Spoonflowering Along

I’m having so much fun designing prints in Inkscape (open source design software for those of you who don’t want to fork over the big bucks for Photoshop) to print up on Spoonflower. I can’t wait to make some baby pants with this octopus print (below).

One of the issues I’m having though can be seen in the picture…color problems. The colors not only fade substantially when printed, but they shift as well (top is computer printout, bottom is actual fabric swatch). And for someone like me who really has absolutely no computer design experience, this can be a wee bit frustrating.

But aren’t those little octopi cute? I swear I made up this design before Heather Ross came out with Mendocino. Truly.

Here’s a bird swatch based on my old header. The turquoise/aqua looks hideous. The shade reminds me of really faded medical scrubs. Not a good thing.

I love seeing how other people’s designs have turned out…check out Made By Petchy! She has one free for download for those of you who have Spoonflower accounts. That tree design is pure genius. So simple and yet so well-designed.

3 thoughts on “Spoonflowering Along

  1. Sometimes, I love to live in our times. How cool is it to design your own fabric? It also seems dangerous too. I can see myself going hog wild ending up with tons of great prints and not knowing really what to do with them.

  2. Way to go Rae! I’ve been signed up with Spoonflower for many, many months now and keep thinking, I should sit down and design something :). After all I have all the fancy programs and hold a degree in Graphic Design, LOL. And yet time seems to be my enemy. Maybe someday soon. I totally love “Angry Chicken’s” Cheater Quilt and am thinking along those lines, how fun would that be to quickly quilt up with a fun backing fabric?!?

  3. 🙂 Thanks for the mention! I love Spoonflower…. My next projects for that include a cheater quilt (yep, that idea is soo cool I’m SO gonna steal it, lol) and also a couple of yards of pre-printed “softies”, ready to just cut and sew…

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