To support the indie crafting community, I’m happy to offer licenses for handmade artists who wish to sell items made using Made By Rae patterns in their shops!

The following patterns either include a License to Sell or selling permissions with the purchase of the pattern:

Big Butt Baby Pants
Bonsai Bag
Buttercup Bag Note: license only included with pattern purchase, NOT free version.
Flashback Skinny Tee

The following Licenses are sold separately from the sewing patterns:

$10 – Charlie Tunic (or Charlie Dress) License to Sell
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$10 – Geranium License to Sell
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$10 – Itty Bitty Baby Dress License to Sell
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$10 – Lickety Split Bag License to Sell
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$10 – Peekaboo Bonnet License to Sell
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$10 – Pierrot Tunic License to Sell
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$10 – Showoff Bag License to Sell
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$10 – Toddler Backpack License to Sell
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Registered sellers who have items available for sale will also have their shop information included on my Seller’s Lists so that I can send customers to their shops! Please support the sellers listed here:

Made By Rae Sellers Lists

Big Butt Baby Pants
Bonsai Bag
Buttercup Bag
Charlie Tunic
Itty Bitty Baby Dress
Lickety Split Bag
Peekaboo Bonnet
Pierrot Tunic
Showoff Bag
Toddler Backpack

Made By Rae License To Sell

A MBR License To Sell is a limited commercial license that allows one person to make and sell handmade items using a specific MBR Sewing Pattern. If you purchase a license and you have a home sewing business, you are entitled to sell garments made using the pattern for profit. The license is good for as many garments as you the purchaser can personally make and does not need to be renewed. Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited. Purchase of a license DOES NOT entitle the purchaser to sell, copy, or distribute the pattern itself. You also have 24 hours after purchase to request a refund if the terms of the license are not to your liking.

Click on the image to view a sample license

Seller Guidelines

I ask sellers to follow a few specific guidelines which include giving appropriate design credit, registering your shop, and purchasing additional licenses for each person in your shop who will be sewing the items. There are also some addition guidelines on what the license purchaser may or may not do.

Registering as an Official Made By Rae Seller

Registering your shop helps me keep track of and promote my sellers! When you have MBR garments or items ready for sale, simply fill out and submit this form so that I can add you to my list of sellers. These lists are always up on my website so that people looking for MBR sellers can find you. These sellers will also be featured periodically on my blog.


May I sell items made using your free patterns and/or tutorials?
Please e-mail me at for more information.

Does “personal use only” include using the pattern to make gifts for others?
Absolutely! “Personal use only” is meant to mean using the pattern for yourself or to make gifts for your friends and family, in other words, not selling the items you are making with the pattern.

I found a seller on Etsy who is selling something from one of your patterns without giving you credit. What should I do?
I’d be happy to follow up with them; please email me the link to the shop and I will check it out. And thank you for letting me know!

May I use your pattern for a class I’m teaching? How about sewing for charity?
Just drop me an e-mail ( describing your class or charity project and we can talk over the details!

May I see more specifics before I commit to purchasing a license?
Sure! You can view a sample license here. You also have 24 hours after purchase to request a refund if the terms of the license are not to your liking.

Why did my shop disappear from your Seller’s List?
I try to keep my seller’s lists up to date so I will occasionally check over the lists. A shop will often be removed if I can’t find any Made By Rae items listed for sale in a shop, or if design credit isn’t listed with each MBR item sold. If you feel your shop has been removed in error, or if you are ready to have your shop relisted, please drop me an e-mail (!

May I sew my own shop/brand tags to items made through the MBR Seller’s Program?
Yes! Go right ahead.

I would like change the pattern a little and claim it as my own design. Is that OK?
Please do not claim any Made By Rae pattern or variations of the pattern as your own, or use the pattern to make derivative patterns and claim them as your own. I draw the patterns I sell from scratch and I always try to make designs that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. Although I personally love to vary existing patterns (for example I often make variations with someone else’s patterns for my kids), when I blog about it I give credit to the original pattern designer and I would not dream of selling it as my own design. I hope that those who use (and alter) my patterns will use the same guidelines as well.

I would like to change the pattern a little and give you design credit. Is that OK?
Please email me to discuss this option; it’s usually OK but I like to have some input with this!

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seller’s program

I offer licenses for handmade sellers who would like to sell items made with my patterns on a small scale. To see all of the available licenses, visit the pattern page. For more information on the seller's program, please visit the seller's page.

My free patterns or tutorials are intended for personal use only. Thanks for respecting my wishes and supporting my shop!

Too busy to sew? Purchase a ready-made item from one of these sellers:
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Buttercup Bag Sellers List
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Please support the sellers listed here!

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