My dress!

Here’s a quick peak at the dress I made to wear to the wedding (pictures of the little blighter in his bowtie will be forthcoming):

I bought the yellow raw silk at Haberman’s of Royal Oak…I think it was in the Home Dec area and perhaps others would look at this and think “drapes!” I looked at it and thought “dress!” I actually made another version of the dress for seester Krick’s wedding a couple years ago, but it was too low-cut to be bending over and chasing a toddler in. And also I might just weigh an eensy weensy bit more than I did then…ahem. So it needed modification.

As usual there is no pattern for this, although I will say that the skirt is just a big gathered rectangle and the waist band was a 4″ strip I cut to my chest measurement + 2″. The top though…hrmmm…I have to admit I didn’t really take notes as I went along so I’m not sure I could actually reproduce the bodice again if I had to. I know it started out as a rectangle that I gathered along the bottom and then hand-sewed over the top of the lining, which was loosely based on a McCall’s dress pattern…*too lazy to shuffle through pattern box right now*.

The “flowers” are yo’s! For directions, see Heather Bailey’s nifty tutorial. To make the middles furry, I zigzigged the edges and left the circles unfolded before basting.

Just for kicks, here’s version one of the dress:

Pretty different, I’d say.

Organic Dress Outfit for Elliot

I was all ready to post with pictures of my Halloween decorations, but then I got too excited about the outfit I’m almost finished with for Elliot to wear this weekend. Mr Rae’s brother is getting married this weekend, so I wanted my little boy to look spiffed up.

I find it very frustrating how hard it is to find decent dress clothes for little boys. Janie and Jack has the cutest little suits (wool gabardine…dry clean only…thankyou-very-much-but-are-you-insane?) if you’re willing to spend $200. I’m not.

I had the khaki fabric (organic cotton, JoAnn’s) already with plans to make some sort of khaki pant for Elliot — it’s lightweight and a little stretchy. When I discovered that my Ottobre (5/2006) had a vest and a pair of knickerbockers, I thought I’d give it a whirl. The shirt was a BabysRUs purchase, but I can’t find it online so you’ll have to go to the store if you want it.

Here’s a closeup of the vest, so you can see my meticulous brown top-stitching (that took FOREVER) and my awesome labels from MommyMadeIt (thanks to Andrea for the reference; I love them!)

Modifications to the pattern included sewing the fly shut (come on, what 18 month old needs an operational fly?) and lengthening the pant leg so they weren’t cropped. I can’t wait to get pictures at the wedding on Saturday.

And congratulations to Rob and Allie!

Green Fall Top!

Here’s something I whipped up one afternoon recently:

The fabric was a seven-yard score from a thrift shop in Bloomington whilst visiting seester Elli.

There is no pattern, but now let’s talk about how to make this shirt yourself, because it’s just so easy. The pattern consists of two pieces, both rectangles. The first one is a rectangle that you cut as tall as the line from the bottom of your neck to your bust + 1 inch and as wide as your shoulder width plus about 8-10 inches, depending on how long you want your “sleeves” to be (spread your arms and hold a yardstick up to see where they will hit). I cut 3″ rectangles off each side, sewed the trim on the bottom of the front (up a 1/2 inch to leave room for the seam), and then sewed the sleeves back on again so that the trim wouldn’t go across the sleeves. Then you cut the hole for your head. The hole can be as narrow or as wide as you want, but it needs to be about 2-3 inches lower in the front than in the back to be comfortable.

The bottom rectangle piece is usually my hip measurement + 6-10 inches, again depending on how loose I want it to be. Here I wanted lots of pleats, so I made it pretty roomy.

Pleat and pin the bottom rectangles to the top rectangles, leaving 3″ of the top hanging over on each side (this will become your sleeve). I did four pleats in front and five pleats in back. Then sew side seams and hem sleeves and bottom. I made bias tape for the neck which is so much easier than trying to fold under the neckline. Here’s a great cushion tutorial which includes directions on how to make bias tape.

: : A Few Shop Announcements : :

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a “Let’s Get This Etsy Started” sale this week: wristlets have been marked down and so is shipping; go take a look!

“Put it all on the Line Clothespin Holder”

Also I’ve put a couple of clothespin holder in there too — I know some of you were a wee bit angry when you didn’t win the giveaway (blame the baby, he drew the name) so now you can have your very own. I realize that these are a bit out of season, but maybe it would be a good Christmas prezzie along with a pack of colorful clothespins? Plus I know you folks in Australia are just getting into the best of summertime; maybe I’ll have a chance to try out International Shipping!

This just in: Cloth Napkins

Thought I’d keep you up to date on the latest arrival in my shop, cloth napkin sets:

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