Where to buy Sidewalk knits

Sidewalk Knits by Rae Hoekstra

I’m so excited to announce that my new collection for Cloud9 Fabrics is now shipping to retail shops. Sidewalk is a line of twelve designs printed on 100% organic cotton interlock knit.

I previewed the line in June with this post, and have since shared quite a few other projects made out of Sidewalk; check out all those posts here on the blog and find more on Instagram under the tag #sidewalkfabric.

Wondering where to get your hands on your favorite prints? Here’s a list of places to start shopping:

Brick & Mortar (US)
Crafthouse (Lincoln, NE)
Fabricate (Boulder, CO)
Fancy Tiger Crafts (Denver, CO) (also online)
Gather Here (Cambridge, MA) (also online)
Harts Fabrics (Santa Cruz, CA) (also online)
Janie Lou Quilts (Kirkwood, MO) (also online)
Michael Levine, Inc (Los Angeles, CA) (also online)
Modern Domestic (Portland, OR) (also online)
Modern Makers (Kansas City, MO)
Oklahoma Quilt Works (Oklahoma City, OK) (also online)
Pennington Quiltworks (Pennington, NJ) (also online)
The Cloth Pocket (Austin, TX) (also online)

Online (US)
A&A Cotton Creations
Hawthorne Threads
Imagine Gnats
JAQ’s Fabrics
Jones & Vandermeer
Raspberry Creek Fabric
Truly Bella

Fabric Spot (shop online)
Spool of Thread (Vancouver, BC)

UK & Europe
Bizzy and Boo Fabrics
The Village Haberdashery (London)
M is for Make
Dawanda (Germany)

Cloud9 has a handy tool on their site that you can use to find out which retailers stock specific fabric collections! You can find the list of shops that carry Sidewalk HERE. International readers: find more shops in the UK and Europe HERE.

What are YOU going to make with Sidewalk? I can’t wait to see your projects!!

Lace Holiday Dress

Lace Holiday Dress

Look! I sewed myself a dress for the endless number of fancy holiday soirees/parties I’ve been invited to!! KIDDING. So much kidding. My holidays are so low-key these days, what with it being impossible to find a babysitter on New Year’s Eve, and the fact that most of the family get-togethers I go to involve ordering pizza and drinking box wine and chasing around a toddler. So…not a lot of fanciness in my future. Womp-womp, toddler mama, so lame. It doesn’t matter though, I am happy with this dress, and I swear, I will find somewhere to wear it out. I love it with this wooden scissor pendant (below) that Wendy sent me, though there’s something kind of fun and funky about putting bright yellow (above) with it too, don’t you think?

Lace holiday dress

The thing that makes me swoon about this dress is not the design, which is fairly straightforward (I mixed up some patterns, including Isla, the Washi sleeve, and used the neckline from Astoria), but the natural-toned stunning stretch lace fabric.  I impulse-bought 2 yards of it from Anita at Sew to Speak quite a while back, so it’s not available anywhere anymore as far as I know. It took me a long time to figure out what to make with it owing to its sheerness (I’m wearing it with a full length nude slip in these pics), but I finally took the plunge and went for it. Stashbusting, yeah!

Lace holiday dress

This fabric was not easy to sew with, I’m not gonna lie. I used my serger to finish all of the edges before sewing them together so they wouldn’t ravel, and even then I had to go back and darn a few spots where the fabric started to come apart. I finished the neckline with fold-over elastic, and used the lowest ruffle on the bottom edge of the fabric as the hem for the skirt and sleeves so I wouldn’t need to hem it.

Lace holiday dress

Anyway, here’s hoping for some fun date nights soon so I can wear this baby out!

Full disclosure: MIY Collection/Wendy Ward and Sew to Speak are both past sponsors of this blog. I think they are awesome and would not have mentioned them in this post if I thought otherwise!! 

Handmade hand-me-downs: Oliver+S PJs

Oliver + S Pajamas

Oliver + S Pajamas

Usually the things I make and post on my blog are brand sparkly new, fresh off the sewing machine, photographed, and then posted for you to see, and for me to look back and remember later. But lately many of handmade things I made for Elliot in the earlier days of this blog have been reappearing as they now fit Hugo, years later still proving their value. The things that were made well (admittedly not all of them) have lasted many washes, and though most have stains and others have been tossed, it gives me so much joy to see these old friends again. Not only because of the memories they bring back to me of little Elliot, but because it confirms for me why — even though they grow out of them so quickly — it is worth it to sew clothes for my kids. The time and toil it takes to make these things is sewn up into a garment that holds the love and thoughts you had for that child as you made it, a blessing of sorts, that then surrounds them as they wear it. And while buying my kid’s clothing is easier and almost always cheaper, especially when I consider my time, it is not the same. I was probably harried and overwhelmed when I made these little pajamas, home with a toddler Elliot and baby Clementine all day every day, but I’m still so very glad I found patches time to make them. Even more so because I absolutely remember how therapeutic sewing was for me back then.

Oliver + S Pajamas

Oliver + S Pajamas

You might recognize the pajamas that Hugo is wearing in these photos as one of Liesl Gibson’s earliest Oliver+S sewing patterns, the Bedtime Story Pajamas. I’ve learned many wonderful tips and techniques from Liesl’s patterns, including this one. It’s elegantly simple in design, and so cute. I made this little set for Elliot back in 2010, and I think they’re still just as adorable on Hugo as they were on Elliot when I first made them.

Blue Pajamas for Elliot

Just for kicks, here’s Elliot wearing them when he was just a bit older than Hugo is now. Slight family resemblance. I’ve been keeping Hugo’s hair shorter because I’m afraid if I don’t, I won’t be able to tell them apart in photos someday. Hugo keeps pointing at old pictures of Elliot and saying “Dat’s Hugo!”

Blue Pajamas for Elliot

I don’t think I ever posted these on the blog when I first made them. I looked and didn’t find anything, though that doesn’t mean much. This blog is now so old that even I don’t remember everything I posted on it anymore. Well. On that note, time for bed!

Buggy Neenah Turtleneck

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

New knit turtleneck! New glasses! I thought it would be fun to try one of my new Sidewalk knits in a grown up turtleneck. I used another Seamwork pattern, Neenah, which is a dress pattern, and shortened it at the waist to make it a top instead of a dress (inspired by Katie’s post). This “Bug’s Life” print definitely reads “kid” but I love it. I am not beneath wearing kid prints. See also: my pencil Astoria top.

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

I made the neckband wider (2″) to accommodate both my very large head and the fact that this fabric is interlock and therefore less thin/stretchy than other knits you might normally use for this pattern. I actually think it would have looked better with the narrower turtleneck, but I’m not sure I could have handled all of that fabric close around my neck. Am somewhat claustrophobic and never liked turtlenecks as a child for that reason.

Sidewalk knits / neenah turtleneck / made by rae

Given that we are fully into snowy weather here in Michigan, I have been wearing the heck out of this thing. I do love the medium thickness of interlock for warmth and of course Cloud9’s knits are super soft and lovely. And, I’m very excited to finally be able to say that Sidewalk is now shipping to shops. I just this morning saw it pop up in Annie’s Instagram feed, for those of you who are in the UK, and I’m sure more shops will follow soon. I’ll post a list of the shops carrying Sidewalk soon so you know where to find it!

neenah turtleneck / sidewalk knits / made by rae

Sewing Superstar: Jess of CINO

A few weeks ago, I brought back my Sewing Superstars series with a feature of Hungie Gungie. (Learn more about this fun series HERE!)

Today our Superstar is Jess Christian of Craftiness is not Optional, who does simply amazing work. Jess is a fellow blogger and pattern designer and I’ve featured her before on this blog as part of the KNITerview series and the Lotus Pond extravaganza, but I really wanted to feature her again as part of the Superstar series because the woman is a mad genius with the Geranium Dress pattern:

CINO geraniums
above: top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right

Jess’ three daughters are impossibly adorable, and she’s been taking gorgeous photographs of them for years (they have a little brother now…GAH he is too cute!!!). I always swoon when she makes a new Geranium for one of them. Check out her blog to see all of the amazing Geranium Dresses she’s made over the years, as well as all of her other adorable creations. She’s one impressive lady!

You can follow Jess online:
Craftiness is not Optional blogFacebookInstagram, Pinterest and #cinosews

See even more MBR patterns and projects at these links:
Flickr: Geranium Sewing Pattern Pool / Rae Made Me Do It Pool
Instagram: #geraniumdress#raemademedoit / #madebyrae.

It inspires me so much to see what you are making with my patterns! Please feel free add your own photos to the photo pool(s) or tag your pics with #raemademedoit or #madebyrae so I can see what you’re making. I’m excited to feature more Sewing Superstars here soon!