Another Lickety Split Mini-Bag!

One of the benefits of having two sisters is that I have two guinea pigs to test out purses. Both seesters have birthdays in August and September, so I made the Owl Mini-Bag for Kricket and since Elli (by the way, did you see that she’s giving away a new Stitch n’ Bitch book?) wanted a new Lickety Split I decided to make her a Mini-Bag too.  She liked the red duck one I made for myself (it’s also shown below) so much I almost gave her that one, but I knew she would never turn down a bag with more pockets. So I did four pockets inside and outside, meaning it is completely reversible. I knew she loved it when she immediately stuffed a knitting project into it.

Fabric: Red Letter Day by Lizzy House

Here you can really see the size difference between the Mini-Bag and the original Lickety Split:

The instructions for making a mini-bag from the Lickety Split Bag Sewing Pattern are here, and they’re brief but passable if you want to make your own.  And here’s the original: Lickety Split Sewing Pattern

I did take step-by-step pictures of this one as I made it so if there’s interest I could sell the pieces/instructions for this one separately and/or bundle it with the original to include separate mini-bag pattern pieces plus step-by-step instructions for both. I’ve gotta be honest though I’m a little “meh” about turning this into another project when I’ve got other new things flying around in my head that are vying for my attention. There’s alot of time commitment involved so if what you have on the blog already is enough to get by, let’s just leave it that way, y’know what I’m saying?

If you’ve made a Lickety Split or mini-bag recently, be sure to add it to our photo pool!

Lickety Split Mini-Bag with Grey Owls

I am highly distractable. I am not the sort of person who plugs away at a project until I finish it before starting something new (unless someone is breathing down my neck) because while I’m working on one thing, I’ll look over at a piece of fabric that is just begging to be turned into another project and I’m onto something else. So while I DID putter a bit on the Bonsai Bag Pattern this week, I also spent an afternoon making a mini-Lickety Split Bag (one of my PDF sewing patterns; you can buy it here or up on the sidebar if you want/need it).

The fabric is Alexander Henry’s Spotted Owl in grey.  I have the pale blue colorway too but the grey seemed perfect for fall.  I also have a seester who had a birthday who I suspected might like this. But I might need to make a few more of these bags so she can pick her favorite, you know, like a multiple-choice-birthday gift.  Making gifts for fambly is tricky because I have a tendency to make things based on my taste and not necessarily theirs. So options are always good.

Just so you can see the difference between the actual Lickety Split Bag and this version, here they are side by side. Even though you can’t tell in this picture, the straps are actually the exact same length (I think the knots are a little different) but the body of the mini version is shorter and narrower.

can you believe I made these from the same pattern?

A quick how-to:

  • I used my Lickety Split pattern and with the following changes to the main pattern piece: chopped off the bottom 2.5″ of the pattern piece and the middle 2″ and tossed those two pieces.
  • The remaining pattern piece was cut along the line for the horizontal pocket placement as shown, creating the two pieces labeled C and D below (click photo to enlarge).
  • The center piece labeled “C” was cut on the fold where indicated, with an additional 1/2″ seam allowance added on the taller side of the pattern piece (right side in photo).
  • The strap piece labeled “D” was cut on the fold with an additional 1/2″ seam allowance on the shorter side of the piece (left side in photo).
  • The pockets were cut as wide as each section and 16″ tall.  Each pocket was sewn together by folding in half lengthwise with right sides facing and then sewing across the bottoms (leaving the sides open). Then turned the pockets right-side out, and placed them 3″ from the bottom of each panel and sewed across the bottoms to fasten securely to each panel. Then basted the pockets to the panels along the sides and then sewed all the panels together.
  • I topstitched each seam with a double row of stitches.
  • I added a button loop (a 2″ strip folded into a 1/2″ strip and sewn along both edges), and two buttons, one inside and one outside so it can be fastened when reversed.
  • The lining pieces are cut just the same as the outside and then the bag is assembled exactly the same as the instructions indicate.

If you make one, be sure to add it to the Lickety Split Photo Pool!

It’s a Red Letter Day!

Hey, thanks for all the quilt love! You guys are so good at affirming my craftiness!

Wanted to share two more projects made with the Red Letter Day left over from the quilt. I can’t get enough of these cute ducks. Here’s a Lickety Split Bag:

and a pair of 6-12 month baby pants, need to make a matching onesie or something yet:

We had a couple of nice sunny days this week despite the coooooold weather. I took a few shots of my cozy sewing room which also doubles as a guest room. Here’s a vintage dresser from my parents with some of my craft/sewing/knitting books:

Oh hey now let’s go in just a little closer, shall we??

Hmm, what is THAT handsome book sitting there on the top of the stack?

It’s One Yard Wonders, the completely awesome new sewing book which also happens to have two of my patterns in it! Yaaaaaaaay *does Kermit arms*!

Which two patterns, you ask?

The Summer Nighty (which many of you have been sweet enough to email me about already…so nice to hear so many of you like it!)…

and a big* hanging laundry bag which also made the back cover (woohoo!):

*although this picture makes it look pretty small for some reason…I’ve been trying to figure out why and I think that the large shirt hanging to the left makes it look smaller than it actually is (the finished dimensions are 21×31″)

I’m so excited about so many of the other fantastic projects in here; it’s such a cool collaboration from a ton of great bloggers. And I’m kindof wishing there was an online list of all the blogs that contributed. Does anyone know of this? There’s also a sweepstakes to win free fabric for a year! (Can contributors enter???)

Off to work on my kids’ Christmas outfits…

Lickety Split Bag Pattern PDF




This pattern is for the Lickety Split Bag previously featured here on my blog; it is reversible and can be easily sewn in just a few hours (or less!). It’s so versatile you’ll find yourself using it for everything: a book bag, shopping bag, stroller bag, diaper bag, and more! The four pockets are optional (and super-handy for keys, phones, or water bottles), and the adjustable tie strap allows you to get the perfect fit. It can be sewn on a regular machine or a serger.


  • 1 yard of quilting cotton for each side of the bag (or less; the amount of fabric you use depends on how you position the pattern pieces, which depends on how the design is printed on the fabric)
  • ric-rac or other trim for pockets (optional)

Body of bag: 18″ wide x 13″ tall at center
Overall height: 34″ total with straps untied, approx 26″ with straps tied


  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Color photographs to augment instructions
  • Hand-drawn summary sheet of instructions (a cheat sheet if you will…this is totally campy but totally me)
  • Complete set of full-sized pattern pieces (attach together before cutting)


Special thanks to Andrea, my good friend, fellow blogger, and sewist extraordinaire who reviewed the pattern for me!

Pardon my dust
I have worked so hard on this pattern and getting the instant downloads to work smoothly and properly, but as you might expect, problems can and will arise no matter how much testing you do ahead of time. Would you please let me know if you find mistakes, if something is unclear, or if I could make something better? I really appreciate your patience as I get all the glitches worked out.

Flickr Group
Lickety Split Photo Pool (add your pictures when you’re finished!)

Rae’s pattern in a Book and other updates

Some randomness today to prove I’m still here, puttering away…

New Book Alert:
The folks responsible for “One Yard Wonders”, a compilation sewing book due out this October, finally released a cover shot and a peek at some projects on their FB page this week so you can hop over and have a look! I submitted a couple of patterns on a whim last fall, and it looks like at least one got in (the summer nighty, below). YAY! I’m extra pumped because it’s got 101 (!) projects in it. SO appealing to the Dutch girl in me. I’m very excited and proud to say I’m going to be “published!”

: : A new pattern by me! In a book! : :

(Image by One Yard Wonders, Storey Publishing)

Lickety Split Bag Pattern Update: I am SO close to being finished! All of the pattern pieces are finished, the instructions are almost done, and the cover sheet is ready to go. So…it should be available soon. And from the number of emails I’m getting asking me to send it (“Dear Rae, Please send the Lickety Split Pattern to, thanks, Soandso.”), I feel the Pregger-Brain must have miscommunicated somehow. Did I give the impression that it was already available? Sometimes I feel like I’ve totally lost it. Now to be fair, most of the emails are more like “Dear Rae, when will it be available?” which is gads better. It’s so nice to have so many polite people here in Craftblogland; I do really appreciate all the inquiries and emails.

Paint: Thanks for all the Low/Zero VOC paint suggestions! I decided to go with both Aura from Benjamin Moore and Duration from Sherwin Williams (different colors from each). If I hadn’t been such a last-minute kind of person I would have tried out Mythic Paint; “Endless Summer” (row six, center) is so dreamy. I may have to find another room to transform just to try it out. So far I’ve only used the Aura in the nursery, but I have to say it’s totally amazing to only have to do one coat (plus a little extra brush touchup around edges). ONE COAT!