Sewed: Mandarin-Collar Shirt

Here’s the latest sewing project for my little munchkin (and another one for me in the works inspired by this lovely blouse…more soon hopefully):

The fabric (from JoAnn’s) is striped but it’s so teeny you can’t see it here. The pattern is (as usual) just made up from tracings and such…I know that drives some of you nuts–I get so many emails asking for the pattern that I use, and honestly I hardly ever use one anymore. BUT just so you know, in the back of my head I’m hatching a plan to publish all of them someday.

I wanted to try a mini-placket like I’ve been doing on other projects lately, and the collar and cuffs are actually very simple; I followed the flour tutorial (again!) except made it much narrower (I think it’s 3 inches wide altogether) and deleted the pleats.

I’m sorry for the poor photos and drool, but do you know how much work it took to even get a single non-blurry picture that actually contained the shirt?

And I know this makes those-without-children gag when those-who-do post excessive weird pictures of their children and then go gaga over how cute they are, but it just about killed me when I said “smile!” and this is what I got:


8 thoughts on “Sewed: Mandarin-Collar Shirt

  1. i haven’t got any kids and these pictures make my little heart go TWANG! but maybe because i am his auntie. luvvie duvvies!

  2. Well this mama of a little boy (well not so little now … bawahwah) can totally appreciate that look! What a doll and I love the shirt.

    But Miss Rae what I love more is that top you linked too … oh my!! Please, please, please at least take a few notes along the way to pass along to the rest of us ;).

    Did I tell you again you’re highly influencing me? A few weeks back I spotted a really cute summer top at Target and thought, hey I can make that. So I bought it, brought it home and made my own after a few measurements and making my own pattern. LOL. Is that terrible? I may just be forced to do the same with this one … I LOVE the look of it and it could be so versatile for fall.

    Fun, fun!!

  3. Speaking as a representative of The National Coalition of Those Without Children, or NCTWC, he is utterly adorable. Picture number three is particularly awesome.

    What a cute shirt!

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