Sewed: Diaper, PJ Pants, Swingy Top and Clog Refurb

I’m sorry I can’t come up with a more creative title than that. I’m tired from cleaning out the basement today and can’t think. Also I should apologize for some hideous photography in this post. But whatevs. The important thing is that I feel really productive for finishing so many little projects. So here they are in no particular order….drumroll please!

: : Cloth Pocket Diaper : :

I actually made a couple smaller ones (pictured below) last summer by tracing a pocket diaper of Elliot’s. He outgrew those long ago and I’ve wanted to make some more large ones. The outside is waterproof PUL and the inside is white fleece. I stuff them with extra inserts I bought for my other diapers. Just in case you’re wondering, I mainly use BumGenius but I also have Happy Heinies and Haute Pockets. I found that the boat print PUL actually leaks pretty easily; I’m not exactly sure why, so I’m wondering if anyone else has had any experience with PUL. The solid colors have been much better.

: : PJ Pants : :

Remember the previous post? Here are the pants I made to go with one of the tops. The pants are too large (no, this baby is not missing a limb; his mother was just too lazy to sew elastic in the feet of his pants) but I’m sure he’ll grow into them soon. Here’s another (awful quality) picture so you can see another shot:

: : Baby Clog Refurb, Before : :

Elliot’s cute little blue clogs (one is shown here with one of mine for size comparison) were not staying on, due to a poor non-adjustable strap design by the Target Corporation. Shame on me for buying imitation Crocs.

: : After : :
So although I didn’t have to spend $25 on a pair of plastic baby shoes, I did have to spend a good hour making elasticized straps for them so they’d be wearable. Next time I’ll just spring for the better shoes. Despite the wasted time (not exactly an exciting project here, right?) I do like how they turned out. I used some Amy Butler scraps so they are pretty funky.

: : Amy Butler Swing Top : :

This is my pride and joy of the week — a new swingy top! I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but I made this pattern up after watching a Home Depot commercial during Desperate Housewives. Ack! I’ve admitted too many embarrassing things for one sentence there. Anyway, the ad starts with this woman walking out of her house carrying a platter of something to her husband at the grill. Yes, I know, cheesy, but her top was SO SWISHY AND AWESOME I had to pause it, rewind and make poor Nate rewatch it like six times so I could absorb it. Then I began plotting in my head how I was going to make it. This is version one because it came out way too big and so of course I had to make another one. I’ll post that one soon and maybe just maybe I will try to have better posture.

12 thoughts on “Sewed: Diaper, PJ Pants, Swingy Top and Clog Refurb

  1. That shirt is so adorable! I’m so impressed with your sewing skills and ability to make patterns. In fact, cute everything you posted!

  2. My goodness you have been so busy and productive! I love all your creations, but the swing top is particularly gorgeous.

  3. These are all terrific! Love the swingy top. And can there be anything cuter than a little baby’s behind in snuggly jammies?! Great stuff!

  4. very nice! I am working on a swing top for myself, your picture of yours is inspiring me to hurry up and finish. the jammies are adorable too. I have a soft spot for footed pjs. the boat print diaper is more prone to getting wet because it’s most likely cotton woven on top of the laminate and the solid colors are polyester.

  5. Top looks cute Rae! You designed that? Neat. The add-ons to the crocs are cute, I had no idea how much “real” crocs were until my Mom bought me some! Costly.

  6. I love the knit baby t’s in the last post, but I think the cutest thing I have seen this week is the diaper with the sailboats! It’s a diaper, with sailboats on it!!

  7. Love the new top. I can’t believe you can look at something and make it. Jeez… And I love the diaper covers. Even though the sailboats leak, it’s awfully cute.

  8. I came across your blog via Sew Mama Sew a couple of weeks ago, and I have to comment on your swing top. I know exactly which commercial you’re talking about. I noticed it too. Great job, the shirt looks fabulous.

  9. I know this is an older post, but I thought I'd answer your print pul question — since it's a waterproofed cotton, if the outside cotton bit rolls in on the leg area at all, it can get wet and wick moisture to the outside. Poly PUL prints do better in this. For cotton print PUL it's better if the cover or AIO is serged or bound in fold over elastic so the print part doesn't roll in on the legs.

    Does that make sense?

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