Happy Friday, friends!! Here’s what I’m up to lately:

For the past…hmmm quite a long time, actually, I have been slowly working on drafting and then sewing pants. I’m on a mission to make myself some pants that are comfortable and cute for fall. I put together a Pants board on Pinterest so you can see some of my inspiration. You can see a little sneak peek above, I’ll try to post more pics of my progress soon! Also shown in that pic: I got some new Danskos for fall (they’re called “Thea” just in case you’re interested)! I love that tealy-green color.


I also bought myself a sleeve board for pressing. It makes pressing kid pant legs, sleeves, and other narrow tubular stuff so much easier. I’m looking forward to finding even more uses for it. That’s kind of a silly thing to post about, I guess, but maybe some of you who sew clothing might find it handy!

I also joined Periscope last week. Periscope is a new social media app that allows you to do live broadcasts from your phone; viewers can comment and add hearts so it’s very interactive, but the videos disappear after 24 hours so it also feels a bit Snapchatesque because it’s very impromptu, unedited, and temporary. This week I got up the courage to do two broadcasts (one from home, talking about my current work/home situation, and one from my studio, doing a little tour) and so far I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I feel brave for doing something that was really hard, and so many people responded positively to it and that was very encouraging. On the other hand, I felt frustrated that Periscope didn’t have a better way to deal with annoying commenters; there were a few people who joined the broadcast who posted annoying comments (and in one case, a really offensive word), and I wasn’t really prepared for that so I didn’t block them soon enough…anyway, that part was a bit of a bummer and a lot of people who were watching felt bad. But you know what wasn’t a bummer? Seeing how many people joined, gave me hearts, and said nice things and that they enjoyed it. So that was really fun. (Oh! I’m @madebyrae if you want to find me on Periscope!)

Some linkadoos:

I was really flattered that IndieSew asked if they could include my Beatrix sewing pattern as part of their fall collection. They just finished hosting a fun blog tour to feature the patterns and there was some mighty cute stuff in the mix. I really love what IndieSew is doing; rather than just selling third-party (other peoples’) PDF patterns, Allie makes an effort to actively promote the work of the designers, as well as produce awesome blog content like tutorials and information on different types of fabric to support those of us who want to sew clothing. I also love her story about how she got started.

My friend Anna just posted about the arrival of Knitting Season, and I feel like I’m getting the knitting bug too. Maybe this is the year I will knit myself a sweater???

Loved this post from Colette about supporting small/indie business.

Oop! Hugo just woke up so I’ve gotta go! He has a new tooth (#5) as of this week and has been a wee bit out of sorts as a result. Here’s a pic of him from the orchard we visited after school on Wednesday; the kids love sticking their heads through the big wooden shapes so I can take their pictures…it’s become an annual September tradition!


Have a great weekend!

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Sewing Superstar: Rachel of Stitched Together

It’s time for me to introduce you to our next Sewing Superstar! (Learn more about this fun series HERE.)

Today we’re featuring Rachel, who blogs over at Stitched Together. She has five kiddos who get to wear an astonishing number of handmade clothes, and her versions of the Geranium Dress have been catching my eye from the get-go. Her candid photographs are always beautifully shot, in and around their home in Texas.

stitched together superstar mosaic

above: top left / top right / bottom leftbottom right

Don’t you just love all of those Geranium Dresses? Rachel has made so many of them; good thing she has so many daughters to wear them! She reports that this gorgeous blue one with yellow piping gets tons of compliments in real life, and look how sweet the photos in this blog post are.

Meanwhile, I honestly haven’t thought about the sunsuit in awhile, but I’m swooning over this gold one. Double gauze is such a perfect material for a baby sunsuit, and it’s no secret that Cotton + Steel Bespoke collection gets me every time. You can find my free baby sunsuit tutorial here. Don’t you think this little sunsuit deserves its own hashtag? Whaddya say… who wants to be the first to use #madebyraesunsuit?

Follow Rachel online here: Stitched Together blog / Instagram

You can find more projects here:
Flickr: Geranium Sewing Pattern Pool / Rae Made Me Do It Pool
Instagram: #geraniumdress / #raemademedoit / #madebyrae.

It inspires me so much to see what you are making with my patterns. Please add your photos to the photo pool(s) or tag your pics with#raemademedoit or#madebyrae so I can see what you’re making. I’m excited to feature more Sewing Superstars here soon!

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Overalls for Hugo


Yes, I know, I know; I have a pile of things to finish but sometimes you just gotta make something in your head, you know? I had this idea to sew a pair of overalls with my Small World corduroy and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so during a nap I hacked my Parsley Pants pattern to make a little pair of overalls for Hugo. The Parsley Pants pattern starts at size 2 but is meant for potty-trained kids so the fit doesn’t account for a huge cloth diaper; I figured if I just cut off the legs and added a bib thingy on the top they would work just fine! Hmm. I was *almost* right.



I am lucky to have quite a bit of Small World sample yardage to work with, so testing out an idea like this isn’t a huge risk for me, but if I were trying this with fabric that I had less of, I definitely would have made a test version first. I will be completely honest: they don’t fit him very well.



What the photos here don’t show is that I had to put him in a disposable diaper instead of his normal cloth diapers just to get them on, and then they were so tight he looked like he was stuffed into them like a little baby sausage. Mmm…delicious little baby sausage (sorry I couldn’t resist — remember this post?). Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board if I want to make another pair (and I do!). Just need to lower the crotch / shorten the legs / lengthen the waist / widen the entire thing…you know, just a few minor tweaks and it’ll be downright perfect. Hah.



I wanted to share these anyway; as you can see things don’t always work out when I just jump in and whip it up. Sometimes it pays off…but sometimes it doesn’t!

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Wear Your Washi Contest Winners!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun celebrating my Washi Dress Pattern’s third birthday, haven’t we? (If you’d like to catch up on details, here’s the original post.) I am amazed at how many Washis you’ve all made made (it’s good to know that not only my closet is bursting with Washis), and I love that some of you have pretty much made Washi your uniform.

If you followed the Wear Your Washi Contest until the end, you’ll see here that I declared a tie between Karie and Rachel on Day 25. DAY TWENTY-FIVE, people. These ladies each wore a different Washi every day for more than three weeks, and they both still had more in the wings! Not to mention, they were prepared to crank a few more out if they needed to. Gotta appreciate the competitive spirit! Here’s just a small sampling of their posts:

Karie / karie_twokwikquilters:


Rachel / marmaladeinstead:

marmalade instead

I’m putting together a box of treats to mail to each of our ambitious winners. Thanks for the enthusiasm, ladies!! Congratulations!

I also want to give honorable mention to Allison and Niku who stayed in the game for a good long haul. Check out a few of their Washis!


photos used with permission (Allison’s Instagram feed is now private)

Niku / xostitches


A bunch of the tops and dresses that people posted during the contest were made using the Washi Expansion Pack. I love all those collars and bows, and it’s cool to see how different styles really resonate with different folks.

Even though the birthday party is over, we can all post Washi photos for all time using the #wearyourwashi tag, and of course #madebyrae and #raemademedoit are fun tags for any of the things you sew using my patterns. Thanks for all the Washi love!

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Bespoke Double Gauze Pearl Dress



This lovely double gauze has been sitting on my shelf for months while ideas for what it would eventually become percolated through my brain. I purchased it in a double-gauze-buying-binge from Fancy Tiger (a fantastic shop that also sponsors my blog!) earlier this year. I loved this stripe print so much (see: this top and these pants) that I decided I wanted to try it in this red/peach/blue colorway. Last week I suddenly pounced on it and it was all cut-it-out one night and sew-the-placket the next afternoon and then there were a few days of sewing french seams that felt like forever and then the hemming and it was done. It’s so satisfying (and rare) when it all falls together in a few days and I can walk away with something that looks great and fits nicely. Having a good trusty pattern that you can jump in with that doesn’t require fitting is half the battle to be sure: this one is the Pearl Dress by Green Bee Patterns (also one of my blog sponsors!! look at me with the sponsor mentions today), again, I am really enjoying making these. I added the henley placket option this time and while I think it might be a bit tricky for the beginner, even with double gauze it really wasn’t too bad.



Double gauze is just dreamy (and the Cotton and Steel double gauze seems to be especially soft). I’ve said this so many times before, but wearing double gauze is like wearing pajamas. It might also even look like I’m wearing pajamas but I really couldn’t care it’s so comfortable. And personally I like the slightly rumpled look it gains as its worn; I was careful to steam this one before taking photos and not wear it around like I usually do. I got a comment recently from someone on a social media platform which will remain unnamed pointing out the wrinkles in my photos and asking if I ever press my garments when I sew them which of course I do, I press like a maniac while I’m sewing. I really don’t mind constructive critique when it’s kindly delivered, but this commenter also couldn’t resist mentioning that “many of us have been discussing the rumpled nature of your garments” which then made me feel like I was back in middle school and “they” were all over on the other side of the playground, talking smack about me. Believe it or not though, it was a good thing to hear, because the truth is that 100% cotton clothing does get wrinkly, and yes, I could stand to pay a little more attention to that in my photos, so it’s all good. I just need to photograph things before I start wearing them all over the place which will require some self control. Hey, upping my professional game a little bit can’t be a bad move.


Let’s talk about the french seams (shown above). I realized right away that it would be necessary to do some major seam finishing on this thing because raw edges on double gauze fray something fierce. My go-to option is to use a serger to finish seams, because it’s fast, but somehow I got it into my head that french seams would be better (read my Super Seams post for a few other favorite seam finishes). Which they are, but I’m gonna be straight with you, with double gauze they were a total bitch to sew. French seams on set-in sleeves, for instance. French seams on inseam pockets. And the trimming of all those little tiny threads every time. I persevered and now I LOVE it, but there were moments, let me tell you. Thank goodness for Jane Eyre on Neflix.


Anyway, I don’t want to scare anyone off double gauze — if you mind your seam finishes and cut carefully it’s actually quite wonderful to sew with, despite how the name might sound (am I right that the word “gauze” freaks people out?), and once sewn it is wonderfully forgiving, fit-wise, as well. IP information In fact, the loose weave creates a more generous fit so you could easily go down a size; my double gauze garments usually fit larger and looser than identically-cut garments in more stable fabrics (voile, lawn, for example). It’s also breathable for summer and layers well for fall, all in all I highly recommend sewing with double gauze (it’s one of my Five Favorite Fabrics, in fact). As you can see in the photo above, I’ll probably be wearing it with skinny jeans quite a bit this fall, and I can picture this with a big chunky sweater. Bring it, fall!!

By the way, you can find all kinds of double gauze fabrics at the following links from my fantastic sponsors: Jones and Vandermeer (a brand-new-to-me sponsor with all kinds of great apparel fabrics, welcome!!) /  Fancy Tiger  / Fabricworm / Fiddlehead Artisan Supply

and the Pearl Dress sewing pattern can be found at Green Bee Patterns, of course!

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