Blush + bronze

I bought some dusty-blush colored rayon tencel twill from IndieSew a couple months ago (it’s out of stock now, womp womp) and immediately started seeing the color everywhere. I think blush is a great color for fall, especially you pair it with bronze.


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Blush also looks amazing with burgundy. Oh! and also, emerald green!! Whaaat. I’m officially obsessed.

sidenote: am now on the hunt for a bronze-brown cable knit sweater.

Persimmon Skirt with covered buttons

And another project just for me, this red gathered skirt with covered buttons and pockets.



Made with a very breezy-flowy Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in the color called Persimmon. It’s pretty lightweight but with a slip and black tights I think I’ll be able to make it work through at least October.


If you click on the picture above you can really see the two colors of thread in the weave. I love the visual textures that shot cottons have just from those two different colors.



Covered buttons make me happy. Not when I’m making them. Just when I’m looking at them later.

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I feel that sewing apparel for myself in solids tends to be more rewarding; the items are more likely to find something in my wardrobe to coordinate with (like the top I’m wearing in the pictures above from Anthro). BUT it’s always really hard to buy solid fabrics online, since you can’t feel the drape or thickness. So I try to stick with fabrics I can predict, and I’m always happy with the KF shots (the fabric here was purchased from Pink Castle, a quick check shows a few more here at Charmstitch). They are almost sheer and have a really nice drape and are really soft. I also love this men’s shirt Novita at very purple person made for her husband out of the same fabric!


Pattern is a bunch of rectangles with pockets thrown in. Took my waist measurement, did a little Maths (you’re welcome for that link), and POOF! *OK not really*


How does she always manage to do that? It’s hard to keep the toddlers out of the pictures around here.

My boys

I don’t usually include much in the “family life” department on the ol’ bloggityblog, but since there’s been no sewing this week, I thought I’d share this picture from Father’s Day a few weekends ago. Elliot helping Mr Rae assemble a grill at Uncle Don and Aunt Sara’s (“Zahzee’s”) house. (picture by Aunt Zahzee)

Have a Happy Weekend!

Rally, people, rally!!!

Oh my…luvinthemommyhood has been kind enough to feature my Spring Top Tutorial in a Top Tutorial Vote this week. Just yesterday I finally figured out what was going on and realized I’d better get out the vote! There’s too much firstborn in me; I can’t help but get an eensy-weensy competitive. But of course I’m such a doofus, today’s the last day to vote! Durr, Rae.

:: click on image (courtesy of luvinthemommyhood) above to go vote ::

Of course, it makes it so much better to be featured along side of some of my favorite creators in Craftblogland (Dana, Traci, Alexis, and Chris) so I won’t be TOO disappointed if I don’t win…

Anyway, if you have time, go and vote for one of us (translation: me)!

Buttercup Bag Sellers List

Here is a list of fabulous sellers who are authorized to make and sell Buttercup Bags! Please support them by checking out their shops, adding them to your favorites, and buying their handcrafted stuff!

Need a license to sell? You can read more about selling Buttercup Bags or purchase a license here.

Alisia Domer

Annika in Chautauqua

Barefoot Bags

Bébé Bijou Boutique

Blue Canoe Farm




Grams Buttons

Greenasian’s Creations

Gypsy Threads

Handmade Therapy

Here and There Gifts

The Hip Catch

The House of Random

J. Stone Accessories

JSF Creations

Justcrafts (ENGLAND)

Lily Threads

Lindsay Nicole Designs

Paramount Purses

Patch & Stitch (SINGAPORE)

The Poppy Grove

Pretty Cool Shops

Proverbs 31 Crafts

Purses, Bags & Wallets Impeccably Handcrafted. I do custom work.

Sewing Sunflowers


Steady as She Goes

Stitchings by Ellen

Stitchy Witchy Designs

Two Bees Creations

[Updated January 9, 2012]

Sellers please note that shops without Buttercup Bags currently for sale, or that don’t give proper pattern design credit (see instructions in your License to Sell), will be deleted from this list. I’d be happy to put you back up once you have bags in stock/you have corrected your listings!

PLEASE let me know if I have missed you (and please know that it is not of any sort of malicious intent, it’s probably that I just misplaced your email!), if you would like to change your info, or if you would like to be added to this list (once you have purchased a commercial Buttercup Bag Pattern from my shop and have bags ready to sell!


From 9 am-12:15 pm Thursday morning my voting software accepted names but no votes. Unfortunately this means that if you cast your vote during this time it was not counted. Please vote again if you fall into this category!

Voting is working again now and I have been assured by my VP of Programming that it is working correctly. I am so, so sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are unsure if you voted before or after 9 am, feel free to email me and I will let you know!!!

A Little Bit of Quilting: Mendocino Table Runner

I’m working hard on my Spring Tops, determined to make my self-imposed challenge by next week. It’s been pretty exciting, especially when I see the tops that you guys are working on showing up in the Spring Top Sewalong pool and in my inbox (remember to send me your name, top info, and blog link). You can post and send them in all next week too (for more info, click on that Sping Top button over there on the sidebar.

Plus have you seen the great bags in the Buttercup Bag pool and all of the adorable Itty Bitty Baby Dresses? There’s just all kinds of creativity popping up around here. I used to try and comment on all the projects in the pools, but to be honest I simply can’t keep up anymore. If you’ve posted one, please know that I’ve really enjoyed seeing it.

So since I can’t show you any tops yet, here’s a project I just finished (alluded to here), a quilted table runner. My apologies to those of you who actually quilt for the presumption that this actually counts as quilting; having no formal quilt training my abilities are limited at this point to rectangular pieces and machine quilting. Which, surprisingly, one can do quite a bit with actually…

There actually is no separate back piece; that polka-dotted material there is all part of one big piece that wraps around the back. I quilted the small pieces together in a line and then made it into a big tube using the polka-dots, stuck some batting in the middle, ironed it flat and folded the ends over as a sort of pseudo-binding.

The fabrics are all Heather Ross’ Mendocino except for the stripe (Amy Butler Belle) and the dots (Anna Maria Horner Garden Party) and the Heather Ross Happy Campers (which is no longer available; I had a few scraps leftover from the boys’ shirts).

Here are some rudimentary notes from my sewing notebook just in case you’d like to create your own:
– 14 strips: 4″x10.5″ (although I ended up with 13, not 14…not sure what happened there)
– Back/side piece: 21.5″x51″
– Batting: 14×47″
Use 1/4″ seams to sew all together (sew strips first, then trim, sew side seams, press)
Place batting between two sides, pin all layers. Draw zig-zag pattern on with fabric marker, sew. Stitch in the ditch along all seams. Voila!

: : Happy Birthday to Moi : : Placket Tutorial : : Small!

So yesterday was my birthday, but I was too busy opening all of the prezzies that arrived (yay!) and getting ready for a party that I didn’t have time to post…but here’s a taste of the day:

: : Martha Stewart Tissue Flower Decorations : :

: : Birthday napkins by Tag : :

: : Cosmos and Zinnia centerpiece : :

: : Placket Tutorial : :

I want to draw your attention over to the sidebar where you will now find a MadeByRae placket tutorial. Now you too can make a placket like you’ve seen here numerous times! Yay! Please keep in mind that the pictures are large (so you can see more detail) and the presentation is campy.
With that said, I hope at least some of you will find it useful. I have a few others in the works as well; if you have a tutorial request please let me know in the comments section.

: : Small : :

I spent almost an entire morning last week with my coffee and chocolate biscotti perusing the Autumn issue of Small magazine because it is so awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go take a look. The online magazine is free (!) and they’ll send you an email when it’s up each season. Their stuff is so cute. Someday maybe I could be as awesome as Alicia and get something in there…