My dress!

Here’s a quick peak at the dress I made to wear to the wedding (pictures of the little blighter in his bowtie will be forthcoming):

I bought the yellow raw silk at Haberman’s of Royal Oak…I think it was in the Home Dec area and perhaps others would look at this and think “drapes!” I looked at it and thought “dress!” I actually made another version of the dress for seester Krick’s wedding a couple years ago, but it was too low-cut to be bending over and chasing a toddler in. And also I might just weigh an eensy weensy bit more than I did then…ahem. So it needed modification.

As usual there is no pattern for this, although I will say that the skirt is just a big gathered rectangle and the waist band was a 4″ strip I cut to my chest measurement + 2″. The top though…hrmmm…I have to admit I didn’t really take notes as I went along so I’m not sure I could actually reproduce the bodice again if I had to. I know it started out as a rectangle that I gathered along the bottom and then hand-sewed over the top of the lining, which was loosely based on a McCall’s dress pattern…*too lazy to shuffle through pattern box right now*.

The “flowers” are yo’s! For directions, see Heather Bailey’s nifty tutorial. To make the middles furry, I zigzigged the edges and left the circles unfolded before basting.

Just for kicks, here’s version one of the dress:

Pretty different, I’d say.

21 thoughts on “My dress!

  1. Love it! The yo-yo/shirring combo make this look so fancy and delicate and the color is really lovely. I’m not too good without patterns for stuff for always turns out horrible, but yours are way better than most patterns and so creative. I think we need some Made By Rae patterns in your Etsy shop:)

  2. Those dresses are so pretty, and they look gorgeous on you! You make me want to learn how to make my own clothes asap!

  3. wow! That looks wonderful. You did a great job. I haven’t even learnt how to sew clothes from a pattern as yet!!

  4. Oh my!! This is just lovely! I love, love, love it and it fits you perfectly.

    Version 1 is also very nice, but I think 2 is perfection!

    Now where are some more of your fall tops? ;). I need some inspiration to get going on some for me.

  5. Love this! So glad I found your blog. I’m planning a wedding and am so tempted to make my bridesmaids’ dresses – though I know that is completely insane – on top of making my own! Maybe I’ll just make another pretty dress for myself for the rehearsal dinner. 🙂

  6. is the first dress from a pattern? i’ve loved it from first glance, and every event i have makes me revisit it to wish i had the pattern… just lovely.
    i’ve got a wedding coming up, and would love to make it once and for all!!
    any hints? pattern numbers?
    love the blog.

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