Moving along the color wheel

Have I mentioned how much I love the cloth shoe pattern from Joanna? It’s really cute, but most importantly, THE SHOES STAY ON. Before I had a babe of my very own, I had no idea how difficult it is to keep footwear on such a wee person. It is puzzling: you’d think that a creature who can’t even control his own random arm motion wouldn’t have the wherewithal to jettison a bootie. You’d be wrong.

At any rate, I’ve now produced at least four pairs of these for Elliot. This pair used the leftover scraps I had after making boxers for the husbeast at Christmas. I also made a matching bib backed with terry cloth for maximum drool absorption. I love this gold color so much.

Here they are in action:
In WIP news, I’m almost* done with a pair of crochet pants for the babe:

This is actually the second leg; the first is already finished. I’m using the “Emerald Isle” pattern from Candy Babies and Lion Cotton-Ease in maize and taupe.

* Note false sense of confidence in timely completion. Of course the true test will be the finishing. I never have any problem with the crochet part. It’s the sewing it all up at the end that makes me want to poke my eye out with a crochet hook.

By the way, I want to offer my sincere thanks for all of the kind words and comments! I was so overwhelmed by all the encouraging feedback. Literally. When you go from two readers to a bajillion (thanks mainly to your seester who is trying to placate her readership by offering up her siblinks whilst hearing the drums in the distance) it’s quite a change in scene on the ol’ bloggity blog.

16 thoughts on “Moving along the color wheel

  1. Hi Rae! I found your blog off your sisters, where I found her blog off of Kathryn Ivy’s blog. Those are really cute picked a cute fabric!

  2. I LOVE the little dog print on those booties. I agree, these are one of my favorite patterns. I think I am going to blow up the pattern so they fit Elise now. I also love the color of those pants. I wish I lived in a cooler climate Elise could wear some.

    -Deborah (
    (I don’t have an account so I have to leave comments from my husbands expired account)

  3. well if you don’t want to finish the pants you can always set them aside and start crocheting pants for your husbeast…there really should be more matching father-son apparel.

    you should allow comments from people without bloggers.

  4. I have been wanting to try those shoes for a while now. Sewing curves has been something of a nightmare for me, I understand that I need to branch out. I love the puppy placement on those shoes. Perfection itself.

  5. So cute!! I saw shoes like those on Etsy for $14 a pop…still not too bad of a price…but now I really want to make my own. Do you have a pattern for the boxers?! My husband has boxer issues, they’re either too expensive or too cheap! 🙂

  6. Have you tried the Ladybugz crochet pants pattern? No finishing required! 🙂

    (They have a little bubble butt to accomodate a cloth diaper, but you could always leave that off if you use disposable diapers.)

  7. Julia: The boxer pattern is Simplicity 9958 with a small modification: the legs on the pattern are REALLY long so I shortened them so they don’t look so dorky. I also found they were so baggy that I could make a size M for my husbeast who usually wears size L.

    Kelly: Whaaah? No finishing??? It sounds too good to be true. Thanks for sending that link!

  8. Hi Rae! I sent you an e-mail earlier this morning with the recipe you requested for the cake…I’m not sure of your received it. If not, let me know and I’ll post it for you.

  9. cute shoes. too bad my baby is six with chickenpox! may have to enlarge for next years christmas present though.

  10. Stopping by to say hi from your sister’s blog. I love the shoes! Great fabric choice.I have been meaning to make a pair, but haven’t had time to pull out the sewing machine. I blame the time limitation on the baby.

  11. Those shoes are SO adorable. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I am a newbie sewer so my skillz are not so great but yours make me want to give it a go. Oh, they are so cute.

  12. The booties are awesome. I’m always looking for neat ideas. I read your sister’s blog (knitting blog), and she was right! This is awesome.

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