Stashbusting: Knit Baby Tees

Last week I made some pajama tops for Elliot with some knits that have been hanging around in my fabric stash since last summer. My fabric closet is about to explode and I’m feeling the pressure to sew away my fabric before I get sick of it. Case in point: I still have Amy Butler Gypsy Caravan prints waiting for a project (for those of you out of the loop, that was her first fabric line). Sad, I know.

I used one of Elliot’s shirts to make a lap-tee pattern. Seriously it is so much easier just to trace clothes that fit him than try and find patterns that do. However, the first shirt (the alien one) came out so ginormous I’m pretty sure it would fit a 4 year old. So I tried again with this geometric print and it fit (!), so I made a matching pair of pants to go with it but have been too lazy to take pictures of those yet.

The binding is 1.5″ wide rib knit. I bought the knits online at SewZanne’s and just cut the rib from old shirts. I’m sure it would have been better to use a serger, but I don’t actually own one, so the neck edges ended up a bit wonky.

I got Home Stretch for Mother’s Day, and after reading a bit of it and seeing the Button and other bloggers talk about it, I’m really excited to make some of the patterns. Now if only I could find some cool knit fabrics for ME.

: : Close-up of alien print. Ooga Booga. : :

I also finished a yellow crochet baby hat last week. It’s kind of out of season, but actually the green one with the leaves on top was made for Elliot a year ago when he was only a couple of months old. It seemed too cold outside in April and May so when we went outside he wore this hat and he stayed nice and toasty. The chin strap was key; every other baby hat he had just slid off of his conehead. The yellow one has a flower on top — I was hoping to get it finished before the birth of one of the two girl babies that were due this spring, but it was not to be.

The pattern is loosely based on a cherry baby hat pattern I found online with a chin strap added and no cherries. Although those cherries are ridiculously cute. Maybe next time.

6 thoughts on “Stashbusting: Knit Baby Tees

  1. Lovin’ the T-shirts…those little lap-over necks just looks so neat and tidy! Ooga-booga…what a hoot!!

  2. Those are some sweet shirts!
    I love the neck line! I wish I could have more comfy t-shirts with that neck line. =)

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