: : Rae sews yet another top : :

It’s actually becoming a little ridiculous how many summer tops I have now. I really just can’t stop. One wonders if one could even wear this many tops in one season. This one was inspired by this top at Anthropologie which I spotted whilst leaving the store a few weeks ago in Chicago and immediately regretted not trying on. But of course my mantra is “I SO could make that!”

My favorite part of the original top was the neckline so I tried to recreate it as closely as I could. I actually also cut out and pinned on puffed sleeves as well, but I decided I had too many puffed sleeved tops so I made this one sleeveless. That will work better underneath sweaters in the fall anyway (SORRY! Said the “f” word…will give more warning next time).

It’s difficult to tell, but the solid is actually an ivory color. It’s recycled from an old topsheet. I botched a bunch of stuff on this top — accidentally cut a hole in the middle of those pleats there after it was too late to start over and royally botched the hem. You can’t get too cocky with a blindhem foot.

I’m really digging the pockets. I took pictures as I went along so maybe you’ll see a pocket tutorial soon.

The pattern came from this blouse which I made up last fall:

If you can’t see the similarity, that’s OK; it’s pretty subtle. I threw out the collar thingy on the original, curved the neckline a little more, pleated rather than gathered, and traced the neckline to make a little neck facing out of the polka dots. And I’m starting to get embarrassed admitting this, but since I lack any pattern-drafting talent I used the flour collar. Again.

My new top will look smashing with these new little earrings I bought a few weeks ago on Etsy from Cocoapod:

(picture by Cocoapod)

Aren’t they cute? She has such adorable jewelry. Just my style, and I love that bright yellow color.

: : From the Healthy Baby Dept : :

This awesome stainless steel water bottle (with #5 PP top) is from Sweet Peas and Little Sprouts. It’s a local shop in downtown Plymouth that I frequent weekly (they have Happy Heinies Diapers which are the best) but they have an online store too. I’d been getting frustrated with the wear and tear on Elliot’s Sigg and the fact that you can’t really ever clean the thing out and this thing is far superior. I cannot tell you how much great stuff this place has; you’ll just have to look for yourself. Cheryl (owner) does such a fabulous job picking products that are eco-conscious and safe for your baby — she carries the ThinkBaby stuff too which I also really like.

I sort of freaked out about polycarbonate baby bottles when Elliot was really small. Nobody tells you this stuff. Your baby bottles and Nalgenes are leaching estrogen-mimicking compounds? Who knew? You know, maybe researchers will tell us in a few years that it really doesn’t matter, but personally I’d rather be safe than sorry. I also just think it’s so important to keep these kinds of local family-owned places in business. So check it out.

*Note: I did not get paid to say these things. I just shop there.*

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  1. The shirt looks great! It looks a lot like your inspiration shirt, too. I know what you mean about summer tops– I’m doing the same thing with summer dresses!

  2. have you tried the Wayback Machine internet archive? I sometimes use it to find knitting patterns off sites that no longer exist. So if they have a snapshot of the site with the tutorial on it you might just be able to go snag it.

    I love the white and yellow top too 🙂

  3. Did you use a pattern for the blouse you made last fall or is it an original of yours? If you used a pattern, could you share? I love it!

  4. How do you do it! I loooove both the retro top and the other one with the Amy Butlerish fabric, you NEED to make a book of patterns.
    And to answer your question, yes I’ve been quite obsessed with green… I go through phases. Judging from my latest fabric purchases, I am about to enter a Blue Period.

  5. That top is the best so far – ‘love the pleats! Good for you for being particular on behalf of your child! I went straight to glass cups from the breast with my kids to avoid plastic altogether when there were no other options and I took such grief for it. Its great to read about young mothers taking these things seriously now. Better safe than sorry!

  6. Again…I’m speachless. Your yellow and ivory one is much cuter than the Anthropologie one. I really love the second one too. The fabric choice is perfect for the pattern!

    You’ve out-done yourself again!

  7. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    No, I’m very sorry but there is no pattern for that top, unless you count the sad thing cut out of an old Financial Times that I’ve been using.

  8. lovely, as usual! I checked the comments to see if anyone had already asked you about a pattern, but I had a feeling about the answer! 🙂

  9. Okay so first I’m totally impressed that you just throw these tops together without much pattern. I mean I did try the one top with no pattern, but it was so not complicated with things like a yolk and collar for pete’s sake!! I love the summery yellow and the front pleats and it does indeed look like the Anthro top and yet totally different without the sleeves. ;).

    But I really, really, really LOVE the fall top you have posted … please tell me that one came from a real pattern?!?! I’d love to know more … ;).

  10. I really love this blouse. Did you start from a pattern?
    I just discovered your blog and love all the tops you’ve made for yourself this summer. I’m inspired to start one today!

  11. I love your blog and love both tops. I’d love, love, love to get a hold on the fall pattern. I could see myself wearing that. Thanks for keeping us all inspired.

  12. I LOVE this fall top. Can you give me any pointers on how to make one for myself? Do you have a pattern lying around? I LOVE it!


  13. I’m in love with your Amy Butler top. Please, I beg you, buy a book like this: http://www.amazon.com/Make-Sewing-Patterns-Donald-McCunn/dp/0932538002/ref=pd_sim_b_15 and then write a book about sewing. I’m a former teacher turned prof. exec. too in St. Paul. I want to start sewing tops for myself and you are inspiring me, but it really would be just so much easier if you’d write a book for us all! (I know you have so much extra time being home with small children. Wink.)

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