattern that includes two views. View A features flutter sleeves, a gathered skirt (top or dress length), with an optional notched neckline and an optional patch pocket. View B features faux cap sleeves, a pleated skirt (top or dress length) with side-seam pockets and an optional cutout neckline. Both views feature a lined bodice for a lovely finished effect. See all pattern options.


Materials Needed:

Woven fabric (see yardage chart below)
lightweight fusible interfacing
4 buttons or snap for back closure


(click on charts to enbiggerate)



See more

The Geranium Dress in sizes 6-12 was tested by a group of fantastic testers! To see some of their pics, please click on this post:
Coming Soon: Geranium Dress in Larger Sizes!

A tutorial for adding trim to the Geranium Dress can be found here.

adding trim to geranium

Post your pictures to the Geranium Dress Photo Pool on Flickr!

IMG_1304IMG_1302Newborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium DressNewborn Geranium Dress

Coming Soon: Geranium Dress in Larger Sizes!

I have a little feeling you’re gonna love this.  Behind the scenes over here we’ve been working on sizing up the Geranium Dress!  The Geranium Dress will SOON be available as a separate PDF pattern, in sizes 6-12. I know a lot of you have been asking for a bigger version of this sweet little dress, and your wish will be granted imminently.  We’re just putting the finishing touches on the pattern.


Now for some sneak peeks from my awesome testers! Lynn at The Little Red Hen blogged here about the version she made for her daughter, Miss P (this is the size 6, lengthened a bit):

Geranium dress yoke

Even more adorable versions from the testers:

Left to Right: Green & Yellow (by Brittany), Purple Floral (from Sarah), Colorful Dots (from Cindy), Roses (by Clover):


I love the pintucks on this version from Johanna:

Pin tucked bodice

A couple more sweet necklines:


(left) Geranium Top, (right) front.

Now, something amazing.  Miss P made this green tunic all by herself, using her mom’s Bernina!  Didn’t she do a lovely job? You can read more about it here. She used Heather Ross’s Crafty Chloe fabric. I can’t tell you how excited it makes me to think of kids making their own garments!

Crafty Chloe - Geranium yoke

There are a few more testers’ photos in the Geranium Dress Flickr Pool. Before long you’ll be able add your own! Stay tuned.