Just stopping in…

I’m here…haven’t disappeared, just sewing as usual. I finished two more summer tops and am working on a third so next week just might need to be Summer Top Week II.

I want to say thanks for all of the wonderful and kind comments on the tops from last week. I read and appreciate every single one, even if I don’t get back to you right away. It’s such a boost to get that kind of encouragement, so thank you.

Here’s a look at a small fraction of the stash I’m chipping away at:

I may have accidentally purchased some of the Midwest Modern from Amy Butler. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but now I’m just going to have to sew some more stuff.

I made a little sun hat for Elliot for him to wear this summer while he’s growing into the one my mom made (mental note: take pictures and post).

The fabric is of course Amy Butler; scraps left over from something or other. The inside is khaki twill.

5 thoughts on “Just stopping in…

  1. Oh, you’re one of those industrious types who actually USES their fabric rather than stashifying it. I need to become one of those people 🙂

  2. Sorry to junk up your comments with this, but my emails to you keep getting returned/rejected by gmail.
    I had the same experience, and realized that I had put in the buttermilk mix, but not the cup of water you are supposed to add to correspond with the mix. If you are using real buttermilk, I’m not sure. It shouldn’t be super dry. Should be like a cake batter. Check all your ingredients again, and if it’s like a bread, maybe add a tiny bit of water?
    I hope this turns out for you. I’ll feel bad if it isn’t good. Let me know.


    Here’s the link to the original recipe without my changes. You may want to check it against that. I’m paranoid I might have typos in my recipe.
    Note the differing amts. of rhubarb, etc.

  3. thanks for the info! any by the way- the garage sale online works WONDERFULLY! we’ve sold so much! everything on there is just the leftover stuff… which will probably end up at salvation army. =)

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