Christmas Round-Up

I’m not the sort of person who posts about the presents I’m making for other people before they get them. I just don’t like spoiling the surprise. I understand it makes for better blogging if you do; other people can get inspired by your craftiness and share your general stress as the Christmas deadline approaches and you realize in a cold panic that you’re way behind.

Anyway, I find it satisfying to list them here as a monument to my crafting accomplishments. Even if it’s less exciting.

Belts for sisters and friends (fabric from IKEA and Superbuzzy):

Pants for the baby (fabric from Superbuzzy, pattern my design):

Boxers for my sweetypie (Heather Ross fabric, Simplicity pattern):

Napkins and Placemats for Mum-In-Law (Sublime Stitching embroidery pattern, fabric from stash, Amy Butler’s In Stitches pattern for placemats):

Tote bag/purse for Ally (fabric from IKEA, pattern my own design):
And finally, a shirt for me (fabric from stash, pattern my own design):

5 thoughts on “Christmas Round-Up

  1. And the ten bazillion berets! Don’t forget those! Or did you already blog those? I should go and check. Anyway, I love my belt. And I love you! See how I get all mushy when you make me things? Sigh.

  2. I love this post! The belts and bags are so lovely. It is great to see the IKEA fabric used on such nice things. I’d be really interested if you posted the belt pattern although you have inspired me to have a go. Thanks also for the idea about making boxer shorts – my boyfriend would love it if I made some for him!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Mia – I love making up new patterns. Hopefully some of them will appear on this blog soon.

    Lara – I’ll work on that belt pattern …stay posted! Thanks for the idea!

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