Dog Stencils

Made up a new stencil the other day:

**Update: these stencils are of the freezer-paper variety; for a good tutorial go here**

I bought this tea outfit a few months ago but the shirt looked so…blah. Had to spruce it up.
Can you tell it’s a dog? Mr. Rae says it kinda looks like a rat. Not that it really matters, but Elliot is a huge dog fan (from a distance, of course), so I was going more in the canine direction. The idea actually came from this picture from Print and Pattern back in May.

I had some extra paint so I decided to make another one — this time on a newborn onesie. Not sure what will happen with this one yet.


1. Got my Spoonflower invite! Yay! I’ve already started designing my fabrics…my head is just full of ideas, so more to come on that.

2. I’m dying to buy Heather Ross’ Mendicino line. It’s gradually popping up in stores…very. very. slowly. Tantalizing.

14 thoughts on “Dog Stencils

  1. I love the dog…and it looks like a dog to me. Great slipper pattern. Those would make a fab gift. May have start the Christmas gift making early. Now that would be something:)

  2. Octopuses and Mermaids AND Seahorses? Sign me up for the whole set! It’s like she sucked my brain and made fabric. {Freaky}

  3. Super cute stencils! It totally reminds me of my doxie, so I may need to steal your idea to make some of my own!

    I love Heather Ross fabric, too. Can’t wait to see the new stuff in person 🙂

  4. Cute stencils. did you use freezer paper?? I am in desperate need of some stencilling advice if you have some time to spare??

  5. i agree with shannon: those slippers WOULD make a fab gift. maybe for your baby sister’s b’day? next month? hmmm?

    ps- we need to start work on pop’s b’day gift

  6. It’s totally a dog. I do love the stenciling. And the slipper pattern! As soon as it’s not 95 degrees everyday here, I’m going to start cranking out those slippers.

    It really looks like a dog. A very cute dog.

  7. I absolutely love this stencil design, especially with the bone, it is so fabulous! Freezer paper is not readily available in oz, but I think it might be worth the effort to track it down, it seems to have so many crafty uses.

  8. Hi there! My first visit here – found you through Sew Mama Sew. Haven’t yet looked at all your posts but I wanted to leave a comment first before I got too busy. So excited to read that you taught high school physics ‘cos I did, too, before retiring to stay home with the kids. Physics and crafts – this combination does exist! Yay! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts now.

  9. I made a pair of those slippers for mother’s day.
    My husband did the copying for me, so maybe he didn’t blow it up like he should have, it’s possible it’s his fault, but they came out lots smaller than they should have.
    I made them a little larger than the large (for my mother-in law) and they fit me…I wear a 6.5
    Just a heads up. Totally cute pattern though, I’m going to try again and make my own copies this time just in case.

  10. Hi there,
    I’ve just found your blog and have been enjoying looking around. I was wondering – you used this stencil twice – did you peel it off while wet and clean it – or did you iron it on with dry paint attached. I have stencilled fabrics before, but not with freezer paper, and was wondering how reusable this method is?

  11. Doda,
    I did just peel it off — I usually wait until the paint is dry and then very carefully peel the stencil off. Sometimes I use an exacto knife to cut the paint away from the stencil.

    You can usually get about 2 uses (max) out of each stencil so they’re not *that* reusable. I also save old stencils and trace them onto new paper to make new ones!

    Do read through the linked tutorial before you start though! You iron the stencil on first, then paint directly onto the stencil+onesie.

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