Ta-dah! Clothespin holder

I’ve heard many other new mothers suffer from anxiety over things they have little to no control over. My issues are global warming, toxic plastics (like those containing bisphenol-A and PVC) and other environmental toxins from things like mattress flame-retardants and cleaning products.

On a few occasions when Elliot was really little I had this feeling like the house was caving in on me as I realized that it was not possible to eliminate all potentially deadly factors from my baby’s environment in one day. It did not help that I spent every nap reading Healthy Child articles (a website I had found, ironically, in the eco-issue of Elle last year. WARNING: If you are pregnant or a new mother do NOT look at that site until you are absolutely sure your hormones will not cause you do something rash like throw everything in your house into the dumpster. I cannot be held responsible for ensuing mayhem).

I still care alot about these things, but it does help a ton that my hormone levels are pretty much back to normal. You have no idea how serious I am about that. It also helps (really) to tackle things one step at a time. So one thing I did was put up a solar clothes dryer (a.k.a. retractable clothesline) to help cut down on our energy use. I heard somewhere that running a dryer for one cycle costs about $1, and when you use it during the day, you’re more likely to be purchasing energy from backup power plants which are older and give off more pollution and carbon dioxide (can anyone confirm this?). So I at least feel like I’m helping with the whole global warming thing a little bit. And now that I’ve got this handy-dandy clothespin holder, I can stop rummaging around in the ground-cover for dropped clothespins. Man I can’t believe I waited so long to make one of these. Night and day we’re talking here, people.

Fabric: Michael Miller cotton laminate (you may remember previous projects from other prints), which is waterproof on one side.

Pattern: I just cut out a couple of pieces of fabric and then found a round cup to trace for the hole and corners. The hanger pieces are rectangles which I put snaps on with my snap press.

Finishing: Lime green double fold bias tape, which is about 1/4″ wide and can be found at just about any JoAnn’s.

10 thoughts on “Ta-dah! Clothespin holder

  1. Ooh, I love it! We use a folding clothes rack, because here in the PNW we just don’t get enough sunshine for a clothesline! (But I’m counting the days until summer.) If you want to feel better about your washing machine, check out the laundry soap recipe on my site 🙂 No phosphates, fragrances, etc. and I think it costs just a few cents per load depending on how much you pay for supplies. Gets things really clean, and is good for front loaders because it doesn’t suds.

  2. Very cute! I always find myself coveting everything you make, but in this case I would have to get myself a house and a clothesline before I could use one. So maybe I’ll hold off asking for one. lubba, lubba!

  3. There’s been so much talk about going GREEN recently that I’ve decided to join in, too! I love your clothesline solution and the adorable clothespin holder. My goal has been to reduce the amount I add to the landfill. I am recycling cardboard and have started a compost pile. It feels good to have control over something!

  4. that’s so nice idea! I also made myself one….but not this sofisticated….I’ll show it once 🙂

  5. Believe it or not, hanging clothes is one of my favorite past-times. I have several loads of laundry to hang each day, and having a pretty bag sure makes the job even more fun! Yours is adorable!

  6. What a great idea, and so stylish. We’re still fumbling for pegs on the ground, and despite my best efforts to train Thomas to hand them to me (I thought he might like to help!) he prefers to chew on them or distribute them amongst the plants.

  7. ‘Just popped in from Eliphantom.

    I’ve been a Domestic Goddess – also obsessed with the best for my “babies” for 18 years now – hanging laundry is the only way to go (ditto cloth diapers and knitting and sewing for your kids and home cooking and on and on and on… We can make such a difference at home if we set our minds to it.

    Also brilliant to surround yourself with things that you’ve made that make you happy and proud while you do the many repetitive jobs that go into raising healthy, happy kids!

    Also – ‘must admit I didn’t know you were related to Elli but when I saw the Mother’s Day profiles I thought it looked like her as I had just come from the page on her blog where there is a profile shot of her in London!

  8. Hi, I like your clothespin holder. Congrats on your success. I've been wondering what the cost is per load for the dryer. Thanks. Since it's summer I've been hanging out my sheets, towels. I LOVE the fresh scent of line-dried clothes. And, it's relaxing. You just can't bottle that.

    I can help you a bit with some of your anxiety. The global warming, etc. Read Climategate by Brian Sussman. It will help you understand what's behind it all. It, among other sources, will help put that to rest and save you some money. Should Congress ram through this Cap and Trade expect to eventually pay approx. another $3,000 per family per year in additional combined energy costs. I also believe the God that created this planet isn't going to let anything happen to it until He's ready to put an end to all of this. I don't feel that is too far off. You can read about that in the Bible.

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