Sewed: Monkey Outfit

Here’s an outfit for Elliot I just finished! The kimono top has snap closures and was made from a vintage baby pattern my mom had kept since I was a baby. The pants are a pattern I made up. Perhaps someday I will be inspired to scan and post it.

Here’s Elliot in the top (which I finished first):
I also just finished a matching pair of booties:
I used (with some modification) the fabulous pattern from Joanna at Stardust Shoes. I added a seam to the sides of the heel so that it wouldn’t be unfinished, but you can’t see that seam unless you look inside the bootie. Also, they fit Elliot right now, so I would put this pattern at 6-12 months size-wise.

The leaves are almost all gone here, but here’s the last gasp of color in our yard.
In finding-new-fabric-news, I’m v. excited about the new organic fabric line from Michael Miller. They have some very cool looking baby crafts posted on their blog.
And can I say, it’s about time!

Made: Homemade Baby Food

This happens to be so ridiculously easy that even I can do it. AND it almost qualifies as cooking. Ha!These are sweet potato and applesauce baby purees. I used instructions from to produce a week’s supply. Both happen to be a staple now in our house as they are both things which Elliot will reliably wolf down without coaxing.

A few issues of concern: I’m not sure which type of plastic the ice-cube tray I’m using is made of. Recently I’ve turned the laser-eye on all of the plastics in our house to try and get rid of ones that leach plasticizers, but it’s difficult when things aren’t labeled. I know it’s probably best just to toss them and buy BPA-free trays like these. Sigh. Another issue: Is it safe to wash baby food jars and use them to store frozen purees in? As I currently have a readership of zero, I’m guessing my comments section won’t fill up with answers and suggestions. Oh well.

In other get-excited-about-puree news, I’m really looking forward to reading this recipe book by Jessica Seinfeld:
It’s on my Christmas list.