Sewed: More Baby Stuff

I finally found some of the Michael Miller cotton laminate online that was reasonably priced AND in the prints I wanted. The great thing about this stuff is that it’s waterproof but not stretchy like diaper PUL or thick like oilcloth so it’s easy to sew. The not-so-great thing about it is that it is not machine washable. In the end though, cuteness trumped cleaning issues for me. Anyway, you wouldn’t put an oilcloth tablecloth in the washing machine. You’d just wipe it off, which is exactly what we do with these:

: : Pocket bibs : :

: : Reversible Splat Mat for Elliot’s high chair : :

: : Other side : :

: : Corner View : :

I was inspired to make the Splat Mat by this post on Kathy Miller’s blog. I only had 1 yard of each of the fabrics so I couldn’t make the full sized square mat. Since we really don’t have that much room in the kitchen the rounder shape works better anyway.

Also from the Waterproof Baby Stuff Dept, I wanted to show off this awesome bib that Kricket embroidered for Elliot (pattern: Sublime Stitching):

I backed it with diaper PUL so it would be waterproof. I love being able to toss it in the wash. I also love the cute dancing veggies. Hilarious.

8 thoughts on “Sewed: More Baby Stuff

  1. You know that E. is just going to view this as a challenge to increase his food-tossing radius, right? Still, it is very adorable.

  2. The bibs & food mat are super cute. I might have to steal some of your ideas & patterns for stuff! You are so creative! Only about 5 weeks to go! Love, your cuz Sarah

  3. supercute bibs and also very practical to just wipe them off in stead of washing and drying…a lot more quicker!! that way you’ll never run out of bibs 🙂

    nice blog too!

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