Oh goody!

: : More with the dresses : :

I hope you’ve had a chance to look over at the Itty Bitty Baby Dress Flickr group — there’s some mighty cute dresses in there to inspire you to get your rear in gear and make your own. Don’t forget to add yours to the group when you’re done.

: : Freezer Paper Tutorial : :

Also, a few of you had asked for a tutorial on freezer paper stenciling, which I’ve used to make a bazillion baby onesies in the past year. I found this awesome freezer paper stencil tutorial over at MakeBabyStuff.com, which is also a great site for crafty baby ideas.

: : Owl Pouch : :

This should be arriving shortly at the doorstep of one of my seesters…

It’s about 8″ or so, with a blue lining to match. Two pockets inside for credit cards and cash:

I’ve been using mine non-stop since I made it. It’s just so handy to toss in a diaper bag or knitting bag or even a coat pocket. Fabric is Japanese import from Superbuzzy (which I noticed is having a spring sale right now!).

7 thoughts on “Oh goody!

  1. THANK YOU! It came on Monday, but I am a very bad sister and haven’t e-mailed you yet. I loves it! It is very cute. Right now I’m using it to carry my new camera around, since I don’t have a case yet.

    I am also very happy to be reunited with my long lost sock.

  2. I love that zippered pouch! Do you have a tutorial for this or do you know where I can find a pattern?

  3. I love your itty bitty baby dress. However, not one single person I know seems to be able to produce a female child! Boys. All boys. There’s one person left, who finds out the day after Mother’s Day. She already has two sons and really needs a girl to balance the family (her boys and hubby are nuts!). I’m holding out for a girl. If she has a girl, she’s getting like a dozen of these dresses!

  4. What a lucky seester! Very cute pouch. I should make some of these…or, at the very least, one.

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