Color Bias?

As I was perusing my recently finished projects, of which there are a surprising many, I noticed that it is slightly possible that I may have a thing for blue and orange. No? Witness:

: : Wristlet for moi : : Denise Schmidt fabric ::

: : Nighty for Krick : : Amy Butler fabric : :

: : Granny square afghan for Elliot : : Rowan Handknit Cotton in seafarer, celery, diana, and flame : :

: : Afghan Pattern from Simple Crochet by Erika Knight : :

It’s actually supposed to be a dog afghan. As if anyone would ever spend that much time and money on a DOG AFGHAN. Don’t get me wrong, Kricket. I love dogs too. I just wouldn’t spend the oh what was it now 90 hours (?!?!)* it took me to whip this thing up just to have it covered in dog hair.

:: Modified Bitty Booties for Elliot : : I’m VERY pleased with the way these chickens turned out!

: : Baby Bib : : Heather Ross Fabric : : Can’t wait to make something out of those gnomes…

*slight exaggeration possible.

29 thoughts on “Color Bias?

  1. Cute, cute, cute, cute, and CUTE!

    My sisters are so talented. I especially love the little wristlet (hint hint).

  2. Hi. Elli just sent us over here, and I’m so glad she did! You make some really lovely stuff. I’m adding you to my google reader right now!

  3. Where do you find your fabric?! We don’t have fabric stores here with anything close!

    I love your FOs. Sew beautiful!

  4. Why not have a thing for blue and orange? They’re complementary colors, right? It’s only natural! Your creations are just beautiful. I love the nighty!

  5. Thanks for the comments!! Most of my fabric is from online stores like Superbuzzy and Reprodepot and Purl. Check out the links on the left for the full list of my online fabric haunts.

  6. Good LORD you make beautiful things. I, too, have color preferences that snuck up on me. A quick perusal of my yarn stash reveals much more yellow and orange than I ever thought possible, and much less blue than would seem reasonable, given I really do love blue. Hmm.

  7. Rae you continuously amaze me! So cool. I want to be more like you …. When are you going to start selling this great stuff you are sewing and making? How about opening an etsy site? –GRETCHEN

  8. Amy – The nightgown pattern was traced from one that I own and then modified a little bit (like just about everything I make), so as far as I know there is no pattern out there for it.

  9. Re: dpns, what size do you need? If I have a spare set I will let you gank. I do like to keep a complete set around though…(hoard, hoard).

  10. I have a thing for orange and brown. And orange with green. Well, orange with anything really. And thank you for the bit on muting the fabric paints with adobe…very helpful and noted for the planned paintapalooza I am devising. Oh, and I feel it must be said, those chickens for the feets, awesome.

  11. Hi there! Just found your blog while looking at crafty Flickr photos. LOVE the afghan and I’m so envious that you can do things with both yarn and fabric.

    I like aqua blue and red myself…

  12. I wandered over here from your sister’s blog, and I am so amazed! You make some beautiful stuff, and I am especially in awe of your granny square afghan

  13. So many wonderful things on your blog. You are indeed a talented person!
    I also adore making children’s clothes – it’s an urge for me to be crafty every day ;0)

    Beautiful pictures you painted as well and I love the way you have framed them…

    I will definitely be back to have another inspiring look at your blog!

    Ulla :0)

  14. I just discovered your blog (with a little help from your seester over at Elliphantom) You are really inspiring me to do some serious sewing, how cute are the little chicken booties?? Anyway, I’m glad I found you, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re very talented!

  15. I just came across your blog when I saw your bitty booties on Heather Bailey’s Flickr, I just have to comment and say how cute they are! I love the chickens and the color choice, you are so talented, hope you keep posting your cute stuff!

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