Happy Birthday, Mr Rae

This past weekend we celebrated my handsome husbeast’s 30th birthday!
I ended up making three different types of cake: vanilla, lemon, and yellow with chocolate frosting. Long story involving cake sticking to pan, blah, blah, blah…anyway, it turned out alright in the end. I used my Martha Stewart cupcake flags for decoration.

As a sidenote, I found that champagne and white cran-strawberry juice in a 50/50 ratio makes an excellent champagne cocktail.

I also had a chance to bring out my pride and joy, Felt Birthday Banner:

As you can see, it’s a bunch of felt circles strung along a piece of ric-rac. The genius of this getup (if I do say so myself) is that the letters can be rearranged and another person’s name can be added instead of “Nate.” I was also informed by a party-goer that it could be used for “Happy New Year” if I added a “W.” To make it, I traced a glass and a mug (with diameters of about 3″ and 3.75″) for the circles and freehanded the letters. I hot-glued the pieces together with a ribbon loop in between them for hanging. Voila!

And here is my cute birthday boy:

Moving along the color wheel

Have I mentioned how much I love the cloth shoe pattern from Joanna? It’s really cute, but most importantly, THE SHOES STAY ON. Before I had a babe of my very own, I had no idea how difficult it is to keep footwear on such a wee person. It is puzzling: you’d think that a creature who can’t even control his own random arm motion wouldn’t have the wherewithal to jettison a bootie. You’d be wrong.

At any rate, I’ve now produced at least four pairs of these for Elliot. This pair used the leftover scraps I had after making boxers for the husbeast at Christmas. I also made a matching bib backed with terry cloth for maximum drool absorption. I love this gold color so much.

Here they are in action:
In WIP news, I’m almost* done with a pair of crochet pants for the babe:

This is actually the second leg; the first is already finished. I’m using the “Emerald Isle” pattern from Candy Babies and Lion Cotton-Ease in maize and taupe.

* Note false sense of confidence in timely completion. Of course the true test will be the finishing. I never have any problem with the crochet part. It’s the sewing it all up at the end that makes me want to poke my eye out with a crochet hook.

By the way, I want to offer my sincere thanks for all of the kind words and comments! I was so overwhelmed by all the encouraging feedback. Literally. When you go from two readers to a bajillion (thanks mainly to your seester who is trying to placate her readership by offering up her siblinks whilst hearing the drums in the distance) it’s quite a change in scene on the ol’ bloggity blog.

Color Bias?

As I was perusing my recently finished projects, of which there are a surprising many, I noticed that it is slightly possible that I may have a thing for blue and orange. No? Witness:

: : Wristlet for moi : : Denise Schmidt fabric ::

: : Nighty for Krick : : Amy Butler fabric : :

: : Granny square afghan for Elliot : : Rowan Handknit Cotton in seafarer, celery, diana, and flame : :

: : Afghan Pattern from Simple Crochet by Erika Knight : :

It’s actually supposed to be a dog afghan. As if anyone would ever spend that much time and money on a DOG AFGHAN. Don’t get me wrong, Kricket. I love dogs too. I just wouldn’t spend the oh what was it now 90 hours (?!?!)* it took me to whip this thing up just to have it covered in dog hair.

:: Modified Bitty Booties for Elliot : : I’m VERY pleased with the way these chickens turned out!

: : Baby Bib : : Heather Ross Fabric : : Can’t wait to make something out of those gnomes…

*slight exaggeration possible.