Summer Tops, Week II, Day IV

Mom O: don’t read any more of this post! Someone’s birthday is coming up…[Mom H, you’re next! Consider yourself warned.]

When your friends and family read your blog it’s hard to give them surprises for birthdays or Christmas. Although to be fair, Mom O (my mum-in-law) picked out the fabrics and tried on this shirt a few weeks ago, so it’s not exactly a surprise. Oh and I called her a few nights ago for some last minute measurements, so if there was any doubt about whether I’d pull through with my threat to make her an original Made By Rae birthday creation, I probably removed it there.

The fabric she chose was Midwest Modern by Amy Butler:

: : Close-up of neck and pleats : :

: : And here it is : :

: : My picture of the top on involved the bathroom mirror, some bad lighting and a bit of trickery (Nate’s at work) : :

Gotta love those red running shorts. Heh.

This top is a size 6, as Mom O is super petite, so I could just barely get it on to take a picture of it and had some hopping around the bedroom with it stuck on my head whilst trying to remove it. You may recognize the overall design from the swing tops I made previously. The back is unpleated to make the fit less billowy and the sleeves are slightly different, but otherwise I used the same general design.

14 thoughts on “Summer Tops, Week II, Day IV

  1. Oh I love it … and a size 6 in the pattern world?!?! Oh my she must be the tiniest little thing and will look so cute in that top :).

    Love the pleats …

    Well I did complete two tops this week, one I *think* I like, LOL, and the other I don’t like the end result all that much but do see the potential of the pattern, I just think I worked on it too late at night, made some mistakes and now know what to change for next time. I’m hoping to post pictures this weekend ;).

    Happy Day!

  2. This top is cute, too! I love the pleating and the fabric is so pretty. Your Mom(s) will love the tops!

  3. Lovely top! I wonder if your Mum listened and didn’t cheat (i.e didn’t read further!) – I would have! =P

    If ever you are on a lookout for jewellery gifts, we could swap skills!

  4. I am so inspired by all your tops. They have such great flowiness about them. I particularly like all the pleats!

  5. popping over from sewmamasew. my blog was featured last week and hundreds of people came, but no one commented. so i’m commenting. love your tops, so cute!

  6. That is lovely!

    I just came by via SMS, and I read through all your posts. I love your blog! You do such great work!

  7. CUUUUUTE!!!! I’ve really enjoyed reading the past posts and seeing all of your tops. I really like this one, I am a sucker for pleats : )

    I just downloaded your itty bitty baby dress pattern, I am making dresses for a baby shower in a few weeks. They will be for twin baby girls. I will share in the flikr group when I am finished.

    btw, my middle name is Rae : )

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