18 thoughts on “My little guy in his little suit

  1. Rae, you have out-done yourself! He looks fabulous. I am sure he was the hit of the event!

    Your dress was gorgeous too!

  2. how cuteee!! your little boy is so cute and his outfit is cute too…i’d love to see my brothers in that suit. although being teenagers i am not sure how they would react to that.:)

  3. What a handsome little guy! I love the suit and the cuffs on the pants are the best! And that ‘swingin’ blond hair … he looks straight out a magazine.

    Great job!!

  4. That is too darn cute! I love the little shirt sticking out below the vest. It`s times like these when you realize they are just growing up too fast, isn`t it?

    Love that blonde head of hair, by the way . . . SO cute!


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