Summer Top Week, Day II

This was my second attempt at a swingy top. I tilted the neck pieces this time in order to accommodate my slopey shoulders which weren’t really working with the square neckline on version 1.0. I also added pockets (see above) after I took the outdoor pictures, but today it was rainy so the picture quality isn’t that great. You get the general idea though. I am discovering very quickly that taking pictures of stuff while I’m wearing it is really, really hard.

The fabric here is from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan line (which can only be found rarely on ebay and in my closet), so that tells you how long I’ve had the fabric. Look at me stashbust!!!

I really like this top even though it has a sort of housedress feel to it. It’s cool and non-restrictive even if it doesn’t make me look all svelte.

5 thoughts on “Summer Top Week, Day II

  1. I love your swingy top! I have 2 shirts like that and I should just learn to sew to make more for myself. =)

    It looks lovely on you and the fabric reminds me of strawbery sorbet…great summer top!

  2. Love the fabric combo and silhouette! Don’t worry — YOU are svelte enough to not have to worry about that svelte nonsense.

  3. Would you be kind enough to share what pattern you used for this top? It looks great and I would love to have a go at making one for myself. TIA, Deb.

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