Vacation. Flowers. Origami Card.

Fresh flowers from the farmer’s market for you to enjoy, dear blog readers…

(Grown locally, i.e. NOT sprayed with preservatives and shipped across the globe)

Man I had no idea that over three hundred people even read this blog, not to mention would bother to vote. But there it is, 300 of you and counting (wait a second…Mom? Is that you voting over and over just to boost my self-confidence?) have put in your two cents. Or it could be those devilish “automated robots” out there. And yes, that was a dig at typepad…who ever heard of a non-automated robot? Dum-dums.

Thanks y’all for the wonderful comments! It’s really exciting to hear how many of you have been inspired to make tops of your own, and I can’t wait to see them popping up on your blogs. We have been on vacation for the last week and next, so I have to admit to being a little snowballed by all the comments when I finally checked in, especially with all the visitors who dropped in from Sew Mama Sew. I’m feeling really bad about this but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to respond to all of them. I hope you will all stop by again and please don’t feel insulted if you don’t hear from me directly. I will try to be better.

Here’s a little something that I whipped up for my mumsy’s birthday:

No that is not your computer screen, my camera produces that blasted dot in every picture. Ack. Usually it’s not so noticeable.

Here are some basic instructions for those of you who want to try it. I am too lazy to take tutorial pictures (VACATION!) so this will just have to do. At the very worst, do the first four steps and then use the picture to slap the rest together.


4 sheets of 6″ origami paper, in different colors
1 plain card
piece of scrap cardstock, preferably matching the card, 4″ square or so.
glue or sewing machine


1. Cut each sheet of origami paper down the middle lengthwise and widthwise to make four 3″ squares from each.
2. Fold each 3″ square diagonally to make a triangle.
3. Turn each triangle into a square as follows: Take each of the triangle’s two smaller corners (the ones that share the fold you just made) and fold them down directly over the other bigger corner, lining up edges. Another way to think about this is that you are taking the two 45-degree corners and nesting them together inside the 90-degree corner. Repeat with the other pieces.
4. First layer: Take four matching squares you just made and put them in the middle of the piece of scrap cardstock, matching their points together. The mid-fold on each square should face up. Sew or glue these to secure them. If you are sewing, you can sew diagonally across each square (sew over the mid-fold, not along it); the stitches will not show once you put the next layer over.
5. Next layer: place each new square so that its tip lines up along the “X” formed by the mid-folds of the squares on the layer below. When you do this, two of its corners should also line up along the edges of the bottom layer. Repeat for the other three of this color on the other sides. Sew or glue in place.
6. Continue layering until you have all four layers complete.
7. Cut out a window from your card using an exacto knife. Trim edges of layered piece to fit inside card. Sew around window of card to secure in place.
8. Stand back and admire card. Then send to loved one.

I leave you with a snapshot from my vacation:

13 thoughts on “Vacation. Flowers. Origami Card.

  1. I love the card, may have to try it! Where do you get origami paper?

    I see your dh is wearing his Freshcut shirt, it is perfect for the beach : )

  2. That looks like a card I can handle. My BFF makes cards for everyone for every occasion. They are so beautiful. I just don’t have the patience.

    What a great vacation photo. Hope it was fun!

    And, yes, I love Yo La Tengo very much! They’re my favorite! I’m always so impressed when someone recognizes them, let alone likes them!

  3. Beautiful card! Thank you so much for sharing that, I would really like to make some of these for events coming up. Awesome! :o)

  4. just found your blog via cathy on flickr. printed out the pattern and hope to make it today for my granddaugter (larger, as she is 7 mths old) with some vintage sheet fat quarters. thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. You may know this already, but the dot looks like you have dust in your camera. I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know if you shoot with a DSLR or point and shoot, but if you do have a DSLR you can clean it out. Given the size of the spot the dust is probably on the back of your lens, or if you haven’t tried cleaning the front of your lens, that’s always the simplest step. Sorry if you’ve already been over this.

  6. Katherine,

    Thanks for the comment! I figured that it was some sort of gunk on the lens, but I’ve cleaned the front pretty thoroughly and it hasn’t gone away. Do you have any idea how to get to the back of the lens?

    Just got a new camera yesterday anyway, so not that it matters…but it would be kindof nice to clean this one if we wanted to get rid of it.

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