Summer Top Week, Day III

This tie-top came from a pattern my mom gave me from the 70’s which she had used to make a maternity dress. That seems to be a problem of mine; I’m really into the empire waists and the pleats but they often end up making me look somewhat maternity-esque. I tried to make it shorter to prove there’s no baby-belly under there (well, there is, but it’s leftover from the last one). I think it works.

The fabric came from IKEA, from a baby bedspread I pulled apart and made into curtains for Elliot’s room. The leftovers went into this concoction, very Sound-of-Music and all. I like that you can see little birds peaking out here and there.

I actually made this top last summer but it needed modification and thus did not really get worn. The armpits were too high but if I untied the shoulders to make it lower the chest was too tight. So this week I re-sewed the underarm seams to make it more comfy.

I LOVE these colors so much and the style is really great. What’s a little hilarious about this is that it looks like the grown-up version of the Itty Bitty Baby Dress. Hah!

The original McCall’s pattern; of course I modified it a little, but it’s basically View D there except with fabric instead of lace and pleats instead of gathers.

7 thoughts on “Summer Top Week, Day III

  1. A lurker to delurker to say: I’m really loving the week of tops. So very inspiring and everyone has been beautiful.

  2. Hi. I’m a lurker who likes your site and your projects. Cute top. I call it Maternity Chic! I also like that empire waist look, but am a bit worried about looking prego. Oh, well. By the way, you don’t look pregnant.

  3. Very cute! Initially I did think that this was an a adaptation of your itty-bitty dress, ha!
    I especially love that you have a little birdie on your shoulder =)

  4. Another very pretty top. I just discovered your blog today and will visit again. Great stuff.

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