This week: A study in necklines

Along with the arrival of autumn at our house this year came The Ick. And by that I mean we all got sick this weekend with whatever throat/sinus yuckyuck nature coughed up this year when everyone went back to school. Heh. Pun intended. Sometimes I just crack myself up.

As a result, not alot of sewing, but that’s actually a pretty good thing, because I’ve got a backlog of fall tops (three so far) to put up. But before I do that [yes that means you’ll just have to wait a little longer] I have to show off a couple inspirational necklines that just had to become a part of my wardrobe. Both came from a cute little boutique shop in Plymouth called Bella Mia (thanks to my birthday discount coupon yeehaw!).

There comes a time when you need to admit to yourself that making something just isn’t worth it and you should just go ahead and buy it. This was one of those times. You can also get a teensy peek at my new haircut up there. Got it totally chopped off last week (love it!).

This one is organic (brand: Trinity) and is also really really soft. I’m going to have to be careful not to wear it around my 1.5 yo if I want it to retain it’s original hue.

And this will be my next Anthropologie knock-off. Come-on people, $358? I mean, really…

:: UPDATE :: Mojavi noticed that the back is pretty complicated…it never even occurred to me to look. However, we both concur it’s still not worth the price. So I would like to just mention that I was not planning on including a swoopy drop-back if I ever do try and make it, so let’s not get too excited about that y’all…

7 thoughts on “This week: A study in necklines

  1. I love the 2nd top!
    and i look forward to your next knock off. I love that shirt. but yeah the price is a little high…

  2. the part about that shirt is totally the BACK of the shirt! If my arms weren’t so ginormous from all this prego weight I would love to wear that!

  3. Good job on the purchases, they look comfy, too! Sorry to hear about The Ick, everyone in London seems to be sneezing and coughing, too. Must be the change of season.

  4. Wait…$358 American dollars? Are we sure that’s not supposed to be pesos? Yen? Jeesh!

    I really like both tops, but the first one is so unusual! That’s great.

    Nice haircut!

  5. The second top is SO cute! I am going to make the top that was featured on Sew Mama Sew as soon as I’m finished with school!

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