I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about the lull here lately…I’ve been sewing, but some of it is secret projects that I can’t talk about blah blah. I suppose I could say I’ve been busy chasing one danger-loving toddler around and trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent injuries. But sometimes you just have to take a break, you know?

I’ve been sewing for the boy over the last few weeks — a hat and mitten set, a pajama set, and this kelly green waffle-knit hoodie.

[pout is no doubt the result of yet another injury | please ignore all drool marks]

The fabric is from my friend Steph (who moved to NC…so sad for me) who gave me a bunch of fabric her mom wasn’t using any more before she left (yay!). When I saw those leafy pants at Sweet Peas I decided I could make the top to match (for those out there feeling lazy there is a matching top available that is even more adorable than mine). I like how it turned out although the top is a bit large but the pants are the perfect size right now so they might not fit at exactly the same time but I’m already over it. The shoes are See Kai Run by the way.

:: Other deets ::
Pattern: Ottobre Pattern #7, Summer 3/2006
Modifications: I made a duplicate version in cream knit for lining and cut a 1.5″ strip to use as bias tape. I also cut out the front on the fold so it wouldn’t open all the way down like the version in Ottobre. I did not add a seam allowance to the tracing since I always sew knits with an overlock stitch along the edge so there’s barely any extra fabric.

I do not have a serger, so sewing knits requires a bit of trickery for me. I always use a stretch needle which helps but I always have trouble with the edges stretching out as I sew. I think I might put a serger on my Christmas list…anyone have any serger suggestions?

How can you not love that adorable blond head?