Made: Wristlets!

These little gems just went up for sale at happygiraffe. It’s never too early to start that Christmas list, is all I’m saying!

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: : Naps : :
Where did my daily 3 solid hours of naptime go? Why? Why? I’m remembering though that it’s just that much more time I get to spend with my little cutie, time which will soon be just a memory…

: : Plastic Bags : :
In our quest to KILL THE PLASTIC BAG (Warning: there are far too many pictures of sea creatures with plastic bags hanging out of their mouths in that slideshow. You’ve been warned) we have found ourselves without ANY trashpail liners. This may seem like a dumb question, but what do I use to hold garbage in those little trashcans, like say, in the bathroom? And I know the answer for the kitchen trash is supposed to be brown bag it. But really? I’d like someone who also makes roast chicken on a regular basis to weigh in here.

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  1. Adorable wristlets!

    Have you looked into compostable bags for your kitchen? BioBags is one company- our city distributed their bags when we all received our kitchen compost pails.

  2. Hi there, we haven’t had store plastic bags here for years – but all food comes in packaging!, so I keep a yogurt container for drippy garbage and when it is full I put the lid on and turf it in the outside garbage bin. Otherwise I just use cereal boxes and stuff (!) them with garbage and turf them out, into the big bin for garbage day. Never underestimate the power of packaging!!!

  3. Biobags….I hate them. Hate. Them. I was so pumped when I found them, made from corn, totally biodegradeable. Every single one broke and left a drippy mess in the bottom of the can. They have the strength of tissue paper. Not worth it, says I.

    I buy Whole Foods 365 brand recycled plastic bags. They have more of a recycled content than the Seventh Generation brand.

    Using paper bags just doesn’t cut it. I don’t have a disposal, so everything gets thrown away (can’t compost, live in very urban apartment). What about using a tiny plastic bag for the wet stuff and paper bags for the other stuff?

  4. I LOVE the Wizard of Oz wristlet. I’ve always coveted that fabric.

    Our plastic bag consumtion is down, but I occasionally get a few for dog yard prize pick up and trash lining. I feel like they have their use as long as I’m not throwing them away. I use my cloth bags until I run out of plastic, then I get a few when I go to stores with nice quality (as in doesn’t get holes in the bottom) bags.

    I guess I’m not a full greenie, but buying biodegradable poo bags isn’t really in my budget right now.

  5. I was buying some great, completely compostable/biodegradable trash bags made by Natural Value that were literally the same price as regular trash bags. These would be ideal for you, but Whole Foods doesn’t seem to carry them anymore (although they do usually have the Natural Value waxed paper sandwich bags). I have been bummed out about having to buy the Whole Foods 365 ones as a substitute because I like the others better and they were better for the environment.

    They do have the Bio Bags there but they’re $5.39 for 12 bags – that’s a lot to spend on something to throw away..I’m seriously thinking about buying a case of the Natural Value ones online since it’s still cheaper than the Bio Bags.

  6. ok I think you were asking about the bathroom cans etc.. the small ones. Well in the bathroom your usually throwing away paper products like q tips etc. now they may be nasty and your can gets dirty, but you just wash it out. Don’t use anything in it. Empty it into your larger trash bag in the kitchen when it is time to take out the trash and wash and rinse your bathroom can out. That is what we do.

  7. I have two years worth of plastic bags from before my switch to cloth bags. I seriously have been tring to come up with ways to use them. You can have an orange sack full if you want them. LOL

  8. Maybe you could make some oil cloth trash bags. You would have to wash them out, but at least they would be fitted and be cute =)

  9. Rather than put nothing in the bottom, line the bottom with two strips of newspaper. It will absorb some of the liquidy stuff, and holds together long enough for you to tip the lot in the outside bin. I think you put one stip one way in across the bottom, another strip the other way and then a final strip you make a circle with and it goes in like a tube. If the stuff isn’t too wet you’ll actually be able to pull it out, fold the extra flaps over the top and carry it out to the bin (I just tip it in.

  10. We have a plastic trash can in the bathroom. I don't use a liner bag — I just wash out the can when necessary.

    Even though we try to use cloth bags for all of our shopping, we do keep a stash of plastic grocery bags for things like picking up dog poo. I get these bags by raiding the "recycle your plastic bags here" containers at the grocery story or Walmart.

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