Elli’s Organic Birdy Shirt

My seester had a birthday a few weeks ago, and I’d been waiting until she received the package to post these pictures. The ivory fabric is organic bamboo and if you could feel how soft and lovely this fabric is you would run out and buy it yourself. Elli really loved this birdy fabric so I knew it needed to make it’s way into her birthday present.

: : Fabric : :
Turquoise Bird Fabric by Erin McMorris for FreeSpirit
Ivory Organic Bamboo from JoAnn’s* (yeah I couldn’t believe it at first either)

(busty close-up…ahem)

This one is one of my own designs. It is a variation of this top that I made for myself recently. You know, it does make me feel bad that you don’t have any way of making this. I love to see stuff on blogs, go out and buy the pattern, and make it myself. The problem of course with women’s wear is ideally the pattern would have multiple sizes (how does one do this without having a legion of spare bodies in various sizes?) and would be easy to print or purchase. I just have no idea where to even start with this. So those of you who keep asking for the patterns for my tops, speak up and let me know if you have any ideas on how I could get these patterns out.

*Although I would much rather support the small fabric store or Etsy seller than the big box stores for my sewing supplies, I end up at JoAnn’s ALOT due to the fact that they carry so much stuff. So I’m thrilled they carry organic cotton. The price bump ($14.99/yd minus 40% with one those awesome coupons) was totally worth it. And let’s be truly honest here, the organic offerings out there are really pathetic. And boring. I would love to be wrong about this, so send me your favorite organic fabrics and prove me wrong!

16 thoughts on “Elli’s Organic Birdy Shirt

  1. I love this top! I wish I could make it, too 🙂 Did you alter a pattern to get to this? Perhaps you could post a “recipe” on how you got to your end product?

    I’m reading that Spoonflower (the design your own fabric store) may start carrying organic fabric, so that might be an option soon!

  2. michael miller has on organic flannel that is thick and has a herringbone texture to it. very cozy!

    have you ever used the patterns from the burdastyle website? many of them are free. this one isn’t, but i love it:


    you just print the pieces and then tape them together.

    i’m not sure where to suggest the grading of the pattern for the sizes though. . . perhaps the wikesten person could give you some insight, but i think she grades her own. . .

    i love your shirts though and would love to buy one of your patterns!

  3. I think its important to buy the few organic offerings in the big box stores – it encourages them to stock more which then of course drives the selection up. I love those sleeves!

  4. Beautiful top! You have such a creative eye!

    I recently found a couple of online stores that have a nice selection of eco fabrics: wazoodle.com and emmaonesock.com. EOS has some new bamboo/cotton/spa jerseys in lovely colors. Hope these help!

  5. Rae… this is your cousin Em. I just found your site from Renee’s and I love the stuff you’ve been sewing!! I wish I was braver to experiment without patterns. =)

  6. Love,love,love it!! I adore the birds and I am such a girly girl so I really adore the shape. Nice work. One day I will work myself up to this sort of thing. I will….I really will.

  7. I love the design of the top! I wonder if instead of making a pattern you could just write out a formula that we could use to make our own? (The top piece should be your bust measurement + x number of inches, etc.)?

    I know nothing about this, but you must be pretty smart to make so many things without a pattern, so maybe that’s something you can do.

    Just discovered your blog and I love it!

  8. Don't worry about size, just do your size and we will have to figure out our size by ourselves.
    I love your blouse. So clever.

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