Made: Nursery Mobile

It took all of 5 minutes to construct this mobile for Elliot’s nursery. I purchased a photo mobile from Urban Outfitters (which unfortunately, does not seem to be available on their website) and used the clips on the mobile to attach a set of IKEA fingerpuppets. Easy and cute. Ta-da!

Total cost: $18

5 thoughts on “Made: Nursery Mobile

  1. Hi! Your sister sent me here 🙂

    I **love** this idea! We have those Ikea finger puppets and unfortunately they don’t get much play time from my oldest. My wee one (7 months) might love this though. Thanks!

  2. GREAT IDEA!! I’ve had the idea to make my own mobile since Asher was in the womb but didn’t do it. When Abram was born i resolved to do it and made one out of an old hangar and james and i made origami jungle animals to attach. Needless to say it took much more than 5 minutes to assemble, but was gratifying nonetheless. If only i had the level of productivity that you do, Rae! I’m at about 2 crafts per year at this point. So continue to carry the torch for the rest of us wannabees.

  3. Thanks! It’s so easy and I love that you can just unclip them and attach some other cute set of things to make it brand new!

    Lisa: Great to hear from you again!!

  4. Hi. My mom made my mobile, but she did not do it the easy way you did. She actually sewed things and made me robots. Check it out if you like.


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