Nursery Watercolors

I don’t do much painting, but I think these turned out swimmingly.

These hang in the nursery over Elliot’s crib. The elephant is my least favorite and I keep thinking I’ll redo it one of these days. The giraffe is actually based on a design I made up in high school (it ended up on a Valentine’s card for my sister Kricket…the spots were hearts though) and has been regurgitated in one form or another for years, including a number of baby onesies that I stenciled with freezer paper:
For anyone who might be wondering, this sort of craftiness is the easiest thing in the world — sketch your stencil on freezer paper, cut it out with an exacto knife (the one pictured had two stencils, one for the orange stuff and one for the green stuff), iron it onto your onesie, iron another piece of freezer paper into the inside of the onesie so the paint won’t leak through, paint with fabric paint (an old Crayola kiddie paintbrush works great), and let it dry. See?

Another hint I learned online from who-knows-who is to use the color “adobe” to mute the colors of the fabric paint. I bought my paint at JoAnn, and most of the colors were crazy bright and hard to stomach in their original hue. However, as soon as you add the adobe color (which is a sandy color), it makes the colors much, much cuter.

Some of the other onesies I made can be found here at seester Elli’s blog. I also guest-blogged about them here.

3 thoughts on “Nursery Watercolors

  1. I like the elliphant! Darn, I can’t spell that word correctly any longer. And you look cute all preggie in that post. You should provide me with more niecphews.

  2. Are you crazy? The elephant is my favorite! 🙂

    All of your work is so inspiring! I am a knitter at heart, but sometimes I venture into the world of sewing (I made a diaper bag for my newborn – it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to).

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