Summer Top Week, Day V

Today you’re in for a real treat — menswear! Here’s a summer shirt I made for the best guy in the universe (my husband Nate):

Pattern: Simplicity 4287
I find it really hilarious that every single men’s pattern that exists also has a matching little boys pattern included. So I guess that means I should make a matching one for Elliot?

Fabric: Freshcut by Heather Bailey
I was so thrilled that a fabric designer had finally included a guy-friendly print in her line (fabric designers, are you listening?!) that I bought it online, not realizing that it was almost a fluorescent green. OK maybe not that bright, but certainly not a green my husband would be caught dead in. So I soaked it in tea overnight. That’s right. And it worked; I’m much happier with the muted hues, although with each washing it seems to be getting brighter, so we’ll see…

As I anticipated, this pattern is ginormously oversized, which isn’t exactly the most current style for guys right now if you know what I mean. So I made a medium even though he would normally wear a large because I wanted it to be a little more fitted.

This pattern drove me a little crazy with all the little meticulous steps, so if you’re more of the look-at-the-pictures type than the read-the-directions type or if you typically rely on divine inspiration for sewing direction, this is NOT the pattern for you. However, it produces some really sharp results, like little notches on the sleeves and sides of the hem and a nice looking cuff if you’re willing to baste a little (learned that one the hard way).

I don’t know if you can see it, but it has slightly western details on the pockets and shoulders. I almost got pearl-covered snaps but chickened out.

He likes it, so I’ll probably be making more of these. It’s nice to have a good solid basic pattern in your repertoire.

10 thoughts on “Summer Top Week, Day V

  1. Wow, menswear. That’s something you don’t see everyday on a blog! It turned out wonderful. My mom said that one summer (during the late 70s) she got so into sewing that she made like 15 shirts for my dad. And he had trouble wearing them before she had made more. A little overboard but really cool. We won’t discuss the cute dresses she made me that I refused to wear. I’m surprised she didn’t disown me at 3.

  2. Wow – you have been busy. What lovely creations. I am impressed by the menswear and I think I will have to give it a go. Thanks for all the great tips, you do lovely work!

  3. cute cute and cute! I seem to have not checked my bloglines for a long time. I think yesterday’s is my favorite.

  4. Brilliant! I love the tea dying idea, I guess you might have to repeat it occasionally if it gets too bright. I can’t believe all the beautiful tops you’ve been making too – what an inspiration. I wish it was warm enough here to wear some lovely tops like that, rather than hiding under lots of layers.

  5. I really like the shirt,and I like the tea-dyed tones. The details make the shirt, I hate to say, as details do take more time. But the end result is worth it, as the shirt doesn’t look ‘home-made’, which would be awful for a guy.

  6. That looks surprisingly great on him from the photo. I never think of making men’s or boys’ clothing, as it seems too hard or drab, but not in that fabric. You are a great “sewist,” as i have learned that term from kathy of pink by post. — Michele

  7. wow, i love this!
    i was wondering why your freshcut fabric looked so toned down… good choice! only my 5 year old son would probably wear that flourescent green!
    great job on this, makes me ALMOST want to attempt one for my husband, who has a really hard time finding shirts long enough for him… ALMOST 🙂

  8. Fantastic! I’ve been thinking of trying to sew up something for my husband…I’ll have to give this pattern a try.

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