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Phew! Our weekends away have finally ended. We spent a few days at a cottage on Lake Huron, a few days in Chicago (without baby!) , a few days camping with my mom’s side of the family, and last week my parents stayed with us before we drove to West Michigan for my Grandma ‘s 90th birthday party. It’s great to settle in again.

Mom lives in Seattle so I gave her her birthday gift when she came to visit:

This pretty print is no longer available as far as I know. I had it around for years just waiting for the right project. Turns out mom has a pair of pants that matches exactly so I guess I nailed the color choice. Those pants happen to be the same pair Elliot pooped all over last year. One of those funny-in-retrospect family moments.

You regular readers will recognize the design and flour collar from previous blouses, but I’m link-lazy so you can just mosey on over to the June archives to see those if you’re interested (Hint: Summer Top Week II). This version also has a belt and loops for waist cinching.

: : Mom looking smashing as usual in new top and demonstrating possible origin of familial silliness : :

Speaking of silly, Kricket sent me this YouTube video, resulting in a complete waste of morning nap watching Muppets on YouTube. YES…AGAIN. *sigh*

12 thoughts on “Home Again : : Mom’s Birthday Shirt

  1. Just discovered your blog and love it! I’m new to sewing but love creating and crafting of all kinds. I think your work is brilliant and am inspired to try the itty bitty baby dress. I was surprised to find that you are a fellow Ann Arbor resident!!! How fun!

  2. retrospect? i thought it was INSTANTLY funny when elliot did a poo explosion all over mum’s pants.

  3. Great top! If I see your mom wearing it in the streets of Seattle, I will make sure I say “hello!”

    I love the Muppets and just watched that video today [along with some others].

  4. Love the shirt! It turned out great and looks really nice on your mom too. It was good to see you again at Grandma’s party!

  5. What a cute mother, that shape is perfect for her. Great pattern and colors too! My goodness, how do you have the time to sew so much? I can’t believe how many projects you can whip out!

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