Sewed: Monkey Outfit

Here’s an outfit for Elliot I just finished! The kimono top has snap closures and was made from a vintage baby pattern my mom had kept since I was a baby. The pants are a pattern I made up. Perhaps someday I will be inspired to scan and post it.

Here’s Elliot in the top (which I finished first):
I also just finished a matching pair of booties:
I used (with some modification) the fabulous pattern from Joanna at Stardust Shoes. I added a seam to the sides of the heel so that it wouldn’t be unfinished, but you can’t see that seam unless you look inside the bootie. Also, they fit Elliot right now, so I would put this pattern at 6-12 months size-wise.

The leaves are almost all gone here, but here’s the last gasp of color in our yard.
In finding-new-fabric-news, I’m v. excited about the new organic fabric line from Michael Miller. They have some very cool looking baby crafts posted on their blog.
And can I say, it’s about time!

7 thoughts on “Sewed: Monkey Outfit

  1. You are so totally busted! I took one look at that cute baby and I know exactly who you are. Hee hee. Thanks for the comment. The entire outfit is fabulous!!!

  2. Look at all the wonderful things you make- so many of your own patterns! Your son has to be in the top 5 most-adorable-babies-I’ve-ever-seen category (my own daughter,is of course, in the same category). I found your blog through your sister’s, lovely creations.

  3. Love the set. You mentioned maybe posting the pattern sometime. I looked, but didn't see it. Is it something you might post sometime??

  4. Hi Nora:
    Yes, the Big Butt Baby Pants are now available on my sidebar for sale…this was the very first version of them I ever made. 🙂

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