Sidewalk Showcase

As we head into the weekend, I wanted to show you some of the fantastic projects that have been posted as part of our Sidewalk Showcase! Brooke at Oliver’s Fancy managed to make a little something for each of her boys in the green Art Class print. Plus, her newest little guy Charlie made his debut on her blog. Oooooh so cute!

olivers fancy

Teri at Fa Sew La made this sweet dress for herself out of the Fancy Steps print.

Heather Dress 1

Meg at Mama Liberated incorporated the Art Class print into this amazing hoodie for her son Finn:

sew liberated sidewalk

Anna over at Noodlehead made a cozy baby gift set:

noodlehead sews 2

And just in case you missed these from last week…

Natalie at hungryhippie sews made these buggy pajamas for her daughter Ruby:

Bugs Life 011


Caitlin at Fancy Tiger Crafts made these adorable rompers with matching hats for her sister’s twins:


There are even more projects in the works for next week, so stay tuned here on the blog, on Instagram, and on Facebook. And remember to share your projects too! Use the #sidewalkfabric tag if you share on Instagram; I’d love to feature a bunch of those projects, too!

Sidewalk knits are designed by me for Cloud9 fabrics and are 100% organic cotton interlock. The entire collection is now available in shops both online and locally (visit this post for a shop list). For more Sidewalk, check out the Sidewalk projects I’ve posted here on the blog or the #sidewalkfabric tag on Instagram.

Buggy Pajamas for Hugo

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Here’s a little set of pajamas I made for Hugo earlier this fall with the green and white “Bug’s Life” prints from Sidewalk Knits. I used the base pattern from my Charlie Tunic Sewing Pattern for the top, and my Parsley Pants pattern for the bottoms. I added front plackets, snaps, a collar and cuffs to the top (so yeah, not really Charlie anymore), and hem bands to the pants.

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Hugo is completely obsessed with Spiderman. Elliot was at this age too. All of the shows are pretty scary and aimed towards older kids, who as far as I can tell are over the Spiderman thing by the time they get to the age where they can actually watch them, so we’ve been reading Spiderman books to him instead. Here’s his Spiderman Crouch:

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

I think almost three is quite possibly the BEST AGE. Hugo has just potty-trained, he’s snuggly and adorable, and he is starting to say the funniest stuff. It finally feels like we’ve gotten past that phase where it seems he is sick and cranky all the time (I think age 1-2 has to be the worst for sickness, especially when your kid’s in daycare at least some of the time, right?), knock on wood.

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

I hope you’re enjoying all of the things I’m making from Sidewalk! I’m certainly having a ton of fun making them!!!

Sidewalk Showcase starts today!

My Sidewalk knits collection for Cloud9 Fabrics is now available in shops, and I have really enjoyed seeing all of the projects that are cropping up online (there are some really great ones under the #sidewalkfabric tag on Instagram)! I’ve asked a few of my sewing friends to share their projects over the next week, and we’re kicking off the Sidewalk Showcase today with two great posts:

Natalie at hungryhippie sews made these pajamas for her daughter Ruby and took some super cute and funny photos!

Bugs Life 011

Head over to Natalie’s blog for even more awesome pics of these jammies (and the dog!!), as well as a great recommendation for those of you wanting to learn more about sewing with knits.

Caitlin at Fancy Tiger Crafts made these adorable rompers with matching hats for her sister’s twins! GAH THE CUTENESS. I can’t even handle it.


Head over to the Fancy Tiger Crafts blog for more details and pics of these cute little garments!

We’ll have a bunch more posts to share next week, so stay tuned here on the blog, on Instagram, and on Facebook. And remember to share your projects too! Use the #sidewalkknits tag if you share on Instagram; I’ll be featuring a bunch of your projects in the coming week as well!

Sidewalk knits are designed by me for Cloud9 fabrics and are 100% organic cotton interlock. The entire collection is now available in shops both online and locally (visit this post for a shop list). For more Sidewalk, check out the Sidewalk projects I’ve posted here on the blog or the #sidewalkfabric tag on Instagram.

Snake top by Melissa

Melissa's snake top

Melissa's snake top

When Melissa started working for me about a year and a half ago as a studio assistant, she didn’t know how to sew. It may surprise you, but most of the work of running a small pattern business doesn’t involve sewing. There’s organizing and editing photos, categorizing expenses, printing pattern pieces, taping pattern pieces, cutting fabric, pressing, and plenty of other things to keep an assistant busy, so as far as the sewing goes, I can pretty much manage it by myself. Melissa really wanted to learn how to sew, though, so I’ve been teaching her basics like threading the machine and doing basic stitches. Last semester I decided it would be fun to have her come in a bit early once a week (she usually works a few hours a week, between her classes), so she could work on sewing something fun to wear. The result was this top that she cut and sewed herself, with some coaching and help from me, of course. We picked Astoria from Seamwork to start with.

Melissa's snake top

I showed her how to add 2″ to the length of the bodice (you may remember from my Astoria pencil top that it’s a cropped length, and Melissa is even taller than I am), and I think it was the perfect amount. She picked the long sleeve rather than the 3/4 length, and now I think I need one with long sleeves too. We also flipped the neckband to the inside again, as you can see below.

Melissa's snake top

I love how the snake print from Sidewalk (this print is called “Off the Trail”) looks with her white jeans. So awesome, right? I love how these photos turned out. This girl can rock anything.

Melissa's snake top

I especially love this candid shot I got of her when she was picking music on my iPad at the beginning of the shoot. That red matches the snakes perfectly.

Melissa's snake top

I’m excited to see what she sews up next!! So fun!

I think I might make a tee for Hugo with this print next. What would you make with these snakes??

Flamingo Robe

flamingo robe / made by rae

Hello! Happy New Year! I ended up taking a bit of a blogging/screen break for the past couple of weeks, which was really quite nice because it gave me more time for reading (finished Everyone Brave is Forgiven last night, so good!!), board games with kids, friends, and family (PANDEMIC!!! SO good!), and some drawing and painting (maybe more fabric designs this year…who knows?), among other things. I really feel like it gave me a lovely break, like I have a bit more mental space now or something. I didn’t completely cut off, just kept my phone off/away/silent more than the usual. I know it’s all the rage to “quit” your phone and that’s fantastic too, but I also don’t think that’s completely necessary. Everything in moderation and all that.

flamingo robe / made by rae

I don’t generally do “Christmas sewing.” Ever since I nearly suffered a mental break one year I’ve managed to lower my sewing expectations for Christmas year by year so that the past few years I’ve ended up with nothing on my “Christmas-to-sew” list, which is liberating. Of course then two weeks before Christmas this year I started working on a kimono-style robe using my new Sidewalk flamingo print and realized halfway through that it would make a fantastic present for my sister Kricket, whose name I had drawn for our sibling gift exchange. So I guess I did do some Christmas sewing, though I personally think if you don’t realize you are doing Christmas sewing it really shouldn’t count.

flamingo robe / made by rae

Alas I cannot provide you with a pattern for this robe (a common request when I posted a pic of it — above — on Instagram), as I made up the pattern based on a tracing of another robe I own that is similar in overall shape. Maybe some of you have kimono-style robe patterns you could recommend in comments? You can see (from the clip on the shoulder) that the robe was still a WIP when I took this photo. I later added pockets, and I had to tear out, redesign, and resew the neckline facing in the back a few times until I got the shoulder right.

flamingo robe / made by rae

Closeup detail. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that I managed to keep part of the selvage with my name on it visible in the sleeve seam. A signature of sorts. This pic probably conveys the true color of the background best, though the flamingos look darker here than they are in real life.

flamingo robe / made by rae

And the finished robe!

flamingo robe / made by rae

Kricket seemed v. pleased with it when she opened it up on Christmas Day, so I feel this was a job well done. But also a bit of remorse for not keeping it for myself. But not really. But maybe a little bit.

flamingo robe / made by rae

If you’ve got a hankering to sew up some Sidewalk knit of your own, you can head over to my blog post about where to find Sidewalk knits, or check out the shop finder on the Cloud9 website. Sidewalk is shipping now and is perfect for a cosy winter sewing project! Please share your pics with me if you sew something with Sidewalk! The #sidewalkfabrics tag is useful on social media.

Hugo’s Pencil Shirt and Fleece Parsley Pants

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

Here’s my little monster in a few new things I’ve made for him recently: a Flashback Tee in Sidewalk interlock and some fleece Parsley Pants. It could hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that now we both own knit pencil tops (here’s mine)…which means a pretty awesome photo shoot needs to happen soon. Twinsies with a toddler, YEAH!

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo


Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

I love making Parsley Pants in fleece since it adds a bit of stretch and makes them super cosy to wear. I made two pairs for him: the blue pair he’s wearing in these pics, and a green pair which are a lovely quality Mill End fleece and therefore even more cosy. The green ones I accidentally pressed with the iron on the cotton setting (oops!) and melted, so I had to put in a separate waistband. Which actually looks really cute, though it’s more work.

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

I’ve been adding elastic to the cuff (like I did with these Big Butt Baby pants awww tiny baby Hugo alert!!) because I think it’s cute when they’re cinched in at the ankle. I also added some tags — gifted to me from past sponsor Custom Labels 4U — to the waistbands and neckband of the tee. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this sooner; it’s so helpful to know the size of handmade stuff, and I love having my logo tag in there too. I did previously use a handful of size labels I bought from an Etsy shop (you can see them in this post ACK another adorable Hugo post!!!); those were also great but weren’t woven and so those ended up curling up after washing which made them harder to read. Super handy though, no matter what you do.

Flashback Sidewalk Hugo tee - labels

New clothes for Hugo

My one complaint with these tags is that Hugo does have pretty sensitive skin and the edges of the logo tags are a bit scratchy (I don’t notice this with the size tags), so I think next time I’ll try putting them on the outside instead of inside the garment; maybe at a side seam or something.

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

He is perpetually sick and rosy-cheeked these days, poor babe. I love love love this age so much — he is saying the most ridiculously adorable things to us, every day, but I also hate how he is sick all of the time. It can be so trying. I had terrible sleep last night because he slept in our bed all night and was up coughing at regular intervals.

Since I took these pics a couple of weeks ago, I painted the wall behind him with chalkboard paint (so fun!! here’s a peek) and cut his hair (which you can see in this post). And, my Sidewalk knit fabric is now in shops! Here’s a list of Sidewalk stockists if you want to pick up some for yourself. Be sure to add the #sidewalkfabric hashtag if you post pics to social media because I would really love to see what you’re sewing for yourself with these knits!

Where to buy Sidewalk knits

Sidewalk Knits by Rae Hoekstra

I’m so excited to announce that my new collection for Cloud9 Fabrics is now shipping to retail shops. Sidewalk is a line of twelve designs printed on 100% organic cotton interlock knit.

I previewed the line in June with this post, and have since shared quite a few other projects made out of Sidewalk; check out all those posts here on the blog and find more on Instagram under the tag #sidewalkfabric.

Wondering where to get your hands on your favorite prints? Here’s a list of places to start shopping:

Brick & Mortar (US)
Crafthouse (Lincoln, NE)
Fabricate (Boulder, CO)
Fancy Tiger Crafts (Denver, CO) (also online)
Gather Here (Cambridge, MA) (also online)
Harts Fabrics (Santa Cruz, CA) (also online)
Janie Lou Quilts (Kirkwood, MO) (also online)
Michael Levine, Inc (Los Angeles, CA) (also online)
Modern Domestic (Portland, OR) (also online)
Modern Makers (Kansas City, MO)
Oklahoma Quilt Works (Oklahoma City, OK) (also online)
Pennington Quiltworks (Pennington, NJ) (also online)
The Cloth Pocket (Austin, TX) (also online)

Online (US)
A&A Cotton Creations
Hawthorne Threads
Imagine Gnats
JAQ’s Fabrics
Jones & Vandermeer
Raspberry Creek Fabric
Truly Bella

Fabric Spot (shop online)
Spool of Thread (Vancouver, BC)

UK & Europe
Bizzy and Boo Fabrics
The Village Haberdashery (London)
M is for Make
Dawanda (Germany)

Cloud9 has a handy tool on their site that you can use to find out which retailers stock specific fabric collections! You can find the list of shops that carry Sidewalk HERE. International readers: find more shops in the UK and Europe HERE.

What are YOU going to make with Sidewalk? I can’t wait to see your projects!!

Buggy Neenah Turtleneck

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

New knit turtleneck! New glasses! I thought it would be fun to try one of my new Sidewalk knits in a grown up turtleneck. I used another Seamwork pattern, Neenah, which is a dress pattern, and shortened it at the waist to make it a top instead of a dress (inspired by Katie’s post). This “Bug’s Life” print definitely reads “kid” but I love it. I am not beneath wearing kid prints. See also: my pencil Astoria top.

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

I made the neckband wider (2″) to accommodate both my very large head and the fact that this fabric is interlock and therefore less thin/stretchy than other knits you might normally use for this pattern. I actually think it would have looked better with the narrower turtleneck, but I’m not sure I could have handled all of that fabric close around my neck. Am somewhat claustrophobic and never liked turtlenecks as a child for that reason.

Sidewalk knits / neenah turtleneck / made by rae

Given that we are fully into snowy weather here in Michigan, I have been wearing the heck out of this thing. I do love the medium thickness of interlock for warmth and of course Cloud9’s knits are super soft and lovely. And, I’m very excited to finally be able to say that Sidewalk is now shipping to shops. I just this morning saw it pop up in Annie’s Instagram feed, for those of you who are in the UK, and I’m sure more shops will follow soon. I’ll post a list of the shops carrying Sidewalk soon so you know where to find it!

neenah turtleneck / sidewalk knits / made by rae

Sidewalk Flashback Tees

Here’s a little more Sidewalk cuteness for you today! These Flashback Tees are all samples that Jess sewed up for last spring’s Quilt Market. As with the two Isla samples I posted last week, the designs were printed on Spoonflower fabric so we would have samples in time for the show, which means that they are a little different from the final prints. I think the most noticeable difference in color is that the samples have a more citron yellow, while the final prints definitely have a more sunny yellow. The sample fabric also ended up being less stretchy and soft than the Cloud9 interlock, so they worked nicely for photographs even if they won’t end up being worn.

Sidewalk Flashback tee

Hugo is wearing the Flashback Skinny Tee in size 2T in the “Bus Stop” print with “Art Class” collar and cuffs. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to include a bus print in this knit collection for Hugo. He gets excited and yells, “Oh!! BUS!!” whenever he sees buses drive by.

Sidewalk knits

Made by Rae Sidewalk knits for Cloud9 Fabrics (Fall 2016)

This Flashback is made with the “Red Rover” print with cuffs and collar in “Off the Trail,” a print that features cute little snakes. It’s a little crazy with the snakes as contrast, but oh well. Red Rover originated as a print in my Small World corduroy collection, and has been so popular that Cloud9 also released it on cotton laminate this fall (raincoats, anyone?) and now it’s making its reprise on interlock for Sidewalk with black instead of blue as the secondary color. Made by Rae Sidewalk knits for Cloud9 Fabrics (Fall 2016)

The “Bug’s Life” print in white and green makes for a pretty cute little shirt, too! I think this would be perfect for a pair of pajamas!

Flashback Skinny Tee in Sidewalk Knits

Sidewalk is my new line of interlock knits for Cloud9 Fabrics. It will be be shipping to retail shops soon!