Summer Top Week, Day IV

Some of you are wondering how long I can keep up this top week thing, eh? eh? You’ll just have to stick around and see!

Today’s top (and I really am wearing them on the days I post them by the way, which is just so very fun) is another thing I made up for myself. I sketched out what I wanted to do and did a little math and voila, new top. It was a little touch and go there a few times as it actually was supposed to have elastic around the top band for a sort of smocked look but that bombed and the whole thing got ripped out. I did put a zipper in the back, since I’m no longer afraid of zippers thanks to this fabulous zipper tutorial, although once it was finished I discovered that I could just pull it over my head rendering the zipper useless. OH WELL.

The fabric is Denyse Schmidt which I purchased at the Sew Mama Sew Shop.

So let’s talk technique here. After deciding the shirt was too long (and yes, too maternity-esque YET AGAIN) the first day I wore it last week, I tore out the hem seam last night and re-did it this morning in record time. How, you ask? Answer: The Blind Hem, my New BFF (best friend forever for those of you not up with the latest lingo like hip little me [so sarcastic there…please…hip?]).

Anyway, if like me you loath the last step of every clothing pattern, The Hem, it will seriously change your life. First you need one of these though:

Meet Blind Hem Foot. On my Bernina Activa 220 it’s foot #5 and works with stitch #7, which looks like this on the inside:

And no, for those of you wondering, I did not figure out how to do this on my own (are you kidding, read the manual???), I learned it at the (free) class my local sewing machine shop offers with a purchase of a new Bernina, which was Mr Rae’s Christmas gift to me this year.

Here’s how it looks on the front:

Isn’t that pretty? All it takes is a two ironed folds and a quick sew around the hem and you’re done.

10 thoughts on “Summer Top Week, Day IV

  1. I know what you mean about the maternity look. I’ve been fighting that too but I love the comfort. I have feet to my machine that I have not investigated yet. I don’t have that one though, I do have a zipper foot and I’m ready to try the zipper in a skirt. Maybe this weekend…

  2. Oh I love it … but how am I supposed to make one if you just made it up and I have no pattern to refer to?!?! ;).

    Maybe with a few more shirts under my belt and I’ll be able to just make it up as I go too!

    Great job!

  3. Oh! I REALLY LOVE this top!
    Great job! I wish I had the courage to try something like this!

  4. Okay, all of them were really cute, but this is definitely my favorite! Beautiful fabrics, great design.

  5. love your blind hem, and LOVE this blouse! it’s amazing! you look so cute in it too, great job on the fit!

  6. You are seriously making me want a Bernina even more if that is possible. I love this shirt. Great pattern and cute fabrics! Great job!

  7. Lovely job – the fabric is darling too.

    Replying to your comment on my blog – yes, it was hard doing the list! It’s still really in draft mode, there are probably doubles and everything. Good luck with yours! 😉

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