A plan for sewing Luna Pants

When I sew with a new pattern for the very first time, I like to have a realistic plan for sewing, especially since the first time always takes the longest. I wanted to briefly share with you a rough outline for dividing up this process into nice chunks that can easily be fit into an evening or an afternoon. For those of you who are participating in the Luna Pantsalong, hopefully this will give you a road map for what to expect if you are making these pants for the first time!

A sewing plan for making Luna Pants

The first thing I want to point out about the estimated times above is that I have tried to make them generous but realistic. Do I really think it will take you an hour to cut fabric or a half hour to take your body measurements? No. But it might, so keep that in mind! And it might also take you longer. Life happens, right? Continue reading

Luna Pants Inspiration

I’ve put together a couple of inspiration boards from my Pants! board on Pinterest to give you some ideas for Luna Pants sewing. Even though some of these differ in shape from Luna, I like to imagine a similar fabric with Luna’s shape, or just use the images to envision how I would style the pants for everyday or dressy wear.

Luna Pants inspiration

You can see how fabric choice really changes a pair of pants, as well as the styling. A star print on a dark double gauze background would be lovely (1), and a drapey rayon on a dark background could give you a completely different look (2). A tribal or large geometric print could be really stunning if you’re going for a statement pair (3), and adding a drawstring and using a knit fabric (I’ll post tutorials on both as part of the sewalong!!) would make this pattern into something perfect for yoga class (4)! I also love how you can dress these up (a pale solid double gauze, silk, or rayon could help you recreate these) by adding a blazer and a dressy shoe (5).

luna pants inspiration

I love floral pants (maybe you remember this pair), and I’ve seen a number of lovely floral prints lately that would work nicely for this look (6). A small geometric print on a dark background is a much more subtle look (7). I find that I’m drawn towards dark prints for these pants (8,9) for a more every day look. I think a yarn-dyed woven or chambray could reproduce the look in the center (8) nicely (again, with a drawstring, stay tuned for a tutorial), and a solid lawn or voile in navy or black makes them more conservative. More interesting prints are always fun, and you could just use a colorful geometric print (10), or even use a border print of some sort to create a stripe on the side of the front panels (11).

I’ve mentioned a few different types of fabric (rayon, double gauze, lawn, voile, chambray) that I have found work nicely for this pattern; I’ll try to offer some tips for sewing with some of these types of fabrics as the sewalong progresses since each has its own set of unique properties. I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for your next pair of Luna Pants!

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Are you sewing along with our Luna Pantsalong? All you have to do to participate is show us one or more photo(s) of your Luna pants, either in progress (a pile of fabric! your cut pieces! as you sew a seam!), or finished (on a hanger! on you!), to one or more of the following spots online:

Your blog: Post photos and link back to one of my Pantsalong posts (so I can see it in my trackbacks).

Instagram: Follow @madebyrae, and post photos and use the tag #lunapantsalong.

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Flickr: Post photos in the Luna Pants photo pool.

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Luna Fabric Inspiration

Over the course of the Luna Pantsalong, a bunch sponsors gave us suggestions for what fabrics they would recommend for a pair of Luna Pants. Now that the giveaway contests are all over, I’ve gathered them all into one post here. There are so, so many options; I’m sure these ideas will help you on your way to your next several pairs of Lunas!!

Andrea from Fabricworm recommended some gorgeous organic double gauze fabrics:

fw 4 fabric recs

top left: Wildland double gauze / right: Flight double gauze
bottom left: Wink double gauze / right: Elk Family double gauze

Emily at Jones and Vandermeer weighed in with these great ideas for Luna Pants:
jones and vandermeer

top left: Nani Iro Ori-some double gauze/ right: Liberty Bourton tana lawn
bottom left: Robert Kaufman Rayon Chambray / right: Cosmo Denim Effect double gauze

Cloud9 Fabrics doesn’t have a retail shop, but you can find their certified organic fabrics in a lot of fabric shops; they have a handy “Where to Buy” right on their website so you can see which stores carry your favorite prints. Here’s what the folks at Cloud9 recommend for Lunas:

Cloud9 Fabrics Inspirationtop left: Moody Blues voile / right: Desert Rose double gauze
bottom left: Threads double gauze / right: Yucca voile

Fat Quarter Shop suggested these soft, lightweight Denim Studio denims from Art Gallery Fabrics. I love the simple prints!

FQS 4 fabric recstop left: Ragged Daisies / right: Distressed Triangles
bottom left: Casted Loops / right: Pointelle Rings

Chelsea at Bobbie Lou’sFabric Factory recommended some lawns, double gauze, and voile — all great choices for a pair of lightweight summer Lunas:
bobbie lou's

top left: Flight double gauze / right: Limestone Fee voile
bottom left: Sunrise cotton lawn/ right: Mystery Food cotton lawn

Perusing Robert Kaufman Fabrics‘ amazing Instagram feed, I fell in love with a lot of the solids/semi-solids and yarn dyes. These would all sew up into lovely basic garments that you can wear with just about anything. I especially like all the neutral options they offer. Here are some of my picks for Luna Pants from their countless fabric collections:

Robert Kaufman fabrics for Luna

top left: Double Gauze Chambray Dobby / right: Manchester (new colors this season)
bottom left: Manchester Metallic / right: Essex Yarn Dyed linen-cotton

luna inspiration

top left: Textured Cotton in peacock / right: Cotton Silk Radiance in gold
bottom left: Wool Flannel in gray heather / right: Cherries rayon

For today’s fabric inspiration, Karen at Honey Be Good recommends these lovely fabrics for Luna Pants:


top left: Scattered Floral knit / right: Threads double gauze
bottom left: Wink poplin / right: Threads double gauze

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the idea of using knits for Luna and showed my knit pair here! I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Cloud 9 knits (though, obviously, I am biased); they are so soft and are a great medium weight interlock. Double gauze is a favorite pick of mine for these pants, and poplin would work perfectly for a slightly more structured look.

My first Creativebug Class is coming soon!

Sewing for Little Ones with Rae Hoekstra

I’m excited to announce that my first Creativebug class, “Sewing for Little Ones: Beginner Pants” will go live in just two days on Thursday, April 7th! You can view the preview videos for the entire course and take a look at my instructor page for descriptions of each of the three classes that make up my “Sewing for Little Ones” work-along. (Note that these links are affiliate links so if you sign up via my link I earn a little $…).

One class will go live on Thursday for the next three weeks. I’ll say a little more about the first (beginner pants) class soon. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Wooooot!!! *does Kermit arms*

Sewing for Little Ones with Rae Hoekstra


Let’s have a Luna Pantsalong!

This spring Luna Pants are my favorite thing to make and wear. I love a cute pair of lightweight pants when the weather gets warm, and this pattern is so fun and comfy. I’m especially excited to show you the latest pairs I’ve sewn and to post a few tutorials to help you make them. So let’s have a Pantsalong! I find spring to be particularly motivating when sewing clothing, and I know there are some of you out there who would appreciate having the extra motivation that a sewalong provides.

LUNA Pantsalong

All of the Pantsalong posts are now published, but #lunapantsalong is by no means over. I’ll keep all of these posts up for future reference, and look forward to seeing a lot more Luna Pants in the future. Here are all the posts for easy navigation:

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Buy the pattern now

Can’t wait to see your Pantsalong pics!!!