Summer Tops, Week II, Day III

I fully intend to put up a poll when all this is over and done to see which of these creations y’all like the most. But I already have my guesses just from the number of comments/amount of exuberance on each post.

Before we get to today’s top, I’d like to apologize first for the hideous tan lines. There was another picture (which will remain unposted and deleted forever) of this top where I actually couldn’t see the shirt properly due to the glare off of my chest. Never before have I been so keenly aware of my need to a.) apply self tanner or b.) wear only long sleeved turtlenecks until my skin fades back to its normal lily-whiteness. I’d also like to offer a general thank-you to everyone for not mentioning the farmer’s tan yesterday.

ANYWAY. Here’s my new ruffly empire-waisted (surprise!) top. Ta-da!

: : Fabric: Joel Dewberry’s Aviary and Heather Bailey’s Freshcut : :

I used a yard of the Dewberry and a half yard of the Freshcut (which barely made it due to last-minute ruffle-width changes).

: : Pattern : : As usual there is no real pattern for this one. I used one pattern piece from a Butterick dress for the front bodice but totally changed it as I traced it so I’m not even going to cite the pattern. I had this in my head as a dress originally (and truly you may live to see the next version of this as a dress) with a drawstring that tied under the bust, but I didn’t have enough fabric to make it go that far, and really I like it alot like this. The elastic goes from the straps under the arms and around the back, so to get it on I just pull it over the head. Translation: no zipper, which is always a win.

: : Fit : : I seem to have a recurring problem making stuff too big. Again, as in the past, this thing could probably fit someone with a 38″ chest or more, which means it’s a little too big on me. Seriously, I’m going to have to open an etsy that only sells shirts in size 38B/C to get rid of all the shirts I make but can’t wear.

15 thoughts on “Summer Tops, Week II, Day III

  1. I love that fabric! I’m off to San Francisco today and can’t wait to hit the big city fabric stores!!!!

    This top is really cute. You’re making it harder to pick favorites, ya know. One cute top after another!

  2. I just love this top!! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now & am inspired by your designs. It’s always fun checking in & seeing what your new top will look like!!

  3. that is absolutely beautiful!
    the 2 previous with the pleated collar are cute too.
    I likey all!!

  4. I am a top-a-holic so I just adore coming and seeing what you are up to. I just started sewing a few months ago so I am a ways off from making such lovely things but I am excited to get started. Thanks!

  5. O.K., this one is just terribly cute. I think I could live in a top like that. Just the right amount of frill, too. Yep, that one’s a winner!

  6. Well I think this might be my favorite!! I love the ruffle straps and hate that you did this out of your head and there by make it very hard for me to copy :). I did however find a McCalls pattern today (.99 at Hancock) that is SO close to the top I was admiring in Garnet Hill. It’s all cut and ready to sew … I’ll be sharing soon!!

    Oh and the elastic underarm back is great … that is what I love so much about the “Built by You” top I did, elastic neck (easy on and it hides mistakes :)).

  7. The combination of those two fabrics is so well suited to the sweet ruffly design. Are the straps closer together at the back than the front? I see a kind of halter effect which looks so great on your shoulders. BTW on my monitor I really can’t see any tan lines at all!

  8. Thanks so much for all the compliments you guys!

    Sel – the top DOES look like a halter top in that picture, but I think it’s just the way I put it on that time. Usually it goes more straight up and looks like a regular tank.

  9. that’s a cute one!

    I e-mailed krickie today and she’s all busy for this weekend already. She says that she maybe can do Saturday night.

    Maybe we can sew some of those circle dresses this weekend? Yes?

  10. Oh, I really like this one – although I do adore the collar on the previous one (love flour!). I am very much enjoying your summer top escapade! Well done.

  11. I love this! I wish I could wear this style. You did a wonderful job. I have several tunic tops cut out all because of your posts and how cute your items are.

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