Sewed: Gnome Romper!

I have been singly-minded ever since I read All Things Created the other day and saw this cute romper that Deb made.

: : UPDATE: Sorry, All Things Created seems to be gone! Deb, where did you go??? I’m sorry? : :

I took the baby to the fabric store (ack!) and kept him busy with his favorite battery-operated contraption so I could track down the pattern, and when Mr Rae gave me the morning off today (whee!) I channeled all my sewing energy and got this done in one sitting. It’s amazing how fast kid’s clothes go when you set your mind to it.

Pattern: Simplicity 3808
Fabric: Heather Ross’ Lightning Bugs and other Mysteries (1 yard)
Notions: Bias Tape, Snap Tape (so great…an absolute MUST), Buttons

: : Some time-saving tips for kids patterns : :

1. I never fold/iron/zigzag the facing edge. Just zigzag some double fold bias tape along the bottom edge of the facing (see picture below).
2. Skip interfacing. Many reasons for this, no time to explain.
3. Many romper or overalls patterns call for you to hand-tack the facing to the inside side-seams of the garment. I skip this and stitch in the ditch along the side seam instead. Maybe you can see this in the bottom left hand corner of the picture below.

: : Some things I never skip : :

1. Staystitching
2. Ironing (both sides) after sewing each seam
3. Marking pleats, buttonholes, and button locations on the fabric pieces before I put the pattern back into the envelope.

: : Mr Gnome likes it : :

For those of you who think you may attempt this one, let me just say that it does seem to run a bit large. Elliot is definitely beyond the measurements on the envelope for the 18 month size, yet as you can see it’s pretty huge; it looks like it might even fit him next spring.

I have to show off these awesome groundhog shoes I found on sale this afternoon in Ann Arbor whilst hanging out with some girlfriends + babies:

17 thoughts on “Sewed: Gnome Romper!

  1. Now Elliot matches natey’s boxer shorts! Did Elliot get a haircut? He looks unusually neatly coiffed.

  2. Thumbs up all around. Love the romper and the shoes. Is it just me or is style coming back. More attention to the details and less cookie cutter.

  3. Oh, love that romper and look at the finishing touches! It’s professional!!
    Great post, thanks so, so much for shaing this!

  4. Ooh…thanks! I’m expecting my first boy in December and I’m DESPERATE for some cute clothes ideas to keep me busy until then! (Not that my daughter doesn’t do her best!) Simplicity patterns will be on sale 5/$5 at my JoAnn’s this weekend – I’ll definitely add this one to my list!

  5. I LOVE the style of that romper and the fabric is super cute! I am excited that the Simplicity patterns will be on sale at JoAnns soon! I have already added this one to my list. And thanks for the tips on what steps you can leave out!

  6. There’s nothing better than an outfit that doesn’t come untucked on a toddler! Nice job as usual!

  7. Oh goodness … is that the cutest little guy or what?!? And in a romper with gnomes, well he’s down right edible. I love it .. especially the bit of red and white polka material.

    And the shoes … very nice, what a find!

  8. Hi Rae
    I'm a friend of Andrea's and stop in here every once in awhile but never comment. 🙂 The shoes got me this time though. They're so great! I love seeing all the stuff you sew up too.
    Oh & I grew up in your neck of the woods so it's fun to read about Michigan things too. 🙂

  9. Shoes – darling. Romper – (very x infinity) cute. Sorry took so long to leave a comment. Thanks for helpful sewing tips also, esp the one about using bias tape for facing rather than folding. I’ve always tacked/basted and then slip-hemmed- slow and old-fashioned, so am happy to learn the alternative.

  10. LOVE this romper! I’m thinking there must be more hours in the day in whatever time zone you live in. I should move there, then maybe I’d be able to whip out lots of fancy thingies like you do.

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